55 Huge Living Room Ideas [Picture Inspiration]

The living room is one of the focal areas in the home for gathering. It's where you go to kick up your feet, relax, and enjoy the company of others. With that in mind, you'll still want the room to match your design aesthetic and personality.

If you have a lot of space to furnish, don't fret. We have compiled a list of 55 huge living room ideas to help you create the space you've always wanted. So, let's get to it!

Living room with protruding trusses and center chimney with gray sofa, 55 Huge Living Room Ideas [Picture Inspiration]

1. Minimalistic Vibes

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New modern house living room with hardwood floors, pillar, cozy gray sofa bed and carpet

Use chic, minimalistic decor in the living room to make a statement. Texture-rich furniture and a Turkish area rug provide a wealth of style.


2. Cozy Traditional

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Beautiful living room in luxury home with hardwood floors and amazing view of the sea and the city lights at night

The matching swivel chairs add symmetry to the room. All of the fabrics and colors used in the space complement each other well and foster a sense of warmth.

3. Fresh White

White interior design living room and kitchen with hardwood floors

White is a pure, fresh color. The color helps to make the room appear more wide open and spacious. Make a crisp, clean area with the help of the bright hue.

4. Accent Color

Vibrant cottage living room with fireplace, huge tv, cozy sofa, white table and pink armchair

An excellent way to add color to your monochromatic color scheme is with a vibrant hue like this hot pink tone.

5. Soothing Grey

Spacious white living room interior with gray corner couch, big modern art painting and fireplace

It's undeniable that grey hues are soothing and gentle. Add these colors to your style scheme for a calm look. Various potted greenery keeps the atmosphere fresh.

6. Brown Leather

Spacious modern living room with huge leather sofa, coffee table and fireplace

Leather is a popular and highly desired material for warm, cozy furniture. It's a durable, classy choice.

7. Entryway Living Room

Spacious living room with marble fireplace, wooden coffee table and white sofa set

If your living room falls directly in front of the entryway, ensure that the room is warm and inviting.

8. Open Spaces

Spacious bright family room with cathedral ceiling and wall of windows

High ceilings and a wall full of windows allow a wealth of natural light to flood into the room.

9. Texture-Rich

Spacious beautifully illuminated living room with tv, cozy sofa and big fluffy carpet

In a large space, use a lot of texture-rich fabrics, materials, and furniture. It creates deep interest in the room.

10. Indoor/Outdoor Living

Seating in stylish and elegant modern living room with open french doors

If your house allows it, create a seamless indoor/outdoor living room with the installation of an immensely wide sliding glass door. Enjoy the weather from wherever you relax.

11. Sleek Finishes

Scandinavian living room with modern sofa, two leather lounge chairs, black coffee table with candles and eco-friendly fireplace

Tie the room together with a collection of sleek accent pieces and materials. Notice how the metalwork coffee table matches the side tables and complements the pair of slipper chairs.

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12. Scandinavian Style

New modern scandinavian loft apartment with living room and kitchen

Stay true to your home's aesthetic as you decorate and furnish your living room. This Scandinavian style home incorporates organic materials, natural light, light-colored wood, and open spaces into the living room.

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13. Modern Industrial

Modern loft apartment with gray living room interior and kitchen

Make your living room an inviting yet intriguing space with carefully selected furniture and colors. A large sectional couch fills the room nicely.

14. Entertainment-Minded

Modern living room with white walls, sofa, hardwood floor, bookshelf and flat screen tv on wall

Turn your furniture to face the TV and entertainment center. Position it with enough space to easily watch TV.

15. Simple Yet Stunning

Modern living room interior with white tiled floor, wood lattice ceiling and large window overlooking the surrounding garden and nature

In a room with a wall full of windows, you won't even need to worry about wall decor. Let the furniture do the talking in this space.

16. All About Accents

Modern living room interior with tall vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors, gray sofa, accent chairs, mirror and fireplace in newly constructed luxury home

Decorative accent pieces can put the finishing touch on any room. Take care to place items on the coffee table, side tables, and on the shelves.

17. Conducive To Conversation

Modern living room interior with beige and gray sofa, chandelier, round mirror and gold center table

Use your space wisely and design the area with conversation in mind. Turn the furniture to face each other and center it around a coffee table.

18. Color Blocking

Modern living room and dining room interior with gray sofa, coffee table and parquet floor

Color block your furniture to create a modern look. Position the couch between the dining area and living room to create some separation.

19. Eclectic Design

Modern interior of newly designed and constructed luxury condo apartment with color coordinated furniture and fabrics, art work on the wall and around the world souvenirs

The eclectic design combines a few different styles to craft an interesting yet appealing aesthetic. Let your creativity run wild in the living room.

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20. Sitting Area

Modern house living room interior with chandelier, white corner sofa, accent chairs and coffee table

Create two separate living areas in the large room. Place a large sectional sofa in one corner with a coffee table. Then place a pair of chairs with a side table near the wall for a more intimate conversation setting.

21. Muted Tones

Modern design kitchen and large living room with cozy sofa set and coffee table

Muted colors are soothing to the eye and create a cohesive look in the living room.

22. Geometric Patterns

Modern country style villa living room with eco fireplace, big flat TV screen and leather furniture

Complement the geometric patterns of the home's architecture with soft leather furniture and indoor foliage.

23. Coffee Tables

Modern country style luxury house living room with elegant gray velvet sectional sofa, ottoman, thick gray carpet and plant vertical wall

An excellent way to fill the space in a large living room is with the help of multiple coffee tables.

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24. Separate Spaces

Main lounge of a super yacht with white sofa set and throw pillows

In a large room, you can create two separate sitting areas like seen in this photo.

25. Open Floor Plan

Luxury modern lounge with cozy gray sofa, plastic chairs, tv in big expensive house

An open floor plan eliminates the formal separation between certain rooms to create one large "great room." The fireplace in this home forms a level of separation between rooms.

26. Fab Features

Luxury modern living room interior with beige corner sofa, modular system and large panoramic windows with city view

Fabulous features can really make the room look that much more captivating.

27. Bare Necessities

Luxury mansion living room interior with gray sofa, white tiled floors and widescreen tv

Keep it simple with your decorating and adopt the mindset of "less is more."

28. Area Rug Statement

Luxury living room interior with hardwood floors, cozy gray sofa, fireplace, coffee table and rustic lamp

Pick out an area rug that adds a nice pop of color and texture to the room. Ensure that it keeps consistent with the room's style for a cohesive look.

29. Long And Narrow

Luxury large attic living room interior with cozy sofa, tv, and fireplace

In a long, narrow room, use a large sectional couch to fill in the space.

30. Opulent Decor

Luxury apartment in modern style with designer furniture and large curtains

If it's your style, don't shy away from some opulent decor. Use a ton of rich colors, textures, and materials.

31. Chesterfield Sofa

Loft house interior with industrial lighting, house plants, rustic sofa and wooden coffee table

Without a doubt, a chesterfield sofa offers a touch of sophistication to the room. Coordinate your other items and furniture around the piece.

32. Wooden Features

Living room interior with hardwood floors, cozy sofa set, widescreen tv, vaulted ceilings and fireplace

It's a well-known fact that wood brings warmth and a soothing sense to any room. Use light-colored furniture in a room full of medium to dark wood.

33. Modern Elegance

Living room in luxury home with gray sofa, fireplace and amazing mountain view

Sleek furniture, clean lines, and organic materials and color form the perfect balance of modern elegance.

34. Cozy Cabin

Large luxury log house living room with staircase

In a cozy cabin, you'll want to make sure your furniture matches the aesthetic. Worn leather, plush throw pillows, and a southwestern rug do the trick.

35. Throw Pillows

Large living room in luxury home with cozy sofa, armchair and coffee table

Throw pillows are a wonderful way to increase the aesthetic of the room and make the sofa cuter and more comfortable.

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36. L-Shaped Sofa

Kitchen and living room with cozy gray sofa, coffee table and fluffy carpet

An L-shaped sofa differentiates the living room from the other common spaces in the home.

37. Material Contrast

Kitchen, living room and dining room in modern house

In a large room full of marble, stone, and other smooth surfaces, leather offers a welcome contrast.

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38. Twin Couches

Interior design of a modern open plan kitchen dining living room in a big loft type-house

Place two matching couches on each side of a coffee table for an inviting, symmetrical look.

39. Fun Shapes

Huge living room interior with cozy red sofa and dining table

With a large living room, don't be afraid to experiment with uniquely shaped and colored furniture.

40. Fabulous Lighting

Huge leather sofa and coffee table in a spacious living room

Let the lighting speak volumes for the design and aesthetic of the living room.

41. Sheer Elegance

Huge great living room interior with marble floors, grand piano and staircase

Glossy marble floors, a baby grand piano, and a curved staircase ooze elegance. Pick out furniture with curves and luxurious material and patterns to match the style.

42. Formal Flair

Homey great room with vaulted ceiling and grand piano

If you like to keep things more formal, don't shy away from placing a baby grand piano in the room. This will automatically increase the formality of the room.

43. Cushioned Ottoman

Cozy living room with white walls, tiled floors, two spacious sofas, an armchair and a fluffy carpet

Instead of a traditional coffee table, go for a cushioned ottoman. This piece proves versatile in the living room.

44. Industrial Vibes

Cozy gray sofa, magazine table and large designer fireplace in a loft-style apartment living room

Industrial style is an intriguing mix of concrete surfaces, reclaimed wood, metal surfaces, exposed brick, and vintage furniture and accessories. Combine these features for an unforgettable living room.

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45. Creative Spaces

Cozy and spacious Scandinavian home interior with high quality euro pallet furniture

Channel your inner creativity as you design the space. This couch consists of two long cushions placed on top of painted pallets. The other furniture is also made from upcycled pallets.

46. Peachy Keen

Bright living room in modern home with orange corner sofa

A large peach-colored sectional livens up the room with its sweet color. It's a great way to add dimension to the space.

47. Contrasting Tones

Big luxury villa interior with modern white velvet accent chairs and sofa

Contrast the dark tones of the walls and floors of the room with light-colored furniture. It makes for a very moody aesthetic.

48. Walkway

Beautiful new furnished living room in new luxury home with white walls and hardwood floors

Even without a wall separating rooms, you can create a clear separation by leaving a wide walkway between the living room furniture and the kitchen area.

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49.Overstuffed Furniture

Beautiful luxury living room interior with hardwood floors, fireplace, gray sofa set, throw pillows and wooden coffee table

Overstuffed furniture is so comfortable, you'll never want to get up. For the ultimate inviting living room, utilize this type of furniture.

50. Earth Tones

Beautiful living room interior with two couches at right angles, throw pillows, coffee table, built-in cabinets, hardwood floors and fireplace

Earth tones make up the ideal natural color palette that fosters a feeling of peace, relaxation, and warmth.

51. Shelf Space

Beautiful living room interior with tall vaulted ceiling, large windows, hardwood floors, cozy gray sofa and fireplace

Take advantage of shelving in your large living room. Tuck away those unsightly items to keep the room neat and organized.

52. Soothing Tones

Beautiful living room interior with tall vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors, fireplace, gray sofa and large bank of windows in new luxury home

The color combination of greys, blues, and creams creates such a soothing setting.

53. Sofa Table

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home with sliding glass doors and vaulted ceiling

Sofa tables nearly match the sofa in height. It's a great piece of furniture to finish the look of the room and house additional decorative items.

54. Fireplace Focal Point

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors, modern brick fireplace, cozy sofa set and luxury wooden center table

If you have a fireplace in your living room, let it serve as a cozy focal point. Position an assortment of furniture in a semi-circle around it.

55. Abundance Of Furniture

Beautiful large living room with beige sofa, accent chairs, mirror, hardwood floor and large white center table

If comfort and conversation are two priorities in your living room design, look no further than this example.

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