Does Ikea Cut Countertops?

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and made for bringing families together. That's why, whether you're entirely renovating your kitchen or just want a simple facelift, you want to ensure everything looks great and is high-quality. Thankfully, Ikea offers several budget-friendly options for kitchen essentials, including countertops. But how will you know if Ikea's countertops will fit in your kitchen? Does Ikea cut countertops? We've rounded up everything you need to know about Ikea's countertop options for you below.  

Ikea offers ready-made laminate and wood countertops in standard sizes that can be cut to any length. Additionally, Ikea sells custom quartz countertops that can be made in any measurement. 

Both the ready-made and the custom countertops are great, budget-friendly options. Now that you know Ikea counters can be cut to any length or completely custom-made, you might be interested in learning more about all of their countertop options. What colors and materials do they come in? How much do they cost? Keep reading to learn these details and more about Ikea's countertop options.

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Ready-Made Countertops

You can easily order Ikea's pre-cut countertops online or at your local Ikea store. They come in several standard countertop sizes in both laminate and wood butcher block and can be cut to any length to fit your kitchen. In fact, you’ll even receive two edging strips with each slab so you can cover up any necessary seams.

Laminate Countertops

Formica laminate counter top installing a kitchen assembling furniture

Ikea's laminate countertops are an especially great, budget-friendly countertop option. They come in a variety of colors and effects, such as faux marble and concrete. You can also get these countertops in a simple, solid black or white. This means you can choose the best countertop style that will fit the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

There are 25 laminate countertop options for you to choose from. They can be used for either your main kitchen counter or your kitchen island. Ikea offers laminate countertops in the following sizes:

  • 74  x  1-1/8 "
  • 74 x 1-1/2 "
  • 74 x 42 x 1-1/8 "
  • 74 x 42 x 1-1/2 "
  • 98 x 1-1/8 "
  • 98 x 1-1/2 "

All in all, laminate countertops are an extremely practical countertop selection. They are easy to clean and maintain, durable, and affordable. 

Butcher Block Countertops

Undermount farm sink in butcher block countertop

Ikea also offers pre-cut butcher block countertops. Butcher block countertops are beautiful and give you the natural color and wood grain. This is an easy way to add warmth to your kitchen and incorporate warm tones into your design aesthetic. The butcher block countertops come in a variety of colors. You can choose from a light and natural finish, a dark and chevron-patterned wood, or several styles in between. 

Ikea's butcher block countertops are made of thick veneer wood. This means the countertops easy to install, stable, and resistant to humidity. The butcher block countertops come in the following sizes:

  • 74 x 1-1/2 "
  • 74 x 42 x 1-1/2 "
  • 98 x 1-1/2 "

Ikea's butcher block countertops come in oak, birch, walnut, and ash wood.

Does Ikea Do Custom Countertops?

Ikea offers custom-made quartz countertops that you can order for your kitchen in any size. They are made of Kasker quartz, which consists of up to 93% quartz. This is one of the strongest minerals, which ensures a durable, nonporous, highly scratch-, stain-, and heat-resistant surface.

First, you'll have to select a color and type of quartz to design your custom-made quartz countertops. Probably the most fun part, this is where you get to select the quartz that will look best in your kitchen. You can choose from 20 different styles of quartz. With that many options, you're bound to find something you'll love, and that will look great in your kitchen. 

Next, you get to choose an edge style. The options are:

  • Straight: This edge is pretty self-explanatory; the edge of the counter is straight, without any curves. 
  • Round Full: Round full edges are perfectly round; the edge of the countertop comes out in a half-circle.
  • Half-Round: These edges are rounded on the top and flatten out in the center with a 90-degree bottom edge.
  • Beveled: This edge is angled on just the top, with a flat side and a regular, 90-degree bottom edge. 
  • Chamfered: A chamfered edge is flat on the side with small angles at the top and bottom.

These edges all run $10 per linear foot, except for the straight edge, which is $5 per linear foot. 

Once you've selected your quartz type and edge style, you'll have to measure your kitchen countertops to estimate a price. Thankfully, Ikea provides a handy guide on how to best measure your countertops

Finally, find your local Ikea store and visit the Kitchen Department to work with an associate and place your order. 

Pro tip: Ikea's quartz countertops will also make a beautiful backsplash! 

How Durable Are Ikea Countertops?

Modern minimal gray color kitchen with self adhesive fake marble imitation tape on wall, solid natural wood countertop with built in small stove.

While Ikea offers great budget-friendly options, buying new countertops is still a huge expense. You definitely want to make sure you're buying something that is high-quality and will last you for years to come. So, how durable are Ikea countertops?

Ikea prides itself on having extremely durable countertops and proudly states that its countertops are tested against everyday kitchen challenges, such as liquids, oil, food, and scratches. Ikea's countertops are tested to withstand years of use and are even scratch-resistant. Whether laminate or quartz, Ikea's countertops are very durable. 

In fact, Ikea stands by the durability of their countertops so much that every countertop comes with a guaranteed, 25-year limited warranty. That being said, it only makes sense that quartz countertops will be more durable than laminate countertops. So it's important to consider this factor when deciding which countertop option is right for you.

What Is The Average Price Range Of Ikea Countertops?

As you can imagine, Ikea's countertop prices vary depending on the material. As we covered above, you can choose a laminate, butcher block, or custom-made quartz countertop. Here is how the pricing breaks down for each option. 

The most affordable option, laminate countertops, range from only $49 to $119 for a pre-cut slab. Solid white is the least expensive option, while matte anthracite runs the most expensive.

Butcher block countertop prices come right in between the laminate and quartz options. These counters will run you between $149 to $289. A natural oak veneer is the most affordable option, and a dark, checkerboard patterned oak veneer is the most expensive. 

As you probably guessed, Ikea's custom quartz countertops are the most expensive. Because they don't come in pre-made sizes, these countertops are prices per square foot. Ikea's custom-made countertops range from $45 per square foot for a white stone effect in an eggshell color to $77 per square foot for the marble effect options.

How Do You Order Ikea Countertops?

Modern farmhouse kitchen with butcher block countertop

You've done all of your homework and research, and after reviewing all of your options, you've decided that Ikea countertops are the countertops for you and your kitchen. So, how do you order them?

It depends on what kind of countertops you're going with. The ready-made laminate and butcher block countertops can be ordered either online or in-store from an associate at the Kitchen Department. 

If you're splurging on the custom-made quartz countertops, you have to find your local Ikea and order with an associate at the Kitchen Department. Be sure to check out all of the steps required to order a custom countertop from Ikea in the section above on custom countertops. 

In Closing

If you're in need of new countertops, either because you're renovating your entire kitchen or just looking for a kitchen facelift, Ikea has several options for you. They can cut their ready-made laminate or butcher block countertops to any length for you. Or, you can order custom-made quartz countertops that will fit your kitchen perfectly. Ikea's kitchen countertops are durable, affordable, and easy to order.

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