Indian-Themed Bedroom Ideas and Examples

If you're looking to transform your bedroom into a unique space, consider using Indian themes for inspiration. Indian decorative elements are rich in patterns, textures, and culture, and they are sure to make your bedroom unique and visually appealing. When decorated well, a bedroom with an Indian theme will make you feel like you're really a part of the rich Indian culture. 

In this post, we'll show you 15 amazing Indian themed bedrooms to inspire you. With a little bit of planning, creativity, and imagination, you'll be well on your way to creating a stunning bedroom. 

Indian themed bedroom with yellow lights and luxurious bed, Indian Themed Bedroom Ideas and Examples

Deep, Rich Colors

Using deep, rich colors is an amazing way to create a cozy Indian themed room. Find colors that work well together and won't clash. The pattern of the bedding brings depth into the room. Sheer curtains filter the natural light that streams in through the windows.


Orange Sheer Curtains

This product includes 2 sheer curtain panels that gently filter sunlight. They feature a rod pocket, fitting universally-sized curtain rods. 

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Hot Pink Canvas Throw Pillow

This solid-colored throw pillow goes perfectly in this room. It's bold and commanding. It measures 14 inches by 14 inches and is available in a variety of colors. 

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Bold Patterns

Patterns are an excellent way to create an Indian themed bedroom. Use patterns and designs that reflect those found in the Indian culture. A wealth of patterns are used in a variety of items like the bedding, curtains, and throw pillows. A family heirloom quilt may be passed down through the generations, and this history-full piece could be the perfect touch to the room. 

Fabric Triangle Flag Banner

This fabric triangle flag banner comes with 36 flags and 18 different patterns. The total length measures 29 feet, so feel free to cut it to whatever length you need. These patterns contribute to the overall theme and feel of the room. 

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Headboard Design

Make a simple or subtle statement with furniture choices. Let the furniture and its colors really do the talking in the room design. The shape of this headboard has an ornate and visually stimulating design that serves as a focal point in the room.

The other furniture pieces feature complementary blue tones with a certain rugged look. With gray colored walls, flooring, and bedding, the blue tones really stand out magnificently.

Handcarved Wooden Headboard

This headboard consists of four separate panels that, when placed together, create a seamless appearance. Since this piece is handmade, the reclaimed teak wood may have a slightly different look than seen in the photo. Either leave the wood color in its natural state or paint it to get the look you want. 

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Natural Fibers And Textures

Natural fibers and textures work together to display a lot of organic beauty. The amazing thing is that the patterns formed can really showcase different cultures and countries. Feel transported to India with a room set up like this one. With natural colors and fibers, it's easy to use vibrant accent colors if you wish. Of course, the room will look amazing as it is, too. 

Rope Top Wooden Frame Bench

This rope top wooden frame bench brings a lot of valuable texture to the room. It can serve multiple functions in the room design: seating, aesthetic, and storage. 

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Lots Of Red

This bedroom is all about the color red. There is an abundance of warm color that makes this room feel cozy and welcoming. The soft orange lighting contributes to this bedroom's cozy and quaint ambiance. The bed is the focal point of the space; the ornately-decorated comforter oozes with Indian vibes that make this space look simply awesome.

Heart-Shaped Pillow

When the room is all about red, this heart-shaped pillow makes for the perfect accent. 

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Red Shag Area Rug

This shag rug has a nice, soft texture. The luxurious 2-inch thick rug is plush and helps softens the surrounding features of the room. 

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Lotus Flower Wall Decals

A lotus is a popular aquatic flower that plays an important role in many Indian religions. It remains important in the culture, relevant for thousands of years. The lotus flower symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. Because of this flower's significance in Indian culture, it makes for a captivating addition to the bedroom. Spruce up the wall by using lotus flower decals on it.

White Lotus Flower Decal

Purchase one or multiple lotus flower decals to place on your bedroom wall. It can serve as a wonderful focal point in the bedroom, too. 

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Color Blocking Scheme

A color-blocking scheme is a great way to add some color interest to the room design. It serves as a wonderful backdrop for a collection of colorful patterns and textures to work together. This baby blue wall is vibrant yet showcases the rich textures and patterns of the bedding, pillows, and carpet. It helps the textures pop instead of blend in. 

The patterns, though they vary, complement each other because of common colors used throughout. The carpet even shares a common texture with the side table and the lighting. Never forget to incorporate plant life into the design for some organic color interest.

Rattan Light Pendant

Lighting has such a great impact on a room. The pieces you choose can add those perfect finishing touches on the look you wish to create. Whether you use this as a bedside light or main room light, it will look gorgeous. 

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Canopy Of Fabric

Swaths of fabric undoubtedly bring a lot of depth to the room. Make the fabric drape around the canopy bed, billowing out and adding softness. Even the wallpaper looks like it's soft, flowing fabric. The colors are regal looking and ooze with elegance. Every detail of this room contributes to the overall theme. The shaggy rug and furry pillows bring some nice textures to the design.

Tufted Cotton Area Rug

Place this tufted cotton area rug at the foot of your bed or even elsewhere in your room to create a similar look. 

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Soft White Christmas Lights

There's no doubt that soft white Christmas lights cast a nice, warm glow into the room. It instantly beautifies the space and makes it very cozy. 

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Pattern Optimization

Don't shy away from using a collection of patterns. Optimize the use of them and let them command attention in the room. This room ranges from bright-colored patterns to toned down and muted patterns. The Indian themed bedding gives the space that desired look.

Indian Patchwork Quilt

This brightly colored and patterned quilt will do the trick. It's bold and inviting at the same time. 

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Luxurious Indian Decorations

With high ceilings, it's easy to feel intimidated at the prospect of filling the space. The three long tapestries hung above the bed fill the space nicely while contributing to the room's theme. This style welcomes in traditional, rich, earthy Indian colors. The various colors are incorporated into all the furniture and decor pieces. 

Hand-Carved Dresser

This hand-carved dresser is the perfect companion in this contemporary Indian themed bedroom. The details are immaculate and really add a lot to the design.

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Cultural Decor

Pay homage to the beautiful country of India with the cultural decorative pieces you display. Whether you've visited the country and brought home some souvenirs or purchased cultural items at a store, they'll help transform the room and honor the culture. 

Dream Catcher

Make sure only the best of dreams reach you as you sleep under this dream catcher at night.  

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Mandala Style Tapestry

A red or maroon Indian tapestry is all things powerful and regal. This style and color of tapestry in India represents royalty, nobility, power, and ambition. Bring in the good vibes and positive energy with this type of tapestry. The draping sheer fabric above the bed softens the room and the dream catchers add a nice cultural touch. 

Maroon Mandala Tapestry

This tapestry serves as the focal point in the room, so pick the perfect spot for it. You can hang it above the bed to really make that area stand out, or you can place it on any other wall that you see fit. It measures 90 inches by 84 inches. 

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Texture And Pattern Medley

A medley of textures and patterns go a long way in the design and theme of a room. The rich colors, textures, and patterns set up the room perfectly for an Indian themed space. Both the expansive headboard and the sheer curtains share a similar pattern, creating cohesion in the room. Having similar patterns makes the room look seamless and put together.

Medallion Patterned Sheer Curtains

Never underestimate how much curtains can do for your bedroom design. These medallion patterned sheer curtains may be just what your Indian themed bedroom needs to feel complete. 

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Charming Pink Accents

Don't be afraid to use bold colors, as they are exotic and eye-catching after all. The bold pink accent wall and other decorative accent items highlight the other features in the room.  Ornate wood carved furniture complements the Indian themed room. 

Hand Carved Wooden Elephant Foldable Partition

Bring in that foldable partition to the room for some sweet Indian-inspired decor. Whether you let it stand alone or pair it with similar furniture, it's sure to turn heads. 

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Traditional Indian Decor

It's sophisticated yet fierce. A bedroom design doesn't necessarily have to have overt Indian decorative items to foster the feelings of the country. The designs blend with nature and evoke a sense of completeness.

The artwork serves as the focal point and really grounds the Indian aesthetic. The other pieces used throughout the room design reflect the essence of the artwork. Metallic elements add sophistication.

Metallic Planters

Planters filled with lush plant life are just what you need for finishing touches in the room. 

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Let us know in the comment section below how you plan on creating your dream Indian themed bedroom. Before you go, make sure to check out these other incredible home decor guides:

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