10 Fantastic Indoor Beaded Curtains For Doorways

If you have a space that needs a separation but not a door, perhaps you've considered a beaded curtain. Or maybe you want a fun and festive look for a party. These gentle barriers provide that sense of space while allowing light and sound to filter through. Made of strands of beads that hang from above, they're less permanent than a door and easy to switch out.

Most arrive pre-hung on a bar that hooks to the door frame or ceiling from eyelets, and many can be cut down in both length and width to work precisely for your space. They are also relatively easy to clean by running a damp rag over the beads or using a microfiber cloth.

Whether your vibe is boho or chic, there's a beaded curtain out there for your space. We've found a collection of interesting options for you here that range from disco metallic to natural woods.

Woman shoving gold beaded curtain at doorway, 10 Fantastic Indoor Beaded Curtains For Doorways

1. Teardrop Beaded Curtain

Tiny clear acrylic teardrops cascade from the ceiling to the floor in this understated curtain. It comes with eyelets for ease of hanging and can be hung from a door frame, ceiling or wall. Use it in your doorway, over a window, or even as a space divider in a room.

It's 72" long and 35.5" wide and is easy to install in multiples or cut down to a narrower size if needed. The length is also easy to trim that it will change the design slightly if cut from the bottom up.

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2. Black String Divider Curtain

Forty-five beaded strings in easy-care polyester suspend from a pocket rod hanger. This is another airy room divider that creates a sense of a spatial break while also adding a bit of color and substance to the division.

It comes in a single curtain (not double as shown here), so be sure and order according to the space you need divided. Each curtain is 39" wide by 84" tall and is easy to trim at either the length or the width.

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3. Boho Style Wooden Bead Divider

This is a beautiful geometric door divider made of small smooth-finished wooden beads. It will make you think of islands in the Pacific, and cool breezes from the beach, and the beads will make a subtle click as you walk through them.

Each line is hand strung with dozens of small non-toxic natural beads. 35" wide by 86" in length, it can be trimmed easily for the width, but if trimmed up from the bottom, the beads will need to be refinished, so they don't come apart.

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4. Retro Red Wood Beaded Curtain

This simple design takes you back to the days of macrame and bellbottoms. Do you love retro-chic design? Then this boho curtain is a great look for your space. Forty-five bead strings are attached to a wooden rod which can be hung inside or outside of a door frame depending on the width you have.

This piece is 35.5" wide by 77" long. It's super easy to install and easy to change out if your style changes or you opt for a door.

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5. Shiny Discs Disco Door Curtain

You like shiny things, and glitter is your middle name. This shimmering door curtain is all glitz and glam with its fall of silvery discs. Also available in shiny gold or double packs, this curtain adds the disc to disco.

Each curtain contains 15 strands with alternating disc sizes that turn and twist to catch the light. Hangs in seconds from the two eyelets attached to the top of the enclosed rod that the strands are falling from. So much fun in one easy design option.

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6. Purple Beaded Curtain Strands For Doorway

This is a lovely purple design in several shades for those who want a bit of color in their lives. Light will play off of the different shades as the curtain moves, yet still, create a sense of separation. The durable acrylic beads are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Hangs easily with the enclosed rod. This model is also available in pink and a brown version if you like the style but prefer a slightly different color.

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7. Checkerboard Anti-Mosquito Beaded Curtain

This densely beaded curtain is made of a stylish grid of light blue and grey beads. It's available in several sizes, both width, and length and comes with more lines of beads than many curtains for it to serve as protection against insects, as well as providing a room break.

It comes on a track that is easily installed and the bead strings slide onto the track making adjustments simple.

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8. Industrial Chain Doorway Curtain

Here's an industrial take on the beaded curtain. All-aluminum chain mail falls to create a room division that has a modern vibe. Chain links can be easily removed to shorten the curtain, and the anodized aluminum is super easy to clean.

This curtain is 35" wide and 83 inches long. It hangs from a metal header that matches the chains. Because it's aluminum, it's still lightweight and easy to walk through.

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9. Bamboo Sunflower Beaded Curtain

Here's a bright and cheery take on a beaded curtain. Simple bamboo beads are printed to create a sunflower pattern for your doorway. It's like having a garden between your rooms or a portal to a happy place.

It comes on an easily installed hanging bar and is a standard 35.5" wide by 80" high. Each curtain has 90 strands of beads to create the design.

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10. Tree Of Life Beaded Doorway Curtain

If you're looking for more privacy with your beaded doorway curtain, consider something with imagery like this beaded tree of life doorway curtain. It's 36" long by 79" wide and the 125 individual strands ensure visual thickness. Each curtain has over 4000 individual beads in the design.

The image is hand-painted and viewable from both sides of the curtain. You can shorten it or make it less wide, but in doing so, you may lose some of the design.

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