53 Industrial Bathroom Ideas

The industrial design aesthetic incorporates the collaboration of old-world design elements with modern, sleek features. It consists of open-air spaces, a wealth of natural light, concrete, or reclaimed wood, exposed brick, industrial factory accents, and metal elements.

53 Industrial Bathroom Ideas


Maybe you already have an industrial style house and are looking for more inspiration. Or maybe you're just starting to get interested in the design style and want to start your home transformation. The bathroom is a wonderful place to get started. Check out this video first and continue reading the post after for more industrial-inspired bathrooms!


1. Natural Flood Light

Modern loft bathroom with concrete wall

Fill your space with natural light. The light will warm up the industrial space and bring color to the room.

2. Tasteful Decor

Modern loft bathroom interior with glass window and concrete wall

Even with a minimalistic industrial style, you can add unique pieces or wonderful vintage flea market finds, like the lamp. The plants will also thrive in this space.

3. Industrial Oasis

Modern loft bathroom interior design, white bathtub on concrete room

Create an industrial oasis with cool grey hues, wooden features, and smooth white porcelain. The cotton towels and greenery soften the space.

4. Organic Elements

Modern loft bathroom interior design, white basin on wooden shelf with polished concrete wall

Bring in organic elements into your bathroom like these pale wooden vanities and tropical plants. Leaning a ladder against your wall not only serves as a design element but also as a perfect hanging rack for your towels.

5. Pop of Color

Modern bathroom with dark wood flooring and interiors

In an industrial space, using a soft color on one wall can make the room feel more open. Pull the color throughout the room with accessories like planters and countertop containers.

6. Open Air Feeling

Modern bathroom apartment interior

To prevent your industrial-style from feeling too cold, take advantage of tall windows. Leave window treatments aside to let all the natural light in possible.

7. Picture Perfect Industrial

Industrial style bathroom with oval bathtub and walk in shower

Although it may seem like it, it's not impossible to incorporate all the industrial elements into your bathroom space. Natural light, exposed pipes, glass panels, warm wood, and concrete work harmoniously together in this space.

8. Exposed Pipes

Industrial loft style bathroom with white brick wall and polished concrete floor

Let exposed industrial pipes do their magic. No need to try to cover them up; they serve as function and beauty.

9. Monochromatic

Industrial loft style bathroom with polished concrete walls and flooring

Think smart about the accessories you decide to place in your bathroom. The mirror is hung by a leather strap, keeping it in tune with the industrial vibe. The metal piece running the height of the wall provides visual stimuli and gives depth. Add in a pop of color with some floral pieces.

10. Minimalistic Industrial

Grey modern shower room with tiled walls

Maintain clean lines and smooth surfaces, providing a minimalistic industrial approach. With a design like this one, there's no room for clutter.

11. Creative Space

Functional modern bathroom with bathtub, countertop basin, tv and wall heater

When space is limited, get creative with your design. With the correct pieces, you can still enjoy plenty of storage and not sacrifice beauty.

12. Concrete Vanity Range

The brass tap stands out against the cool, neutral tones of this bathroom. The concrete vanity runs into the shower, adding an extra level of intrigue. The textured glass shower panel adds privacy while still allowing a sense of openness.

13. Painted Brick Wall

Black and white scandinavian loft style bathroom

Brick walls are a staple in the industrial design style. Complement the white wall with a fun black and white patterned tile floor that give a playful touch to space.

14. Geometric Concept

Abstract sketch design of bathroom interior

Combine a series of geometric patterns into your industrial bathroom. Geometric shapes anchor the space and give visual interest. Easily make an impact on your room with these shapes!

15. Rustic Industrial

[PIN id="50172983334911740" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

With the help of shiplap walls, floating wooden shelves, and vanity lights, you can achieve a rustic industrial aesthetic. Add in a raised copper sink.

16. Subway Tile

[PIN id="351421577171711235" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

White subway tile is a classic industrial element. Paired with the black wall, all your accents and accessories can shine.

17. Floating Shelves

[PIN id="607000856011597944" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Wooden and metal floating shelves add not only industrial aesthetic but also the perfect storage solution. Mix in your necessary toiletries with stylish accessories.

18. Dark Walls

[PIN id="723953708830321981" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Dark painted walls help other design elements to stand out and call attention to themselves.

19. Vintage Industrial

[PIN id="848224911050965291" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Glam up your bathroom with a vintage industrial facelift. Incorporate vintage elements that maybe you've found at flea markets or antique malls.

20. Stone Sink

[PIN id="729372102130762334" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Stone sinks can elevate the design of your industrial bathroom, repurposing an organic material for your benefit. It complements the concrete used around the bathroom.

21. Industrial Chic

[PIN id="368450813264673877" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Craft a chic industrial bathroom with the use of contemporary artwork, patterned tile, and a fun light fixture. The network of pipes forms a unique design on the ceiling.

22. Modern Industrial

[PIN id="724727765016185458" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The intricate patterns of the shower tiles stand out against the concrete walls, giving the room more depth and fascination. The copper tones stand out wonderfully.

23. Thin Frame Sink

[PIN id="636485359819351083" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The thin frame of the sink matches the metal of the radiator. Complement features that are already in your bathroom.

24. Three Light Pendant

[PIN id="312929874109170873" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Finish off your industrial bathroom with the installation of a three-light pendant furnished with Edison bulbs.

25. Black, White, and Wood

[PIN id="665477282420286507" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Juxtapose the rough wood of your vanity with the clean lines and colors of the subway tiles and glass cabinet. Add in pops of color through your towels, plants, and other accessories.

26. Exposed Brick Wall

[PIN id="462533824229027832" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The frameless mirror and wall light sconces stand out against the exposed brick wall. The unique copper taps run the length of the wall.

27. Copper Pipe

[PIN id="471752129716209218" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Get creative with your use of copper pipe. Keep it exposed, then proceed to let it run in quirky patterns.

28. Warm Design


Natural elements like exposed wood and greenery give more life and warmth to any room. Wrapping the wood around the ceiling adds depth, too. The glass-paneled shower and mirrors reflect the lights in the room to widen the space and make it feel more open.

29. Grey Tones

Incorporate all different tones and patterns of grey for visual differentiation. Use a different complementary material and texture for each wall in the room. The wooden mat adds warmth amid the tile floor.

30. Unique Piping


Use exposed pipes for a fun, dramatic effect. The copper tones stand out against the midnight mosaic tiles on the walls. The pipes look like a piece of art themselves.

31. Tile Wainscoting

Instead of using traditional wainscoting, replace the classic wooden look with large tiles. Aside from the aesthetic the tile adds, it offers protection for the walls.

32. Accent Wall


Exposed brick brings out warmth, texture, and visual intrigue. This color and texture combination makes for a rustic yet modern aesthetic. This bathroom feels homey and warm yet sleek and stylish. A soft yellow light tops off the area with a unique accent.

33. Decorate with Greenery

Keeping shower curtains away from your bathrooms ensures that space remains open and has the clean lines sought after in the industrial style. Bring in a breath of life with green plants.

34. Matching Vanities


Placing matching vanities in the bathroom gives symmetry and order to the room; the white subway tiles help these elements stand out. Exposed pipes contribute to the overall aesthetic of the room.

35. Sprawling Subway Tiles

Install white subway tiles across your entire bathroom for a clean, classic appearance. Subway tiles will never go out of style, and the bright white color keeps the space light and airy.

36. Warm Lighting with Cool Tones


The warm light in this space helps to warm up the cool grey tones. White walls and a sheer curtain engulf the room in lightness. The curved shower walls add movement and fluidity.

37. Play with Classic Contrast

Black and white provide a gorgeous, classic aesthetic. The neutral tones compliment each other very well and allow textures and patterns to shine. There is so much versatility for accessorizing the space.

38. Anchoring Vintage Rug


Anchor your industrial bathroom with warm hues and interesting texture and patterns from a vintage rug. These rugs are durable and look amazing in the bathroom.

39. Floor to Ceiling Tile

Installing large tiles from floor to ceiling makes space feel larger than it is. It also gives the space a more luxurious feel to it.

40. Reclaimed Wood


Bring in some industrial-chic style through the use of reclaimed wood. This style is natural and warm, breathing light and life into the room. Using vintage pieces like this one help to tell a story and bring new life to a room.

41. Glass Panels

Framed glass panels bring a touch of modernity to the industrial aesthetic. Having paneled glass keeps the space open while providing a bit of separation in the room.

42. Don't Overdo Decor


Keeping things minimalistic gives you order and cleanliness. The sharp angles of this bathroom keep the aesthetic consistent with the industrial vibe.

43. Moody Materials

Make your bathroom the perfect blend of moody and industrial with the careful selection of material and color. The soft glow around the mirror adds nice backlighting to the wall.

44. Darkened Features


The dark wood floor adds a level of warmth to the otherwise cool space. If you like dramatics, this bathroom does the trick.

45. Intertwine Boho and Industrial

Combine a boho vibe with an industrial vibe with the use of raw wood, white subway tiles, open space, and a plethora of plant life.

46. Matching Black Frames


Keep a consistent design element running throughout your bathroom. In this room, the bathtub, sink, and shower all have thin black frames.

47. White Tones to Expand the Space

Don't fret if your bathroom is on the smaller side; you can open it up with bright lights and white tones.

48. Vintage Mixed with Modern


Bring together old with new in a perfect pairing. Though wildly different, the 17th-century era painting looks marvelous in this modern room with exquisite statement lighting.

49. Wooden Wares

Using lighter wood gives your space an open, more breezy industrial vibe. The large white subway tiles look like a white brick wall.

50. Industrial Pattern


Who says you can't throw patterned flooring tile into your industrial space? The pattern breaks up the monotony of single tone features.

51. Beamed Ceiling

The bright white bathroom features stand out against the dark tones of this industrial bathroom. Above, you can see the ceiling has beams, giving it an exposed appearance.

52. Concrete and Color


Combine your cool concrete features with a pop of color like this green. The copper pipes will stand out beautifully against this hue.

53. Open Space Concept

Take advantage of your large bathroom and let all the natural light pour into the space. Evenly space hanging pendant lights.

54. Colorful Industrial


Maintain the industrial aesthetic, but add in a nice, cool color. The floating shelves are made of organic wood and held in place with exposed metal brackets.

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