13 Industrial Floor Lamps That Will Add Style to Any Room

The industrial design aesthetic features the elements and styles of old factories and industrial buildings. Components of this theme include exposed brick, concrete, natural wood, open spaces, metal surfaces, exposed pipes and ducts, vintage furniture, repurposed materials, and industrial lighting.
Industrial floor lamps are bold yet inviting. Floor lamps not only provide excellent lighting but also increase your design aesthetic. They can help to tie the whole room together. One of the most recognizable features of an industrial style floor lamp is the use of Edison bulbs. These lamps are commonly constructed out of unfinished/rough-hewn wood and metal. You'll also see the use of light cages, pulleys, blown glass, and visible wires.
13 Industrial Floor Lamps That Will Add Style to Any Room
You'll be able to find industrial floor lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes. These options allow you to find the perfect match to fit your room's needs. The lamp can either serve as a focal point and unique addition to the room or blend in with its surroundings as a more subtle element.
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Get started with designing your perfect industrial room today. We have compiled a list below of 13 of the best industrial floor lamps that you can add to your home! Check it out!

1. CO-Z Industrial Floor Lamp, Adjustable

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Durably crafted from metal, this industrial floor lamp boasts of a beautiful bronze color with golden highlights. To best fit your needs, this lamp is adjustable between the heights of 55 inches and 65 inches. The lamp has a 5-foot electric cord and a rotary on/off knob on the lampshade.
The lamp head is also adjustable so you can alter the direction of the light. Bulbs, however, are not included. If interested, you can even purchase a matching table lamp!
Customers who have purchased this lamp say that set up is easy, and it's a super sturdy lamp. They like its beautiful bronze and gold finish and the amount of light it can give off.

2. LEONLITE 65-inch Track Tree Floor Lamp

This intriguing industrial floor lamp features three caged light bulbs that give off lots of light. Because of the lampshade style, you get the optimal amount of lighting. You can adjust each light 180 degrees up and down. The lamp features a convenient "step on" switch for turning it on and off.
People who have purchased this floor lamp have reported that its aesthetic is industrially perfect, gives off just the right amount of light, and is very easy to assemble.

3. Henn & Hart Modern Farmhouse Seeded Task Lamp

If you're looking for subtle and refined industrial lamps, these are the perfect fit for you. The lamps are made of blackened bronze, and hand seeded glass shades. The shades are 12 inches in height and 6 inches in width. The lamp has a 6-foot cord.
Customers who have bought and reviewed this lamp say that it's the perfect stylish yet functional lamp.

4. Kira Home Sulis 58" Modern Industrial Tripod LED Floor Lamp

If you're looking for the perfect statement lamp for your room, look no further. Enjoy the vintage aesthetic without paying the vintage price for this floor lamp. The tripod lamp features a satellite-like shade with a golden lining, and its legs have a beautiful faux leather wrap.
The lamp stands 58 inches high and has an 11-foot cord for your convenience. For added versatility, this lamp is compatible with dimmers, light switch panels, timers, and smart plugs. The lamp comes with one bulb.
Customers have said that this lamp added the perfect detail to their room. They talk about their sturdiness and high-quality attributes.

5. Henn&Hart Counterweight Pulley Lamp

A system of pulleys is used for this lamp, one of the hallmark characteristics of the industrial style. The working pulley system makes the lampshade height adjustable. The lamp is crafted from blackened bronze. The cord is 6 feet long and has a rotary know for turning it on and off.
People who have purchased this lamp love the minimalistic industrial aesthetic that it presents. This is an excellent price for a sturdy, beautiful lamp.

6. Brightech Elizabeth LED Floor Lamp

Fit this beautiful, versatile lamp into any room for increased lighting and elegance. Choose from two different finish colors: brass and bronze. The glass shade helps the warm glow of the bulb to permeate the room.
Weighing only 14 pounds, this floor lamp is easy to move around. While light, its base is weighted to prevent it from falling over. The height of this lamp is 5.5 feet tall. Its thin size allows you to fit it in any space you can imagine.
Purchasers love its easy assembly and its simple yet beautiful appearance.

7. Averill Park Rustic Farmhouse Downbridge Floor Lamp

This industrial-inspired floor lamp features an oil-rubbed bronze finish, and a seeded glass shaded wrapped in a metal cage. The lamp measures 61 inches in height with a 12 inch wide base for stabilization. The cord houses the on and off foot switch for convenience.
Customers who have purchased and reviewed this product report that it has dramatically increased the aesthetic of their homes, precisely what they had been wanting. Heavy and sturdy, this lamp can stand the test of time.

8. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Reimagining the way things are designed is one element of the industrial design aesthetic. This LED torch light will illuminate a whole room with no issues and can be dimmed to your desired brightness. Move the head around to any angle to get the perfect amount of light.
You can choose from multiple colors to best fit the look you want to achieve. It has a weighted, sturdy base to prevent it from tipping over.
Customers emphasize its easy assembly, lighting capabilities, and minimalistic design.

9. L Industrial Retro Floor Lamp

Mixing in a few steampunk vibes, this industrial lamp screams for attention. It's wrought iron pipe construction, globular bulbs, and usage of a gauge make for an incredible statement floor lamp. Its height is 60 inches and features a dimming light function.

10. OYGROUP Antique Style Floor Lamp Tripods (Pack of 2)

Feel like the focus with these unique antique style tripod floor lamps. Adjust the height of each tripod between 35 and 78.8 inches. You can pivot the lamp head to the desired angle of light. This product features an on and off footswitch.
Customers enjoy their excellent quality and value, especially for their price. Others enjoy their dimmable light features.

11. Rustic Industrial Floor Lamps

This lamp is constructed from durable, high-quality metal. It features a weighted base for extra stability. With an adjustable shade head, you can direct the light where you need it to go. This floor lamp features an easy to use on and off step switch along with a 5.25-foot long power cord.
Customers report that it's a great product and was money well spent to obtain it. They believe it gives off excellent light and is perfectly fashionable.

12. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Visually captivating, this lamp is sure to capture your attention, whether it's on or not. Its tripod structure features half wooden legs that join finished black metal. A wired mesh lampshade covers the exposed bulb inside of it. It has an adjustable height, reaching a maximum of 58.5 inches. Choose from 3 different light settings.
Customers love the uniqueness of this lamp as well as its ease of assembly and low maintenance upkeep.

13. LeeZM Black Industrial Floor Lamp

Perfectly industrial, this wire cage tripod lamp may be just what you've been searching for. Its black metal is durable and can stand the test of time. The narrow bulb puts off a warm ambient glow, perfect for your industrial style. It features an on and off foot switch for added convenience and comes with a 9.5-foot long cord.
Customers who have used this product say that it fits the industrial style perfectly, adding so much to their rooms. It was super speedy, simple assembly, and an excellent quality lamp.

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