109 Industrial Living Room Ideas (Design Tips Included!)

Industrial Design is one of today's most popular decorating styles. Loved for its open, practical spaces filled with light and respectful of history, Industrial decor is the perfect balance between modern coolness and vintage romance.

This style took off in the 1960s when artists realized that the wide-open spaces filled with natural light in old warehouses in Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District in New York City provided the perfect environment for them to create, as well as live. Rather than try to modify the structures to conform to modern design, these artists embraced the history of the original building materials used in turn-of-the-century manufacturing.

Industrial themed Living room with huge windows,109 Industrial Living Room Ideas (Design Tips Included!), 109 Industrial Living Room Ideas (Design Tips Included!)

Today's Industrial Design can have a variety of different materials, from concrete and old wood floors to exposed ductwork and piping, metals, and glass. Bright colors are kept to a bare minimum, with the look relying on primarily whites, grays, and blacks.

To help you to understand better this style and how you can bring it into your home, we have curated a massive collection of Industrial-style living rooms to inspire you.

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101 Modern Industrial Style Living Rooms

1. Our first selection is a perfect embodiment of Industrial decor. A dark green accent wall is reflected in the throw pillows and give a touch of moody contrast to all the gray. Don't have cement walls? Use a faux finish with stucco and paint, or apply a look-alike wallpaper to get the look without the cost.

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Black and grey abstract paintings hanging on raw wall in industrial living room interior with decor and light grey sofa with cushions

2. Make the most of the natural light streaming in from side windows by painting everything the same shade of bright white. Warm it up with espresso colored wood flooring and colorful accent rung and photography.

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White themed industrial loft living room interior with wooden furniture

3. Exposed brick is a hallmark of Industrial style. A simple pipe and wood shelving unit paired with gray and leather furniture keep the lines clean and modern.

Urban loft industrial style interior living room

4. Shades of gray with metal accents create a masculine vibe in this shadowy living room. Rich browns from the leather sofa and a console table warm up the room with a little help from a big green plant in the corner.

Urban industrial style living room interior with sofas, concrete wall and metal ventilation

5. Floor to ceiling windows is the focal point of this room. Tall, metal bookcases mimic the shape and style of the windows, and the clean lines of the futon sofa keep it simple.

Modern industrial style loft living room with overview of the city

6. A redesign of the same room featured above shows how a change in styling can make all the difference. Here, a massive wrap around white sofa with matching chairs makes the room cozier in an instant. Instead of a single plant, a small forest has been incorporated at the edge of the room is a natural contrast to all of the concrete and metals.

Modern industrial style loft living room with house plants

7. Mix light-colored wood paneling with bright white as a counter to powdered black metal beaming and gray cement floors. Large can lights suspended from the ceiling provide warm lighting to fill the open space.

Modern industrial style loft apartment interior

8. Transform a standard room into an industrial dream by covering the floor with faux cement peel and stick tiles, installing a metal and wood shelving unit that expanses an entire wall, and modern furniture. Keep the walls stark white, but mount aluminum can lighting on the ceiling to mimic exposed electrical components.

Modern industrial style living room with city view

9. Make the most of the exposed brickwork by using black for furniture and decorative items. Black is an excellent accent color for window frames, paintings, and table bases.

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Mock up poster in living room loft in industrial style

10. Industrial decor can make use of the underlying theme of minimalism, where "Less is More." The airy loft space feels intentional despite its few furnishings.

Loft living room in industrial style

11. Another excellent example of this, this living room needs little decorating due to the expansive view provided by the wall of windows. Why clutter up the view with tchotchkes when Mother Nature has provided such beauty?

Loft industrial style living room with nature view

12. A bright conservatory is a perfect room to create an industrial vibe. The aged brick wall sports black and white artwork, while the warmth of the mustard and burnt orange seating contrasts with the crisp greens outdoors.

Loft industrial style living room with brick walls and garden view

13. A small space filled with plenty of natural light and greenery can still feel comfy on a rainy day when decorated with simple furniture, wood table top, and shelving.

Loft industrial style living room interior design

14. Painted brick is another way to keep your look cohesive with shades of gray. The dark gray of the sofa and matching area rug blend seamlessly into the background, accented by the wood tones of the floor, shelving, and the corresponding tan ottoman.

Loft industrial style living room interior

15. Instead of a moody day, how about showcasing your living room with vibrant white? trim out your windows in gray or black for contrast, and match it with dark gray and metal furniture with simple lines.

Industrial style loft living room with modern interior

16. Pale gray cement walls and aged wood plank flooring create the foundation for this Industrial room.  A black chair rail painted over the cement adds visual interest and contrast to the pale yellow sofa. Color is not typically incorporated into Industrial decor, but in this case, it works because the tone of the yellow is almost beige.

Industrial style loft apartment living room with wood flooring

17. Paint your floors black for something a little different Black is used primarily as an accent in this classic Industrial style living room, first in the leather accent chair, as well as the bookshelf. A very unusual rug made up of octagons in varying shades of gray adds a modernistic touch to a historic space.

Industrial style loft apartment living room with brick wall and wood flooring

18. Flip the traditional color scheme on its head by pairing black walls with silver-gray flooring. Add vintage-looking pieces like this paint-spattered table and reclaimed metal lockers for a true Industrial vibe.

Industrial style loft apartment living room with black painted wall

19. Reclaimed wooden beams and exposed red brick show the history of this awesome room. You can recreate this look by installing faux beams and brick wall coverings. Light-colored furniture and black accents complete the look.

Industrial style loft apartment interior with wooden ceiling, corner sofa and kitchen island

19. Shades of gray from dark to light give depth to this Industrial style room. Thin metal legs on the furniture are reflected in the style of the retro-looking ceiling fan.

Industrial style living room with cozy sofas and modern interior

20. Creative use of old shipping pallets was used to craft interesting furniture for this loft. Large photos are mounted on the wall that is a reflection of the view outside the massive windows. The throw pillows on the sofa are brick red to match the walls. Furry throw rugs add texture and comfort to the cement flooring.

Industrial style domestic living room with wooden interior

21. Minimalist furnishings are the perfect choice for this spacious room. Simple furniture all in matching gray look warm against the brightly whitewashed brick.

High ceiling loft living room with white brick wall, polished concrete floor and glass windows

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22. Textured walls give this dark room life. A subtle mottled look to the darker gray wall and a patterned wallpaper behind the shelving provide interest without distracting from the overall mood. Soft glowing wall sconces and bright white furniture add warmth and contrast.

Cozy modern industrial style living room with parquet flooring

23. Exposed brick painted a creamy white give this lofty space warmth and energy. The two shades of white are a nice contrast to the modern shelving and sofa, and dark gray is woven throughout for accents.

Cozy industrial style homeloft apartment interior

24. This converted industrial space has preserved the metal infrastructure and vintage wooden ceiling, but these rough surfaces are softened by the use of muted colors on the velvet sofas. Worn red paint peeks from the kitchen area, bring this space to life. While colors are not usually found in abundance in Industrial decor, these work because of their faded, time-worn appearance, which goes with the whole aesthetic.

25. For those of us who are working with a smaller, more mundane living space, just adding a few key details can transform your tiny apartment living room from drab to fab. Hang a couple of floating shelves and decorate them with your favorite pictures framed in black. You can also create a cool Industrial-style coffee table from a pallet and cinder blocks from your local hardware store.

26. A dark, moody gray background is made warm and welcoming by the addition of the wood and copper elements, as well as the small lamps on the bookshelf.

27. In this room, black is the accent to the brown tones prevalent in the sofa, coffee table, and TV stand. By incorporating these elements on the table legs, lamp base, and throw pillows, this room develops an Industrial feel, without being too over the top.

28. Who said that Industrial could not be a little bit Boho? Boho elements have been incorporated into this space in a way that does not detract from the industrial vibes but nods to the design style's artistic roots. Keeping the color scheme a warm neutral in the addition of the velvet seating throughout blends it into the background, so the true nature of the space still shines through.

29. For those who prefer a more of a converted warehouse feel, this modern apartment embraces the heavy metal beams by highlighting them with cream-colored walls. Simple gray furniture keeps it sleek, while the addition of the pastel throw pillows dulls the seriousness.

30. Simplicity is key in this minimalist-style Industrial living room. One wall is painted bright white as a clean backdrop for the black sofa and as a contrast for the black window trim, while the other wall is left in all of its rough concrete glory. The blocky cement coffee table mimics this look on wheels.

31. Love the reclaimed warehouse look, but live in a suburban tract house? You can recreate the vintage look with a little paint and creativity! Here, sponging techniques were used to create the look of mottled cement on one wall, and aged brick on the other. If you are not artistic, both of these looks can be achieved with easy to apply peel and stick wallpaper.


32. Bold and modern, a single accent wall of black painted brick matches the metal framing for the windows. The room is still bright and is decorated simply with a brown leather sofa that is a reflection of the color of the wooden ceiling.

33. Old brick and black metal are the main components in this studio-like abode. A massive overstuffed sectional in stone gray fills the space with comfort.

34. Darkly chic, this black room is broken up by the wooden tones of the ceiling and doors, as well as the light-colored furniture.

35. A cool light fixture is an easy way to add an industrial vibe to your living room. Add dark gray walls accented with lighter gray areas for interest, as well.

36. Edison bulb lighting that suspends from pipes and metal shelving keep this room from being too vintage rustic looking.

37. Selecting furniture that appropriately fits the scale of your room is important in decorating. Here a massive sectional with clean lines is the centerpiece of the room. Its large size keeps the room from feeling empty.

38. Wide vertical stripes in black and white perfectly offset the gray furniture and the cool abstract art. Simple can light direct light on the painting, which is the focal point in the room.

39. Make the most of natural light but incorporating living greenery where possible. Plants clean the air and provide a sense of peace in what could otherwise be cold surroundings.

40. A burnt orange L-shaped sofa fills this tiny living room space created by using an inexpensive wood and metal shelving unit to partition the room. The bookshelf is see-through, which keeps the room from feeling too boxed in.

41. Bright white walls with black accents is a staple color scheme for Industrial decor. Here everything is painted white, then outlines with black from the sofa, window frames, and even the door, which creates definition.

42. Red brick and black steel beaming create the structure for this home. Instead of separating the rooms with walls, the space is left open. This makes the most of the light coming in from the kitchen window.

43. Industrial can be pretty too! A curvy sofa covered with a white slipcover and blue and white throw pillows is a nice contrast to the brick wall. The rustic cart tale is a perfect complement to the decor, as well.

44. This living room as a simple rustic aesthetic. A soft brown sofa blends with the old brick wall behind it. Charcoal gray accents the room in the chair, throw blanket and pillows, as well as the black and white print on the wall.

45. Vintage iron accents give this living room an industrial vibe. A cool clock graces the wall beside an old curio cabinet. An iron and wood bookcase and multi-tiered coffee table continue the wood and iron theme throughout the room.

46. Warm wood tones breathe life into a stark white living room. Tufted leather sofas are arranged around a simple wood and metal coffee table. Everything in this room is simple and uncluttered.

47. White and gray is the color scheme for this coolly industrial room. Whitewashed brick reflects, and pale wood flooring reflects light keeping things bright. The seating is crafted from molten silver leather and with metal frames in simple lines.

48. A gorgeous arched window is the main focal point in this living room, and all of the furnishings have been carefully chosen to blend into the background.  A bright white sectional matches the one white wall and fills the room comfortably. No wall art is needed, just a couple of plants to soak up all that glorious light!

50. White walls and flooring are the foundation color for this room, then a combination of soft browns and black are used to accent it and create a definition. The only hint of almost color is from the gray pillows on the couch.

51. Industrial decor does not have to be vintage. It can also be modern by incorporating modern elements into the room, like the puffy sofa and aluminum china cabinet.

52. A 'brick' accent wall with a circular metal bookshelf and a long patterned wooden console table give this room its Industrial edge. Keep the rest of the room minimal with a comfortable sofa in a light pinkish-brown and a rusty colored area rug.

53. Alternatively, paint your tiny living room bright white and decorate it sparsely with a cushy dark gray sofa with gray and white throw pillows, a black and white print on the wall, and a solitary floor lamp.

54. Industrial decor doesn't have to be colorless. Here pops of red appear in the painting, and the vase of flowers adds joy.

55. Dark gray paint is an unusual treatment for a brick wall, but it provides an interesting backdrop against the palest of wood floors and a faded blue sofa.

56. This converted warehouse space with concrete walls is made luxurious by the lush patterned rug and high-end sofas in black.

57. An old building constructed of cut stone and a wood floor in a herringbone pattern need little decoration. A black and white patterned rug, a faded leather sofa, and a cement black coffee table are all that is required.

58. Dark gray walls with large windows are lightened up in the sitting area by using pale gray furniture and white rug.

59. This tiny living space feels warmer and comforting instead of small and cluttered because of the open metal shelving and the use of just one small sofa to create a cozy retreat.

60. Here a sofa just a shade or two darker than the concrete walls are warmed up by the addition of a couple of burnt orange throw pillows and an orange candleholder.

61.  Dark and moody, this living room is almost cave-like with its concrete walls, high windows, and stone-colored furniture. The only contrast comes from the wall-sized wooden shelving unit and coffee table, but even that is minimal.

62. To make your room more interesting, find a repurposed metal light fixture at a flea market or antique store. There are also specialty stores online that buy up vintage items and convert them into lights, so you can have something that is genuinely one os a kind!

63. Use horizontal lines to create a nice flow in a room as well as direct attention towards the focal area. In this case, long sofas face off against one another, separated by a long coffee table, all pointing towards the entertainment center and shelving.

64. Light gray accent chairs with black metal frames are just one of the ways that black is used to outline various items in this room.

65. This cool rattan chair adds a little boho flair to an otherwise ordinary living room space. Hanging from the rafters that support the loft bedroom upstairs, and additions such as this make the most of the available space as well as add character.

66. Here, a primarily dark living room is broken up by the use of a medium gray on the center wall panel and light-colored wood on the stairs and coffee table. It is vital to have contrast when working with dark colors, so it is visually appealing.

67. Use patterns in black and white to spice up your space without straying too far from the Industrial color palette. Here the patterns in the area rug are reflected in the throw pillow, which creates a cohesive look.

68. A bold, dark jewel tone like the deep emerald is just the thing to keep a cold gray room from being bland and boring. The rich green is apparent in the throw pillows and the plants, but everything else in the room is still effortless. Light-colored wood and metal are the materials that create the shelving and the lighting here.

69. This rustic room with worn wood plank flooring and crumbling brick walls looks modern and relaxing thanks to the clean lines of the leather sofa and basic coffee table. A wire basket is barely visible mounted on the wall next to the modern print, paying homage to the room's vintage roots.



70. Take advantage of giant windows by arranging your sofa, so that is where you are looking when you are seated. Wall sized murals can be used to adorn the brick walls, and is done in mostly white, can mimic the look of the windows, creating the illusion that there are even more of them.


71. Shades of gray make up the color scheme for this room, with painted brick, and a shelving unit of the same color that blends in. The room relies on textures to create definition.

72. Simplicity is key here, where the gray sofa is accented with white pillows. An industrial edge is incorporated with the metal lamp and the wood and metal coffee table.

73. A faux brick wall provides the perfect backdrop of Industrial-style furniture like the shelving and the sleek black and brown accent chairs.

74. Massive black iron gears are a fantastic decorative item against a brick wall. The rest of the decor is in shades of brick red and brown so the gears really stand out.

75. High ceilings deserve fabulous light fixtures. This wire-spheres are modern-industrial and really elevate the room from typical.

76. Wooden beams and accent peices throughout the room are a brilliant contrast to the cool dark gray on the walls.

77. Sheer curtains are an excellent way to provide privacy without blocking the natural light from the massive window. Streamlined furniture provides a modern edge against the brick backdrop.

78. When you have lofty ceilings and sky-high windows, keep the silhouette of your furnishings low profile so as not to block the abundant natural light.

79. The past meets the present in this awesome Industrial living room. A vintage leather sofa graces the seating area, which is illuminated by pendant light suspended by chains.

80. Add an industrial feel to your room by using vintage lighting and a coffee table made from repurposed wooden planks.

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