11 Industrial Shower Curtains For A Truly Special Bathroom

After you settled on the perfect home featuring industrial details like exposed brick, wood beams, and metal pipes, it’s time to decorate the bathroom. The industrial look harkens back to warehouse spaces, the acme of industry’s heydey in the modern world, mass production, and strength in bold simplicity. One of the best ways to give a bathroom a complete industrial look is with the right shower curtain.

Complement a home decorated using the utilitarian and raw visual appeal of industrial design and decor. Shower curtains featuring printed images of steampunk gears, machinery, wood, and metal beckon for you to look closer. There is something inherently masculine, raw, and vintage about an industrial space and its signature elements.

11 Industrial Shower Curtains For a Truly Special Bathroom

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Transform your bathroom into a workhorse of grinding metal, wood, and stay inspired with an industrial style shower curtain. We have a curated list that will keep you feeling excited about your home decor and aesthetic tastes and preferences.

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Cube Fabric Shower Curtain by Aimjerry

Understated is always in fashion, and this fabric curtain featuring a clean, repeating design of cubes is a great fit for an industrial bathroom. Complement a sink basin with exposed pipes or fixtures featuring reclaimed wood and metal pieces with this shower curtain that has rust-resistant grommets for hanging. Forget about leaving a huge mess behind with this 100% polyester waterproof shower curtain, and maintain a bold and simplistic look for your shower without an added liner.

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Check out this clean and minimalistic cube curtain on Amazon.

Rusty Iron Porthole Industrial Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Go for a bold look with the intense imagery on this shower curtain, which features visually arresting artwork of riveted layered pieces of metal with portholes. Show a strong love for the industrial aesthetic treatment when you install this waterproof shower curtain made from Turkish fabric, environmentally-friendly materials, responsible dyes, and comes in an extra-long form.

Check out this wicked shower curtain featuring riveted metal on Amazon.

Wooden Gate Image Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Let your imagination run wild and feel like you are closing the doors to an eerie warehouse with this unique shower curtain. Bathing will never be the same when you install this shower curtain made from Turkish fabric, featuring bold graphics that are digitally printed onto the waterproof curtain. Skip out on fitting a liner and bask in the gritty and stunning imagery of two metal gates with corresponding accents.

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Perforated Grid Plate Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Give your shower a waterproof curtain that plays into optical illusions and the clean, minimalistic look of exposed metal. The graphics on this waterproof curtain are so unbelievable and stunning, at first glance you might think this shower curtain is indeed a panel of perforated metal. The attention to detail on this digitally printed image cement the industrial look of any bathroom, and it will undoubtedly start conversations on what is possible in home decor.

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Black Grunge Plate Armour Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Embrace the rivethead aesthetic and show-off the industrial look at its most hardcore with this fashionable polyester waterproof shower curtain. Ensure your privacy and keep excess splashes and pools of water contained with this high-quality shower curtain featuring a digitally printed image of metal plates with bold rivets. Similar to the industrial age, this shower curtain design was built to last, is resistant to fading, and doesn’t require a liner.

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Old Window with Broken Panes Curtain by Ambesonne

Transform your shower into another world with this cleverly designed waterproof curtain featuring bold digital graphics printed onto 100% polyester fabric. Indulge your senses and embrace the industrial aesthetic with this extra-long shower curtain. The unique graphics are non-fading, so you can comfortably throw your curtain in the washing machine without worry.

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Industrial Plate Facade Shower Curtain by Ambesomme

Embrace a daring side of home decor with this futuristic and metallic shower curtain. Shower in style with this waterproof shower curtain featuring a high-quality digitally printed image of a piece of copper metal. Complement any industrial decor worth its metal with this robust and artistic design, which happens to come in an extra-long format for heightened drama.

Check out the metallic sheen on this shower curtain on Amazon.

Technology Structure Print Shower Curtain by Ambesomme

Since the emergence of the industrial age, humans have sought a union with technology and machine. Find your balance between the world of mortal flesh and durable metal with this stunning shower curtain. Taking a bath with this industrial style shower curtain will never be the same, complements of the waterproof fabric, high-quality imaging, and uncommon artwork.

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Rusty Tin Shower Curtain by CafePress

Embrace a shower curtain that tells a story all its own, featuring a bold graphic image of rusted metal. If you are in the market for an industrial shower curtain that looks a bit unhinged, has some bite, and gives your bathroom an authentic rivethead feel, this is a winner. Caring for this shower curtain is easy because it is made from 100% softened polyester, which can be machine washed.

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Gray Geometry Shower Curtains by KindoBest

Show your love for industrial home decor with this subtle shower curtain featuring a repeating geometric pattern in shades of gray. Enjoy a shower curtain that is durable, water-resistant, and weighted to prevent the curtain from billowing.  Since this shower comes in a neutral color, it pairs nicely with most decor featuring exposed metal pipes, wood beams, and machine parts.

Check out this chic and stylish shower curtain on Amazon.

Gradual Color Shower Curtain by songshenjian

Get the conversation started about your bathroom decor with this stylish industrial shower curtain made from 100% waterproof polyester fabric. Simplicity is the best design element with this fresh gray shower curtain that includes a 12-pack of hooks for easy installation. Take a shower with confidence with this curtain that is thicker than others on the market and drapes well.

Check out this cool gray streamlined shower curtain on Amazon.

Set the Mood with a Stunning Shower Curtain

No age has made such a strong impact visually and emotionally on the psyche, and physically on humans like the age of industry, machines, mass production, and widespread factories. There is something powerful that demands your attention when you look at elements like hammered plates with bold rivets, vintage window panes with structured metallic accents, exposed wood beams, and pipes made from copper or steel.

You can find a lot of flexibility within industrial decor, especially when searching for a shower curtain with fascinating and visually intriguing graphics and detailing. Take the plunge and let the grinding of gears, the hammering of steel on steel, and the whirring of machines from the past inspire you to wondrous modern home decor.

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