11 Cool Industrial Style Desks For Your Office

The industrial style of decor is modern and functional. This style is a product of designers using the ‘industrial’ elements of an already existing structure (often an old factory or warehouse) to inspire and influence the living spaces they were designing.

Critical aspects of the style include exposed brick and pipes, weathered wood, industrial lighting, concrete, and large open spaces. Furniture for industrial spaces often incorporates exposed pieces of wood and metal frames.

To achieve the industrial look, use neutral color palettes - mostly whites, grays, browns, and black shades. Choosing the right piece of furniture in this style can be tricky.

11 Cool Industrial Style Desks For Your Office

While a hallmark of the style is having that ‘one-of-a-kind’ look, it is important to echo the design that the space you are decorating already has. Desks are often a featured piece in industrial designs due to their versatility and presence. We have put together a list of our personal favorite functional and well designed industrial desks.


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This simple design is an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring a touch of the industrial look to their decor. The natural wood grain and matte black finish will blend in with any existing color palettes. Its structure is a natural fit into a variety of spaces, not limited to office work. It may serve as a storage piece for often-used items in your kitchen, or as a TV stand in a smaller living room. Thi an excellent starter piece because it also fits in well with other thematic design styles.

Glavan Antique Nutmeg Desk

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This desk has a beautiful element of contrast. The lighter nutmeg finished wood paired with a darker black metal frame and knobs creates visual interest. It is an especially excellent desk for someone who needs plenty of storage space but still wants a clean surface on which to work — ideal for writers or designers. You can keep writing or art supplies readily at hand with the side drawers, and large things like paper pads, or a keyboard in the center drawer.

Retro Wall Mount Desk

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This piece is steeped in industrial style. Our first listing featuring a hutch, this desk feels like so much more than just a place to work. Designed with premium pipes, this desk is sturdy and made to hold a lot of weight. The hutch is constructed of two shelves suspended over the main desktop. They are fitted onto a frame that looks like exposure plumbing, which is a common industrial element. This is an excellent choice for office spaces and can be layered side by side to create an organized workspace environment.

Bush Furniture Reclaimed Desk

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This desk is simple but has an attractive geometric design. It is available in two finishes, a darker and lighter grain. The 200lb weight capacity makes it a nice choice for a smaller space that needs to serve multiple functions. It also features a finished back, which allows free placement that makes for a versatile piece. It can be made into a larger L shaped desk using an add on (sold by the manufacturer).

VASAGLE Industrial Computer Desk

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Another simplistic design, this writing desk comes with two shelves that can be assembled on the left side of the desk or the right, depending on your preference. If you need room for a large computer tower, you can remove the top shelf for extra space. It is durable and sturdy, made with a thicker frame and tabletop than similar desks. The wood pattern is unique and would stand out in your office.

4D Concepts Distressed Desk

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This desk is a statement piece. It features reclaimed locker style drawers, a medium grain wooden top, and sturdy metal legs. It is a smaller desk and will not serve a large variety of functions, but is a great option for a small room in need of a workspace. This piece can also work around the house as a side table.

GreenForest L Shaped Corner Desk

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This corner desk is crafted with a metal frame and medium density wood to ensure sturdiness for years to come. The L shaped design takes up minimal space and adds a large work surface to any home or office without feeling crowded. A built-in mini shelf for small decorative or organizational items sits neatly above one side. A creative and utilitarian metal bar is lined across the desktop back and can be used as a storage for books and the like.

Weathered Pine Rustic Country Desk

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Just as the name implies, this office desk brings a rustic, country aesthetic with a touch of industrial style to any setting. The mixed material aesthetic combines textured black framing, wooden bins, and bent corner accents with a weathered pine finish. Storage includes a slim pencil/paper drawer at the top and a large wooden bin, which functions as a shelf and a drawer on the right side.

Benjara Industrial Rolling Desk

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Dual functionality is built into this desk- literally. The wheels allow you to move the desk easily from place to place within a room. It features a mango wood top with a medium brown finish, brushed metal legs and caster wheels. There are two shelves, and the desk can be constructed to change which side you would like them to be.

Seville Classics Workbench on Wheels

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This bench is tailored to be used as tool storage and small home project surface, but can be so much more! The wheels, as on our last pick, make this a good choice for someone who needs their work surface to move with them. The drawers are equipped with nonslip dividers, perfect for organizing tools. The wood is treated to be chip and scratch-resistant. It packs a lot of use and function into a relatively small space. This workbench can be a perfect gift for someone who has a workshop as it can be taken around the room.

Tribesigns Reversible Desk with Hutch

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If you’re looking for a do-it-all desk, look no further! This stunning piece combines elements of industrial style and modern geometry beautifully. The long top provides a comfortable workspace, while the shelving units offer tons of storage and visual interest. The hutch/bookshelf can be switched to either side along with the bottom shelf. Both sides have storage under the desk, making use of each ounce of space.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right desk for your space, keep in mind what the practical uses will be. Ask yourself how other members of your household may use the desk. Storage vs. workspace is an important balance to find, and it has to be tailored to your needs. Also, remember to color match the wood on your new desk as best as possible with other wooden elements in your room.

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