17 Inspiring Living Rooms With Gray Floors

The color gray is trending in home decor. We see it everywhere, on walls, within tiles, and even on the floors. We've put together an inspiring post of living rooms with gray floors. Each of these design ideas can help you jumpstart your own home interior project with gray floors as the star highlighted feature. Let's take a look at these great spaces.

A modern living room with a white wall and a gray flooring, 17 Inspiring Living Rooms With Gray Floors

1. Use Darker Grays With A Light Gray Floor

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A modern living room with a gray flooring, white couches, and huge windows

This soft gray tile floor is simply gorgeous! Here, the homeowners have enhanced it using darker grays, a white sofa, and a pop of red in the accessories. We really love the faux fur rug in front of the white couch. It's the kind of space that is both sophisticated and cozy.

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Love the look of a faux sheepskin 3'x5' rug to incorporate into this scheme. Click here to see it on Amazon.

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2. White Furniture And Natural Accents Highlight A Soft Gray Space

A luxurious modern living room with gray walls and a gray flooring

Polished concrete graces this soothing living room floor and plays off the unfinished concrete slab walls. Here, shiny white furniture mixed with a natural raffia rug, poof, and large resting pillow help make a space that is so spa-like you'll never want to leave.

This jute pouf has a bit of gray and beige in its fibers. It will really look great in a living room like the one shown above.

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3. Contrast Tiles Between Floor And Accent Wall

A modern living room with a gray flooring, white couches, and huge windows

Wood-grained ceramic tiles in a soft grey beige have been chosen for the floor in this simple and comfortable living room. Here, the designer has chosen a similar wood plan style for the alcove wall above the settee. The planks run perpendicular to those on the floor, creating a look that is cohesive yet juxtaposed. 

4. Zebra Pillows And White Furniture

A modern living room with a white wall and a gray flooring

This living room's grey laminate wood flooring has a slightly rustic look. It's a cool contrast to the sleek modern furniture in bright white. But perhaps our favorite feature is the use of two zebra-striped pillows. They give the room a bit of wow factor.

Oh yeah, did someone say zebra throw pillows? We found a set of four covers that are in a soft velvety plush acrylic fiber (inserts bought separately). Why not spice up your gray-floored room with a set of these?

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5. Grays And Pinks Are A Perfect Pairing

A modern living room with gray sectional chairs and gray flooring

Monochromatic grays on the floor, furniture, drapery, and throw rug give this living room a sense of calm. But what elevates it to the next level gorgeous is the use of soft pink in the throw pillow and blanket accents. Gray and soft pink is a perfect color pairing.

For the most luxury in luxurious, why not a real cashmere throw for your gray living room? This herringbone-patterned blanket is 100% cashmere and made in Nepal.

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6. Gray Floors Are A Great Backdrop For Masculine Spaces

A modern living room with white walls and ceiling and a brown sofa

This grey tile floor creates a perfect background for a strong masculine feeling living room. Chocolate brown sofas and a black rug ground the furniture in the room. A red cow-hide area rug creates an area of interest for the seating arrangement. 

This dyed red, genuine Brazilian cowskin rug is for discerning tastes. From a 60-year-old family-run tannery, this cowhide rug is sure to be something none of your neighbors have.

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7. Vertical And Horizontal Elements With Gray Floor

A modern rustic house with rustic ceiling and a gray themed flooring with white walls

These large rectangular gray floor tiles are gorgeous. This design enhances how tiles are run across the room by using the horizontal placement of shelving, the long part of the sectional sofa, and even a bank of dark cabinets above the television. The immense, vertical fireplace element helps keep the room grounded.

8. Use A Fun Area Rug On Gray Floors

A luxurious condominium unit with a gray flooring, gray sectional sofa, and checkered rug

If you want to create a bit of whimsy in your gray living room, consider the use of an area rug. Here a checkerboard rug is a perfect counterpoint to the gray leather sofa and white coffee table. And even though the furniture is very individual, the similarity in style and size makes the room feel cohesive.

You could also add in more color with the use of a playful area rug. This geometric style has three shades of gray, white, and bold red strokes for an eye-catching accent piece.

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9. Black Accents Are Amazing With Gray Floors

A modern living room with black and white colored furnitures, white tiles, and walls

These soft gray marble floors are sumptuously elegant. The elegance is carried through the room with black leather sofas, a sleek black desk, a coffee table, and even black frames on the gorgeous large windows.

10. Use A White Area Rug On A Gray Living Room Floor

Gray and white themed living room with gray flooring and a black throw pillow blended with white couches

White and gray are super counterparts. If you want to break up the gray floor's expanse, consider using a white area rug. Here, a square rug fits perfectly inside the seating area of a sectional sofa and two loveseats. A stacked coffee table is helpful to spread out when you have several visitors.

11. Charcoal Gray Walls, Lighting Fixtures, And Furniture With Gray Floors

An industrial themed living room with black colored chairs and a huge windows in the background with a scenic view

Another natural wood and gray floored living room. This makes it rich with dark charcoal paint on the walls and a matching dark charcoal leather sofa and chair. Black and white textured pillows and iron legged tables and chairs round out the loft apartment look.

This glass and metal coffee table is a great piece for a sunny loft space with gray tile floors.

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12. Brighten Up Gray Floors With Sunny Yellow Pieces

A modern living room with white couches, gray flooring and yellow throw pillows

If you want color with your gray floored living room, consider the use of yellow. Here a variety of yellow shades and patterns brighten up a gray floored space. Even the lampshade on the Eiffel tower-shaped floor lamp is a soft buttery yellow. We love it!

Switch out your current lampshade with this bell-shaped shade in a buttery yellow. This one is 19 x 12 x 9.

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13. Patterned Curtains In Gray Create A Seamless Look With A Gray Floor

A modern living room with brown sofas paired with a retro themed kitchen and gray floors

This comfortable open concept living room with polished concrete floors in medium gray is stunning! Eclectic pieces with strategic use of color give it a homey and elegant vibe. But the real crown here is the large windows that fill two walls of the room. The designer has used floor to ceiling sheer curtains in a gray pattern to create height and continuity in the design.

14. Use A White Sectional Sofa With Gray Floors

A modern living room with a glass wall in the kitchen beige colored sofa and rug with light yellow colored throw pillows

White sofas are a popular choice for use in living rooms with gray floors. Here, a chunky sectional is accented with buttery yellow throw pillows and a grayish-white shag area rug. White blinds let in loads of natural light.

15. Blues And Grays Are Another Excellent Combination

A luxurious living room with blue colored furnitures white walls hanging lamps and gray colored floors

When we think of colors that go with gray, blue is one that immediately springs to mind. Here, blue sofas, pillows, and even the stunning decorative vase work perfectly with these medium gray floors. We think this space is one to really relax into.

This Kosta Boda Vase is to die for! A delicate criss-cross pattern of lines is finished off with a simple swirl of red glass at the rim.

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16. Pick A Soft Pinkish Beige For The Walls With A Gray Floor

A gray themed living room with gray colored sofas rugs and sliding windows

What stands out to us about this space (besides the amazingly fun orange accent chair) is the soft pinkish beige color on the walls. It takes the cool of the gray floor, sofas, and rug and really warms up the room. Because there's so much natural light in the room, the wall color probably shifts as the light changes throughout the day.

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