How To Install Deck Mount Faucet On A Freestanding Tub [Step By Step Guide]

There are different ways to install your tub faucet. This time, you may be curious about how to place a deck-mount tap on your freestanding tub. We have researched the best method for this, so follow this step-by-step guide for a flawless installation. Let's begin!

Follow these steps to install your deck mount faucet on your freestanding tub:

  1. Fasten the handle hub onto the hot and cold cartridges.
  2. Connect a deck elbow to attach nuts on the back of the faucet with a rubber gasket on every elbow. Use a wrench or pliers to grip and bolt the nuts.
  3. Put the faucet into the tub rim holes using a sealing washer on the deck and bolt it with a locknut.
  4. Cut supply lines from the bottom to achieve height and connect the faucet's threaded shank. Install the advisable pipe length into the female threaded nut at the foot of the supply line for hot and cold lines.
  5. Connect the hand shower handle using a rubber gasket to outlet over the diverter knob.
  6. Install the small end hose of the hand shower using a washer to vent the side of the hand shower handle.
  7. Connect the large end hose of the hand shower using a washer to the hand shower and position the handle.
  8. Run the water and ensure good connections without leaks.

A step-by-step guide makes your job easier and a lot faster. However, learn more about the small details to the more extensive information about your deck mount faucet. With that said, let's dive right in!

How To Install A Deck Mount Faucet On A Freestanding Tub

Install a deck-mount faucet on the countertop or the rim of the tub. This kind of faucet is best for kitchen sinks and bathtubs. There are several holes in the sink or tub to match your deck-mount faucet installation.

A freestanding tub is mainly exposed on all sides and sits straight on the bathroom floor. It seems lightly positioned in the corner of the bathroom, giving off a modern and clean style.

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detail bathroom white bath tub faucet

Get all the necessary materials or equipment to install your deck-mount faucets, such as an Allen wrench, pliers, and towel to fry the wet areas of your faucet or tub.

Don't forget to shut off the water line before starting anything. Dry the surroundings to avoid accidents.

Always adhere to plumbing and building codes and fit your water line to the required measurement of your faucet and tub. Read your tub's manual to determine the hole sizes and further installation instructions.

Shut down the water line from the primary source. Use your hands to tighten the nuts and parts before using a wrench.

Handle all the parts carefully and avoid scratches due to tools or mishandling. It comes with complete nuts and elements to assemble the faucet, so be careful not to lose any of them.


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Deck Mount Faucet

modern white clawfoot bathtub stainless metal

A deck mount faucet is also called a roman tub filler. Install it on the surrounding areas of a tub, like a platform, a tub rim, or a tub with pre-drilled holes that are suitable for it.

It takes up space along the tub and supporting wall to ensure stability.

Choose a long spout or arching spout to have a clear distance from the rim for your freestanding tub. It can have only one or two handles to control hot and cold water.

A single handle seems to be more convenient for toddlers and the elderly.

If underfloor access is impossible, you need to connect the faucet to the supply line or use a flexible supply line. This faucet is fit for freestanding, clawfoot, and drop-in tubs.

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Pros And Cons

panorama corner bathtub stainless faucet potted, How To Install Deck Mount Faucet On A Freestanding Tub [Step By Step Guide]

As with other kinds of faucets, you'll have both conveniences and challenges with the deck-mount faucet. Here are some of their pros and cons, so you can know how to maneuver your faucet in the best way for you.

The faucet is easy to install. It has a wide variety from classic to modern and minimalist. It is more affordable than other faucet types. This faucet is also known for its aesthetic, as classic with ornate designs but offers contemporary and simple ones.

It is the most common home faucet, so it is not so unique. It takes up the space on the surrounding rim or countertop. Cleaning and drying can be harder on the countertop due to obstructions and their placement.

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Freestanding Tub

luxury soaking tub modern type bathroom design

A freestanding tub is modern-looking and clean. They come in different styles, such as single or double-ended and single or double slippers.

It is ideal for a luxurious soak, and the tubs can be in copper or stone for a unique design. You can also buy acrylic, cast iron, solid surface, or stainless steel.

Choose a freestanding tub that allows drilling or has pre-drilled holes for your deck-mount faucet. Unfortunately, solid surface freestanding tubs do not go with deck-mount faucets because it's not drillable.

Freestanding tubs can also be topped with accessories like tub caddies, a wine glass holder, or a reading rack. It enhances the atmosphere in your bathroom and relaxes you.

You can personalize your bathtub to make it more unique and warm.

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Pros And Cons

A freestanding tub looks luxurious and smooth on every side. Yes, it brings comfort, but it also causes some inconveniences. Find out some of these as you continue reading.

It is flexible in style, so it has different designs to offer. Its modern and high-end design is catchy to consumers. Its look and design draw people.

Moreover, it's also easy to install, and you can place the tub strategically or anywhere you want to suit your style. It can be placed in the middle of the room or by the window.

The tub does not come at a low price. It is generally more expensive due to its complex build and design.

They're also heavy to transfer and place, especially the cast iron tubs. The freestanding tub has a clean design. So no storage comes with it, which you may find inconvenient.

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How To Install Your Freestanding Tub

Installing a freestanding tub needs at least two persons to carry the heavy tub. Gather your tools and wear working clothes to protect you from possible accidents.

Tools To Use

  • Silicone
  • Silicone gun
  • Water level tool
  • 4x4 pieces of lumber
  • A marker
  • A wrench


  1. Lift and carry the tub upside down to the bathroom.
  2. Expect or confirm the pre-installation of waster-overflow fitting at the factory, not on site of installation.
  3. Level the tub with a water level tool in the area of placement.
  4. Slowly place the tub with a raise of up to 3 1/2 in. using 4x4 lumber pieces to access the bottom of the tub.
  5. Mark the monoblock side of the tub that is touching the floor.
  6. Connect the water outlet pipe.
  7. Adjust the foot leveling lock nuts with a wrench.
  8. Apply silicone on the feet of the tub to stand on the floor.
  9. Slowly remove the lumber support to install the feet of the tub on the floor. Use silicone in several areas at the bottom of the tub to ensure proper installation.
  10. Remove the packaging of the tub only after installation or setting the tub on the floor.

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How To Choose A Faucet For Your Tub

Choosing a faucet for your tub can be fickling due to the many choices. Here are some considerations to be determined on the faucet you like and what other things you should check to ensure the faucet has all the things you need.

Decide On The Type Of Faucet

First, stick to your choice of faucet. For example, if it's a deck-mount faucet, stick to it and learn about it. Also, decide if you want a traditional or the modern one since it can affect the availability in the market.


Quality is non-negotiable. It guarantees a lasting faucet and not a lot of repairs and replacements. Look for a full-brass faucet body instead of a brass-plated faucet.

Your supply line for your tub should be 3/4 in., which takes the more flow rate at home.

Style Coordination

Make sure to pick a faucet that blends well with your tub or the overall design of your bathroom. It adds to the beauty and style of your bathroom.

It is not advisable to purchase a vintage-style faucet for your ultra-modern tub or minimalist bathroom design.

To Finish

panorama corner bathtub stainless faucet potted

You can DIY install a mount-deck faucet on your freestanding tub. Follow the easy guide and enjoy soaking in your tub for the next few hours. Follow the step-by-step instructions for a successful installation.

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