How To Install Lutron Serena Shades [Step By Step Guide]

Lutron Serena shades are popular in the market. They're costly, so installing them yourself would make better sense. But, just as you decide this, you may get lost thinking about how exactly you should do it. We have gathered information on how you can install them!

There are two options on how you can install your Lutron Serena Shades. Either you mount it inside your window trim or outside.

Aside from the location where you will be placing the shade, the steps are generally similar. Here's what you should do:

    1. Prepare your tools
    2. Mark where you will put the brackets
    3. Install the brackets
    4. Install the shades

Installing Lutron Serena shades is not much of a complex task. However, you must know every detail to complete the job, so we have gathered more information for you. Keep reading to learn about these details below.

Motorized roller shades in the interior. Automatic roller blinds beige color on big glass windows, How To Install Lutron Serena Shades [Step By Step Guide]

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How To Install Lutron Serena Shades

Before the shade installment, double-check if you've bought the right shade size for your window.

Doing this is especially important to ensure that the shades don't look awkward on your window and that there's no space left for light from the outside to pass through when you close them.

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Motorized roller shades. Automatic roller blinds beige color on large windows.

After checking, follow this guide:

1. Prepare Your Tools

Ensure that all the tools you need are within your reach, so you don't have to find them later while working. The tools include:

  • Drill (with 3/32 drill bits)
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

You only need a few tools, so you wouldn't have difficulty finding these at your local stores.

2. Mark Where You Will Put The Brackets

Align the brackets on the front edge of the window trim (inside mounting) or against the window (outside mounting). Then, refer to this guide to mark where the holes for the brackets will be:

  • Shades 26 inches or less: Use two brackets and center them above the cord spools.
  • Shades 26 inches to 45 inches: Use two brackets and center them two inches from each shade end.
  • Shades 46 inches to 72 inches:  Use three brackets and center the first and second brackets two inches from the end of each shade. Then, place the third bracket three inches from the motor.
  • Shades 72 inches and above: Use four brackets. Center the first and second brackets two inches from each shade end.
  • For the third and fourth brackets, use the measurement of your shade width and divide it into three. The answer will then be the number of inches where you will place the brackets from each end of the shade.

Pre-drill holes according to where you've marked for the screws later.

3. Install The Brackets

Place each of the brackets against where you've drilled. Then, using the screws provided by the manufacturer and a drill, drive the screws through the bracket's holes.

4. Install The Shades

Hold the shade with both hands and slightly tilt its top to the window as you hook the front edge behind the battery release tabs into the brackets.

Afterward, tilt the shade down and press the headrail's bottom until you hear a click.

How To Program Lutron Serena Shades On Remote

White remote control panel for motorized roller shades

To use a Lutron Serena shade, you shouldn't stop installing it on your window. Afterward, program it to control the shades using its Pico wireless remote control. Here's what you should do:

  1. Click the shade button of the shades you want to control until it illuminates green.
  2. Press and hold down the close button on the Pico for ten seconds until the shade button turns off.

If you have more than one shade in the room, you must assign the Pico to the shades you want it to control. Pico can control multiple shades in one room according to how you group them, so you may set it as you please.

Press two to three numbers on the remote control to control two or more groups of shades simultaneously. Meanwhile, if you want to manage all of them with one remote, press "All."

See this Pico remote kit on Amazon.

How To Program Lutron Serena Shades On The App

Man sitting at home, using a home automation application on a smart phone.

The Pico remote control isn't the only way to control your Lutron Serena shades. You can also do this using your smartphone or tablet with the Lutron App.

To start, install the Lutron app and do these:

  1. Click the upper left icon to open Lutron's settings.
  2. Select "Add Device" to add the Lutron Serena shade you want to control using the app.
  3. The screen will then display several shades or remotes you can add. Select one from here.
  4. Wait for the shade button's light on your selected device to blink. After, click and hold the button for at least ten seconds and wait for the light to flash faster than earlier.
  5. A display that will enable you to name your shade will then show on your screen, so type in your preferred device name.

How Much Does It Cost To Professionally Install Lutron Serena Shades?

Screw the screws to install the curtains by professional technicians

Lutron Serena shades cost $1,000 per shade.

Additionally, because Lutron Seena shades are considered smart shades, for these types of products, you'll have to pay an average of $35 to $75 for the labor per shade.

The price will still change depending on how big the window you'll need to install the shades on and how tedious the work is.

How Do You Clean Lutron Serena Shades?

Man installing cassette roller blinds on windows

There are different ways to clean a Lutron Serena shade, and it's recommended to them regularly. To will guide you, here's what you can do:

Feather Dusting

Hand dusting is a way to gently clean your shades and reduce the chances of damaging the product. Alternatively, you may use a clean and lint-free cloth and wipe it on the shade's cords, slats, and more.

See this feather duster on Amazon.


Removing dust particles is vital for blinds because it's hard to reach the top of the shades when feather dusting, vacuuming is ideal for you.

While doing so, don't forget to attach a soft brush to decrease the suction strength of your vacuum because too much air pressure from the vacuum may damage your shades.

Check out this soft vacuum brush on Amazon.


If there are areas where dirt has built up which can't be cleaned using a feather duster or vacuum, you may opt to wipe using a damp cloth.

For this, you should only use a clean and lint-free clean wet with clean water. Also, gently wipe the blinds and do not wipe them too hard or fast to avoid damage.

Spot Cleaning

Do this with a cloth dampened with mild detergent and water if there are areas with stains or soil too hard to remove.

Remember only to use a detergent made for fabrics with no fabric softener additives such as bleach and ammonia.

Do not rub the cloth with mild detergent while spot cleaning. After, use a second cloth dampened with water and leave the shades to dry.

What Is The Battery Life Of Lutron Serena Shades?

Modern blinds traditional home decoration. Sunlight coming through blinds by the window

Lutron Serena shades batteries typically last up to three years, assuming you open and close them twice a day. This implies that its batteries can last up to 4000 shade movements.

They may also last up to five years, depending on how much you use them.

You will know if the batteries are starting to die if the shades begin to move slower or don't open or close anymore. You may change the batteries from its head rail, so you don't need to sweat them if they die.

In Closing

Motorized roller shades in the interior. Automatic roller blinds beige color on big glass windows

Installing Lutron Serena shades is not too time-consuming or complex, so you may do it on your own instead of paying a professional to do it for you.

Make sure you have all the tools needed, center the brackets inside or outside your window trim before mounting them, and finally, attach the shades.

However, to use Lutron Serena shades, you shouldn't stop installing them.

It would be best if you also programmed them. You may program it with a Pico remote control or may also program it using the Lutron app so you can control it with your smartphone or tablet.

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