How To Install A Moen Widespread Bathroom Faucet [Step By Step Guide]

As a homeowner, you may want to install a Moen widespread bathroom faucet but wondering how to go about it. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you, and here is what we found!

The following is a step-by-step guide for installing a Moen widespread bathroom faucet:

  1. Get the needed materials
  2. Fix the spout shank and valves
  3. Install the mounting bracket and hose
  4. Thread the water supply lines onto the valves
  5. Apply grease on the spout shank
  6. Install the faucet spout and handle
  7. Put important components in position
  8. Test the faucet

Installing a Moen widespread bathroom faucet is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully. Keep reading to get detailed information on installing a widespread bathroom faucet. With that said, let's dive right in!

How To Install A Moen Widespread Bathroom Faucet

A bathtub and shower stall in a bathroom with window, How To Install A Moen Widespread Bathroom Faucet [Step By Step Guide]


Here are the steps to follow to install a Moen widespread bathroom faucet:

Step 1: Get The Needed Materials

Before installing a Moen widespread bathroom faucet, you must prepare the necessary tools. You will need a screwdriver, plier, sealant, thread seal tape, and wrench basin.

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Step 2: Fix The Spout Shank And Valves

Proceed with the installation. First, attach the spout shank and valves to your sink by applying sealant under the spout shank and mounting washers. The primary purpose of this is to avoid leaks.

Then, check for the center mounting hole and fix the spout shank. Don't forget to examine O-rings to see if they are in place. If they are, proceed with installing the remaining mounting washers on the side holes.

Next, try fixing the mounting nuts onto the valve bodies. While doing this, keep an eye on the grooves. They should be about 1/2-inch from the mounting washers. Put the lower mounting washer in all the valves.

Check for the red-colored hot valve body and place it in the mounting hole at the left. Also, check for the blue-colored hot valve body and place it in the opposite mounting hole. Consider using clips to keep the valve stable.

Step 3: Install The Mounting Bracket And Hose

Person fixing the wall holder bracket for a shower using a screwdriver

Generally, the mounting bracket should be installed underneath the spout shank. You can utilize all the mounting brackets, but it is best if your sink is not up to 1/4 inch.

On the other hand, if your sink is more than 1/4-inch, it is advisable to utilize just the metal part.

Fix the mounting bracket beneath the spout shank. Do not leave it loose; secure it using the mounting nut. After that, it is time to use your adjustable pliers to ensure the lower mounting nuts on the valves.

Always keep an eye on the valve outlets and ensure they are positioned close to the spout shank.

Next, proceed with hose installation. The hose assembly helps in channeling water in the right direction. However, you may need to buy the hose assembly connectors differently since they don't come with the faucet.

First, merge the middle connector with the outlet on the spout shank.

The remaining connectors should be linked to the outlet on the valve. Listen for a clicking sound; if you hear such a sound, it is time to thread the water supply lines onto the valves.

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Step 4: Thread The Water Supply Lines Onto The Valves

The aim of doing this is to attach the water supply lines. You can manually do this step and then secure everything with adjustable pliers or a basin wrench.

Check for the inlets and then link the supply lines. It is advisable to secure all connections using an adjustable wrench. However, be careful to avoid overtightening.

Step 5: Apply Grease On The Spout Shank

This step is crucial; you don't want to work with a loose O-Ring. Rub some silicone grease on the spout shank's O-rings. This will keep it in place.

Step 6: Install The Faucet Spout And Handle

Close-up plumber hands holds a new faucet for installing into the kitchen sink

After securing the spout shank's O-rings, you can install the faucet spout and handle.

Check for the lift rod opening of the spout and place a hex wrench in it. Next, put it in the spout shank, then secure the spout to the surface using the wrench.

Before you proceed with fixing the handle, examine the valves to be sure they are turned off.

After that,  install the handle on all the valves and secure them with your hands. If your Moen faucet model has caps, you can fix them on the handle.

Step 7: Put Important Components In Position

After installing the spout and handle, there might be a need to put components like the drain assembly in place. To do this, rub the sealant under the waste seat and fix it where water comes out.

Next, secure the tailpiece using seal tape and attach it to the drain body.

Try threading the body onto the bottom of the waste seat, but keep the seat stable. The correct position for the pivot rod opening should be close to the sink's back.

Afterward, move the gasket near the drain's opening before securing the lower mounting nut. Take out the pivot nut and try inserting the nut into the rod before fixing the rod in the hole. Don't forget to secure it.

Place the lift rod in the spout’s opening and the popup plug in the drain hole. To secure everything, put the strap onto the lift rod. After that, you can not insert the clip into the strap's hole.

Step 8: Test The Faucet

After installing your Moen widespread bathroom faucet, you should test it to ensure it works well. To do this, the water has to rush out.

So, remove the aerator and move the faucet handle to the on position. It is recommended to leave the water to run for some time to get rid of dust or debris.

This is also an opportunity to check if the system is leaking. If you didn't notice any, you have successfully installed your Moen widespread bathroom faucet.

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How Many Inches Is A Moen Widespread Bathroom Faucet?

Corner bathtub with widespread faucet against the two windows

Moen's widespread bathroom faucet is about 7.88 inches in height. Widespread faucets usually have three holes and three different fixtures, including two handles (hot and cold) and one spout.

Generally, the spaces between both handles are no less than 8 inches. Thus, they are bigger than other faucets.

How Long Do Moen Widespread Bathroom Faucets Last?

A corner bathtub in a bathroom with widespread faucet against the windows

Bathroom faucets can last for years before they start malfunctioning, especially if they are not installed correctly. With good maintenance, Moen's widespread bathroom faucet can last more than 20 years.

However, if a part of your Moen faucet fails, you can always get a replacement. In this case, going for a branded part is recommended to avoid getting one that won't fit. The only downside is that these are usually expensive.

Do Moen Widespread Bathroom Faucets Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Moen offers a lifetime limited warranty on its products. This is to assure users that their products are of good quality. It is best to get acquainted with their warranties.

Moen products aren't likely to leak or drip even when used daily. Also, their products are free from manufacturing defects.  All industrial, commercial, and business users enjoy a warranty of up to 5 years, beginning from the date of purchase.

The warranty also covers all parts, which can be replaced if damaged within these five years. But Moen may not be responsible for damages resulting from misuse, abuse, and poor installation.

To Finish

To install a Moen widespread bathroom faucet, you have to get the needed materials ready, fix the spout shank and valves, install the mounting bracket and hose, thread the water supply lines onto the valves, apply grease on the spout shank, install the faucet spout and handle, put important components in position, and test the faucet.

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