How To Install Novik Stone Siding [Step By Step Guide]

You want to enhance your house’s aesthetics and functional capabilities. So, you decide to install Novik stone siding. But what are the steps to complete this task? We researched this concern for you and found the following answer.

The first step for your Novik stone siding installation job is to ensure safety. Once finished, gather the equipment and materials needed. After completing the preparations, proceed by following these steps:

  1. Mind the guidelines
  2. Organize your equipment
  3. Install the starter strips
  4. Prepare the stone siding
  5. Install the stone siding panels
  6. Add the finishing touches

Although it’s a reasonably DIY-friendly job, it’s still possible to commit mistakes if you miss certain details. So continue reading as we talk about the installation steps for Novik stone siding panels in greater detail.

Front covered porch design boasts stone columns and rock siding that creates immense curb appeal of luxurious home. Northwest, USA - How To Install Novik Stone Siding [Step By Step Guide]

Siding Installation Safety Measures

Like relatively any home building or renovation project, it’s important to follow proper safety protocols. That way, you can safeguard your well-being, and the health of nearby individuals, while doing the required task.

Some of the preventive measures you can apply to your Novik stone siding installation operation are:

  • Wear protective gear. Equip yourself with safety equipment (e.g., safety gloves and goggles) to prevent direct contact and possible irritation from harmful substances.
  • Understand your equipment and materials. Learn how to use the tools at your disposal to avoid hazardous scenarios.
  • Replace faulty equipment. Inspect your tools before you start and change them if they increase the risks of on-site accidents and injuries.
  • Avoid working in extreme temperatures. Don’t work in severe heat, rain, or cold, as these weather conditions can be harmful to your health.
  • Ask for help. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for assistance from other people or professionals to help you with this job.

Don’t forget to read the manual. Each set of Novik stone siding panels should come with a detailed installation manual. You can also consult that included guide if you need help with a particular step.

Also, if you believe that this siding installation job is too much for you to handle, you can request the help of industry professionals to do it for you. However, you might need to prepare to spend about $12 per square foot of siding to install if you're going to take advantage of professional labor.

You can also read our post on the price of square siding. Follow that link if you need help budgeting your expenses for your siding installation project.

Things To Prepare

  • Circular or table saw
  • Hand drill
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer
  • Chalk reel
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Scaffolding or stepladder
  • Pencil or marker

Step-By-Step DIY Instructions To Install Novik Stone Siding

Panorama House exterior with stone veneer siding and garage

Step #1: Mind The Guidelines

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to read the instructions or owner’s manual before moving forward with this installation procedure. In particular, Novik recommends installers to:

  • Install the materials from left to right.
  • Don’t start on another wall until you finish with one side of your home.
  • Start at the lowest part of the exterior wall and make your way upward.
  • Drive each nail within a maximum of 16 inches between each fastener to help stabilize the installation.
  • Don’t make the nails flush with the wall as you should leave a 1/16-inch space to prevent harm to the siding material and the exterior wall.

Step #2: Organize Your Equipment

Place the tools you’ll need at a nearby yet fairly obvious location. That way, you can save time, which you may otherwise lose if you’re searching for specific tools frequently. Also, keep your equipment away from your walking area to prevent falls.

Also, take out the items in the packaging of your Novik stone siding. Organize these materials to help you gain easy access to them when needed.

Step #3: Install The Starter Strips

Place your steel measuring tape at the bottom of your exterior wall. Then, lengthen it and mark the area with your pencil or marker where you’ll install the starter strip. Highlight the marked area with a chalk reel to help ensure that panels become level.

Next, place the starter strip on the chalked area. Ensure that the strip has a ½-inch gap from each end of the wall. If your wall has decorative corners, you should also leave a ½-inch space when installing the starter strips near those locations.

Secure the starter strips by driving nails into their nailing holes. Make sure that the space between each nail doesn’t exceed 8 inches. If you need to install additional strips, attach another strip to the end of the previous unit. Then, drive nails to the new strip while following the ideal spacing between those fasteners.

Step #4: Prepare The Stone Siding

pattern of decorative black slate stone wall surface black stone

Grab two decorative corner sections of your Novik stone siding set. Assemble these two pieces, which should form a joined corner piece for the other siding materials.

Install the first joined assembly at the bottom corner of your preferred side of the home’s exterior wall. Secure the piece by driving nails into it. Ensure that the nails are in their ideal locations (i.e., the nail holes). Also, ensure that the corner assembly has little to no space against the ground or floor.

Connect another corner assembly to the unit you installed previously. Drive nails into the new connected assembly to secure. Then, repeat this particular step until you reach the top corner of that area of the exterior wall.

Note: You can cut the excess corner assembly material for the topmost piece. Use a circular or table saw for this additional step.

Step #5: Install The Stone Siding Panels

Use the steel measuring tape to measure the length of the side of your exterior wall. Then, cut the first Novik stone siding panel according to the noted measurements.

Next, insert the cut piece into the starter strip. You can connect the panel using the hooks on its back and attaching them to the starter strip. You can leave a ¼-inch gap between the initial panel and the corner assembly.

Secure the stone siding panel by driving nails into the built-in holes. Take note that you may need to bore a hole in a panel piece if it doesn’t have a center hole.

With the initial panel secure, slide the next panel over the nails of the previously installed unit. If done correctly, the new panel should hook onto the other unit. Then, drive nails into the new panel to secure it.

Repeat this step until you cover the wall with the Novik stone siding panels. You may also need to cut the last piece of each siding layer. That way, the setup shows a cohesive look.

Step #6: Add The Finishing Touches

Don’t install the last row of your Novik stone siding panels yet. Instead, install the set’s trim base first. Next, measure the remaining size needed to complete the installation.

Cut the panels for the last row according to the noted measurements. Next, install the last row of siding stone panels normally.

Watch this video if you need a visual guide to the steps mentioned above. This clip will also show you additional steps to go around the Novik stone siding installation if your wall has windows and other outdoor decorations:

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What Is Novik Stacked Stone Made Of?

Front covered porch design boasts stone columns and rock siding that creates immense curb appeal of luxurious home. Northwest, USA

Novik stacked stone siding panels have a copolymer construction. This choice of material should help resist issues like fading and warping. It should also have a sufficient level of impact resistance.

What Is The Difference Between Stacked Stone And Southern Ledge Siding?

Exterior wall stone siding background

Take note that Novik’s siding panels are generally stacked stone variants. With stacked stone, it promotes a clean appearance, and it’s fairly easy to install. On the other hand, southern ledge siding offers a rugged look and can be quite challenging to install.

What Can I Use Instead Of Novik Stone Siding?

Residential American Ranch House - A residential suburban home in an upscale neighborhood in the summertime.

Aside from Novik, other siding brands on the market are available for interested buyers. These companies include QORA, Certainteed, ClipStone, GenStone, and Jain Building Products.

Take note that some of these brands are direct competitors to Novik. It means that these businesses may also offer stone siding panels. However, some of these companies might also supply real stone siding options to their customers.

Check out this stacked stone siding panel on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Remember, don’t forget to prepare for the Novik stone siding installation procedure by ensuring your safety as the installer. Then, follow the steps highlighted in this post carefully. Take your time, and don’t be hasty. Otherwise, you might put yourself at risk of making errors, which may also lead to accidents and injuries.

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