How To Install Venetian Blinds [5 Easy Steps]

It is vital to understand how to install Venetian blinds to ensure the proper functioning of your blinds. Would you like to know how to install this type of window treatment? Well, we have researched this topic and have answers for you.

To install Venetian blinds, follow these five easy steps.

  1. Measure your windows and check your Venetian blinds are the correct size.
  2. Install brackets on each side of the window to hold the blinds.
  3. Secure your Venetian blinds to the window brackets.
  4. Install the cord holder to keep the cord easy to find.
  5. Ensure your Venetian blinds open and close properly.

In this article, we will learn how to install Venetian blinds. We will also know the answers to other interesting questions, such as how you uninstall Venetian blinds and how often Venetian blinds need cleaning? Keep reading to learn more.

An off focus photo of venetian blinds, How To Install Venetian Blinds [5 Easy Steps]

How Do You Install Venetian Blinds?

When installing Venetian blinds, following the proper installation procedure is essential to ensure the functionality of your blinds as intended.

Let's look at the steps for installing Venetian blinds and learn what else you need to know to execute each step correctly.

Closed brown colored Venetian blinds

Measure Your Windows

The very first step is to measure your windows. To guarantee full coverage, your Venetian blinds must be the correct size for your window.

You want your Venetian blinds to be at least two inches longer and wider than your window. If your Venetian blinds are too short, they won't adequately cover the window.

Check the length and width of your window twice to ensure your measurements are correct. Like the adage, measure twice and cut once; it's vital to get this step right.

Once you are sure your Venetian blinds will fully cover your window, you can move on to the next step.

Install Brackets

When installing the brackets, they are level with each other. If the brackets aren't level, your Venetian blinds won't be either.

One way to check if your brackets are level is to make a mark with a pencil where you wish to install each bracket and check each mark with a laser level.

If you want to purchase a laser level to make this part easier, here are two of the best levels available on Amazon.

Black+Decker Laser Level

View this level on Amazon here.

Without a laser level, you will need to eyeball the level of your brackets and then screw them into place. Next, secure your Venetian blinds to the brackets and use a traditional level to check how well you placed the brackets.

If the blinds aren't level, you will need to adjust one or both brackets until your blinds are level. Once your brackets are secured and level, you can move to the next step.

Secure The Venetian Blinds

Securing your Venetian blinds to the brackets is the easiest part of installing Venetian blinds. To secure your blinds, open the sides of the brackets and slide your blinds into place.

Next, snap the brackets closed to secure your Venetian blinds in place.

You must hold your blinds together during this step. If your blinds are open, then this step can be very challenging.

Install Cord Holder

To install the cord holder, check which side of your Venetian blinds has the pull cord. If you install the cord holder on the wrong side, it will be useless.

It's also helpful to install the cord holder at a height that is most convenient for you. Once you know the size and height you'd like your cord holder installed, you can screw it into place.

Be sure to tighten the cord holder firmly to the wall, but be careful not to over-tighten it to avoid cracking.

Test Your Blinds

Finally, it's time to check that your Venetian blinds function as intended. To properly execute a performance test, pull your blind's cord and check that it can fully open and close.

Next, check that the turning rod appropriately adjusts the angle of your blinds.

If your brackets are installed too deep in your window, your Venetian blinds may get caught on the wall and prevent proper functioning. The solution is to adjust the brackets until you find a location where your blinds function correctly.

Once your Venetian blinds are functioning as intended, you have completed installation.

How Do You Uninstall Venetian Blinds?

Brown Venetian blinds inside an office room of a smalla house

After having Venetian blinds for a while, you may want a change of atmosphere and wish to uninstall them. Luckily uninstalling Venetian blinds is even easier than installing them.

Let's look at the steps to properly uninstall Venetian blinds and what you need to know to do it correctly.

Close And Secure Your Blinds

It is much easier to uninstall Venetian blinds when they are closed and secured. First, pull your blinds cord until your blinds are in their most closed position.

Next, take some string and tie your blinds closed in at least three locations evenly spaced along with the blinds.

If you don't have string, duck tape can work too. Securing them closed isn't necessary but will make the work much more manageable.

Open Brackets And Remove Your Blinds

Now, open the brackets and slide your Venetian blinds out. If your blinds are enormous, you may need assistance removing them from the brackets.

Once the blinds are out of the brackets, set them aside and move to the next step.

Remove Brackets And Cord Holder

Now begin removing the screws holding the brackets to the wall. Once the brackets are removed, remember to remove the cord holder.

The same screwdriver should work for both the brackets and cord holders.

Once the brackets and cord holder are removed, your Venetian blinds are technically uninstalled; however, there is another step to returning your window to its original condition.

Repair Any Wall Holes

The final step to returning your window to its original condition is to repair the holes made by the screws. You will want to take some drywall putty and fill in the tiny gaps.

Once the putty is dry, sand down any excess to be flush with the wall, next, paint over the putty with paint that matches the surrounding room.

Once the paint dries, there will no longer be any sign that you installed Venetian blinds.

How Often Do Venetian Blinds Need Cleaning?

Brown Venetian blinds inside an office room of a smalla house

A critical part of Venetian blind maintenance is proper cleaning.

One question many Venetian blind owners have is how often they should be cleaning their blinds. As it is vital to clean Venetian blinds often to avoid dust build-up, you don't want to clean them every day.

Like anything done repetitively, damage can build up over time and reduce the lifespan of your blinds. You also don't want your blinds to have thick coats of dust, reducing their lifespan.

The optimal time for cleaning Venetian blinds is once a week. Cleaning your blinds weekly will ensure they stay clean without causing excess damage.

How Do You Clean Venetian Blinds?

Woman cleaning the blinds

It's essential to clean Venetian blinds properly to avoid damaging them. First, turn your blind's rod until they are fully verticle. Next, take a soft duster and dust your blinds from top to bottom.

Dusting from top to bottom ensures no dust falls onto the areas you've already wiped.

Once thoroughly dusted your blinds, rotate the turning rod until you have flipped the blinds to the other vertical orientation. Now, wipe the blinds again from top to bottom.

It is also good to take a wet washcloth and gently wipe down the top of your blinds.

Take the same washcloth and also wipe down the turning rod. If you perform this cleaning routine once a week, your Venetian blinds will look great and have a long lifespan.

If cleaning your Venetian blinds weekly is too tricky for you, many professional cleaning services specialize in Venetian blinds.

Many professionals will also remove static electricity build-up from your blinds to reduce how fast dust builds up on them.

To remove static electricity from your blinds, take a dryer sheet and gently wipe your blind after dusting them.

Final Thoughts

An off focus photo of venetian blinds

This article taught us the five easy steps to install Venetian blinds. We also covered uninstall Venetian blinds, so you can't tell they were ever there.

Remember, cleaning your Venetian blinds gently once a week will keep them looking nice and give them a long lifespan.

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