Is A Mattress Considered Furniture?

Purchasing a mattress can be intimidating if you are not familiar with the process. Is a mattress considered furniture? How long does a mattress last, and will it come with a warranty? Maybe you are not purchasing a mattress, but you need to know how to depreciate one for your business. We've researched these questions to give you the answers and also provide you with additional information about mattresses in general.

A mattress is not considered a piece of furniture. Although the bed is a furniture piece, the mattress is defined as a mat or support pad. Mattresses as home furnishings vary in size, material, and quality --and the purchase does not include a bed frame. You'll also need to purchase a box spring or support structure separately for the mattress. As a long-term investment, most mattresses last 10+ years and do come with a warranty. 

It is recommended that people get seven to nine hours of sleep at night, so we spend roughly one-third of every day on a mattress! Buying the right mattress for you will affect your sleep and your health. Know your budget, your comfort needs, and your expectations before purchasing a mattress. If your mattress is used as part of your business, such as at a bed and breakfast, hotel, or rental property, you can count your mattress's cost as a business expense. Please keep reading as we delve further into the details of mattresses. 

A comfortable and thick mattress with a purple colored pillow on top, Is A Mattress Considered Furniture?

The Mattress - A Home Furnishing Item

Mattresses come in numerous materials. Some common types of mattresses include memory foam,  innerspring, hybrids with foam and springs, latex, and adjustable air mattresses. Your mattress type depends on your personal comfort and the conditions of your home. 

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Mattress Sizes

Think about your needs before shopping for a mattress.  If you need a mattress for a college dorm room, you will probably need a twin-XL. If you are buying a mattress for someone who is extremely tall, such as 6’2” or taller, you may need a California King for the extra length. If the room is small, you may need to measure the room before shopping for a mattress to ensure that your new mattress will fit into your room. Measurements of common mattress sizes include:

  • Twin 38” x 75”
  • Twin-XL  38” x 80” (college dorm bed standard)
  • Full or Double 53” x 75”
  • Queen  60” x 80” (most common size)
  • King  76” x 80”
  • California King  72” x 84” (best size for taller people)
  • Crib / Baby Bed / Toddler Bed 52” x 27.5” 

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Crib/Youth Mattresses

There are some variations in crib beds. They range in size from 51" to 53" long and 27" to 29" wide. If you are converting your baby’s room into a toddler room, toddler beds use the same size mattress as a baby bed or crib. 

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RV Mattresses

There are also specialty-size mattresses designed for RVs. Choose from as many as 20 different lengths and five different widths, for a total of 100 different size mattresses made to fit your specific RV! 

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Mattress Prices

Prices can range from $100 to $9,000. The cheaper mattresses will have lower quality and a shorter warranty. The more expensive mattresses will have much longer warranties and better quality. The average price for a mattress in the USA is $1,000, considered mid-range and good quality. Always ask about specials and price shop before making your purchase. Most Americans spend weeks shopping for the right mattress.

Specialty mattress stores always have mattresses on sale as a marketing tactic. People rarely shop for mattresses, so when they do shop, they want to get a good price. Sales help people feel like they are getting a good price. Many stores offer in-house financing on mattresses, as well as delivery and setup to their customers.  Some stores will price match other stores.

Used Mattresses

Selling used mattresses is regulated on a state level. It is heavily regulated, making it difficult to sell a used mattress.  The resale value of a used mattress is equal to about 20% of the purchase price. There is also a low demand for used mattresses due to sanitary concerns. 

Where to Buy a Mattress

Even though you can purchase a mattress at a furniture store, it is not considered furniture. Find these home furnishings at department stores, big-box stores, Walmart, and specialty mattress stores, such as Mattress Firm. Many people now purchase mattresses through online retailers and have them delivered to their homes.

When You Buy A Mattress Does It Come With A Frame?

Bed frames, headboards, and footboards are all sold separately from the mattress. A box spring is also sold separately, but often you can buy a mattress set that includes the mattress and the box spring.

Is a Bed Frame Considered Furniture?

A bed frame is considered furniture, as both a structural and decorative piece supporting a mattress. The bed frame might require a separate box spring or slats beneath the mattress. You can accessorize a bed frame, adding a headboard, footboard, side rails, or canopy to suit your style, security, and comfort. 

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Does a Mattress Need a Box Spring?

Mattresses are made of cloth fibers and can collect moisture if not properly supported.  A mattress should always be supported by either bed slats or box spring.  Both are designed to allow airflow around the mattress to help prevent mold and mildew. If your bed does not have slats for support, a box spring is necessary. Failure to use one of these two supports can void the warranty on the mattress.

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Does a Mattress Have a Warranty?

A warranty on a mattress indicates how long the mattress should keep its original support and comfort. Most warranties are for 10 years or 20 years. Some warranties on higher quality mattresses are for 25 years.

How Long Does a Mattress Last?

The average warranty on a mattress is 20 years, but the average amount of time that people usually keep a mattress is only 10 years. The quality and price of the mattress will directly affect the mattress's longevity --as well as warranty coverage. 

Does a Mattress Depreciate?

The IRS does not consider a mattress as furniture, but it is considered a capital asset if the mattress serves a business purpose, such as in a hotel or in a vacation rental. It is considered a big-ticket item and cannot be expensed immediately; it must be depreciated over time. Straight-line depreciation is the most common method used for depreciating mattresses. With this method, you take the mattress's cost and divide it by the number of years the mattress will be used. This is the amount that will be expensed each year.


While mattresses are not considered furniture, they are long-term purchases for your home, RV, or business. Know your needs, your budget, and your space requirements before you begin your search. Remember, you will have to buy your bed frame and headboard separately, and you will have to buy a box spring if you don’t have a support structure for your mattress. The average mattress will last you for 10 years or more with a warranty.

Now you have the information needed to make an educated decision the next time you need to buy a mattress!

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