Is Epoxy Grout Good For Showers?

Are you remodeling your bathroom, maybe redoing the shower? You probably started by picking out a color scheme for your bathroom, then some tiles for your shower and your floor. But maybe you haven't decided yet what type of grout you will use. It might be news to you that there are different grout types, and certain kinds are better for showers or floors. What is epoxy grout, and is it good for showers? We've discovered the answer for you, and there is plenty of knowledge to be had, just read this article and find out.

The answer is easy, yes epoxy grout is great for showers for many reasons. Namely, epoxy grout is non-porous and waterproof. It also resists cracking, shrinking, and wearing down due to chemical cleaners routinely used in bathrooms and showers. There are a few downsides, but more positives to overpower the negative aspects of using epoxy grout. 

Epoxy grout is a great choice for your shower. It holds up better than normal grout with the everyday wear and tear that a shower has to put up with. Keep reading to find out the downsides and the benefits that outweigh them; then, you can make an educated choice.

Worker with rubber trowel applying grout tile, Is Epoxy Grout Good For Showers?

The Few Downsides & Many Advantages To Using Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout is a very debated choice for bathroom remodels and builds. The downsides of epoxy grout include how expensive it can be. It is more expensive to buy the materials as opposed to simpler grout options.

Also, it is much more difficult to install, therefore needing a more experienced installer who will charge more money per hour of work. It also takes longer to install, which will make it more expensive labor prices.

Is Epoxy Grout Waterproof?

Epoxy grout is waterproof. This is a huge benefit because any other grout types used in bathrooms are not. Other types of grout are porous, meaning water gets inside, taking longer to dry and making it easier for the grout to shrink and erode and split. Using waterproof epoxy grout will reduce the shrinking and splitting of grout, and it will not need to be sealed often like normal grout.

Seeing that epoxy grout is waterproof, it is also resistant to stains, at least those caused by hard water and chemicals. Most marks that are found on epoxy grout will just wipe right off with cleaning products. This is different from other grouts where the stain would find its way inside and be very difficult to get out, if not impossible.

Does Epoxy Grout Change Color When Wet?

Normal grout does change color when wet, however, epoxy grout does not change color when it gets wet. This is because of how nonporous the material is. It is a smooth finish that does not allow water to get into it, unlike other grout options. A grout that gets darker when water is applied does that because the water gets below the surface, and it collects there. 

Is Epoxy Grout Easier To Clean?

Yes, it can be easier to clean epoxy grout over other rough grout because epoxy is so smooth. It makes it easier to run over with a sponge or other cleaning tool instead of using a toothbrush to scrape each inch of grout just to keep it clean.

Because other grout is rough, it is difficult to get the small crevices and pores clean. Epoxy is smooth, so there are no small crevices to have to clean. Also, epoxy grout is resistant to mold and stains because it is nonporous; therefore, it is easier to maintain with routine and basic cleaning practices. 

Click this link to see how to best clean grout.

Does Epoxy Grout Turn Yellow?

If you use white epoxy grout, some toiletries, shampoos, conditioners, and body washes can turn the grout slightly yellow. But that is only a possibility and does not mean it will. Some types of body oils can also cause discoloration of grout; if it discolors the grout, it will also discolor the tiles if they’re lightly colored as well. Cleaners are also a large part of what causes yellowing in tiles and grout because of the chemicals involved. Another large part of what causes yellowing is iron in the water that comes out of your shower.

Is Epoxy Grout Worth The Money?

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Yes, epoxy grout is the more expensive option for grout installation. It has a higher price to buy the grout and a higher labor price. The higher price to buy is because epoxy is expensive and fairly difficult to come by in large enough quantities. The higher labor price is due to needing more experience and education to apply it to a high enough standard for the consumer. It is also fairly time-consuming and difficult to work with.

Having said that, many people who have chosen to use epoxy grout believe that, yes, epoxy grout is worth the additional cost because of the list of benefits. This article has discussed some disadvantages and some advantages already, but there are more advantages. Some benefits include saving on regular sealing (as epoxy grout does not need to be sealed, but other grout does) and the fact that it is a low maintenance option because you will not need to scrub with a small brush to get every detail.

Can You Put Epoxy Grout Over Regular Grout?

Putting epoxy grout over regular grout is okay to do and can be common, but it needs to be done right. First, you will need to remove the old grout, at least approximately two millimeters. To do this, you will use a grout removal tool and knock some of the old grout out; this is to make sure that the new grout does not come out further than the tiles do.

You will need to thoroughly clean to rid the space of dust and debris for the new grout. Then, just apply the new epoxy grout, following the instructions, and when it is all finished, enjoy your bathroom! This link shows you how to choose grout for your backsplash, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom.

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Worker with rubber trowel applying grout tile, Is Epoxy Grout Good For Showers?

In Closing

You’ve learned the advantages and disadvantages, now, just make the decision to switch to epoxy grout. It is great for showers, easier to clean, lower maintenance, and better looking altogether. Yes, it can be more expensive, but you would be paying for all of those benefits, saving time, money, and energy.

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