Is Leather Furniture In Style?

Leather sofas and chairs catch your eye, but are they in style? We've done some research to see what designers have to say about this type of upholstery. The answer may surprise you.

Leather upholstery never goes out of style. But some furniture styles and colors might. If you love to redecorate, then purchase something in today's trend. But if you need to make a one time purchase, choose a timeless style and color in leather.

Let's look at the current styles and colors for leather furniture and explore several timeless choices too. We'll talk specifically about great couches and chairs. You'll learn the best colors for leather furniture and if the investment in leather furniture is worthwhile. So please, keep reading to discover more.

Aged leather armchair with book on the armrest, Is Leather Furniture In Style?

Is Leather Furniture Currently In Style?

Leather furniture is always in style. Especially if you choose classic pieces. However, if you want something that's truly the latest trend, you may risk it becoming dated. Until, of course, that style comes back around again, and some lover of all things retro thinks your furniture is perfect.

Classic Yet Modern Leather Chairs

One way to ensure that your leather furniture is always in style is to choose classic pieces. Classic furniture pieces are timeless and work in many different design schemes. 

White lounge minimalistic room with classic yet modern leather chair

This leather Eames chair and ottoman are undeniably stylish. They are contemporary still, even though they were originally designed in 1956. 

Woman sitting on a modern leather armchair

The Barcelona chair in leather is another chair that stands the test of time. Whether you pay for a pricey original or a quality reproduction, these chairs look perfectly at home in today's urban environments.

Danish designer Arne Jacobson originally designed the egg chair in the 1950s. A mid-century modern classic, this classic chair (which is often paired with a matching ottoman) has been reproduced widely in a whole host of fabrics. See this egg chair here, on Amazon.

Transitional Style Leather Chairs

If contemporary is not where you're at, there are classic options that also hold the test of time.

Solitary traditional leather seat against a nude colored wall

A leather club chair comes in various styles and upholstery choices, but this clean-lined small profile chair is a classic that holds up over time. The simple lines go in modern spaces and more traditional spaces. And the gorgeous chestnut leather will work well in today's neutral environments

Ethnic style room with traditional leather seats

When buying recliners, it's possible to have both design style and leather with a reclining seat. These luscious brown recliners work in urban or transitional spaces.

A barrel style leather chair is another leather piece that will hold up to the test of time. This one is in bold red, but of course, they are available in more neutral shades of leather as well. Click here for this chair on Amazon.

Classicly Traditional Leather Chairs

If you love a conservative, traditional look, then think of old-world men's clubs. This style of leather furniture has curves and pleats and visible studded or upholstered nail heads.

Traditional leather armchair

This is a classic armchair in rich mahogany leather. The tufted seatback is reminiscent of days gone by yet still holds up to today's traditional standards.

Luxurious designer chair with wooden legs and green leather with multi-colored pillow

This leather armchair with visible wooden legs and framing has elegant curves and scroll-like quality to the arms. It's the kind of chair you want to sink into with good brandy and the latest spy novel. 

Don't underestimate the value of a classic wingback chair in the traditional room. This black leather version has a smooth leather finish and nailhead accents along the sides. Click here for this chair on Amazon.

What Should I Look For In A Leather Couch?

Now that we've covered leather chairs, let's look at what you should look for in a leather couch. For most of us, comfort is the key to our sofa. Style and appearance are other key elements–will it go with your decor? And, of course, you want something that's going to stand the test of time.

Leather Sofas That Are Modern Classics

With leather sofas, modern classics often give the nod to the great designs of the 1950s. Midcentury modern pieces tend to have cleaner lines, wooden or metal legs, and smooth leather finishes.

Modern classic red leather sofa in a white room

This modern couch in red leather has sleek chrome legs and frame but nods to traditional styling with its button upholstered back.

 Modern living room with black leather sofa and armchair

With lines that remind us of the classic Barcelona chair, this elegant couch in black leather will have long-lasting contemporary design appeal.

This sectional nods to mid-century modern design with its tapered wooden legs and narrow rectangular arms. The round bolster pillows play with a different shape against the arms. Click here for this Napa leather sofa on Amazon.

Classicly Transitional Leather Couch

Transitional design is probably the most common look for homes. A little bit of old school, a little bit of new school, is a happy medium between conservative and modern. But what does that mean when it comes to a leather sofa?

Transitional brown leather couch on an empty modern living room

This beautiful couch plays on the best of design. It reminds us of a red velvet boudoir sofa except in rich saddle leather. The curved arms and squared-off base are quite contemporary in style, while the tufted upholstery is more traditional.

Modern transitional dark brown leather couch

A squared-off sectional like this has the clean lines that work for contemporary design, but the solidity of both size and the legs' squareness make it work for transitional. This one will hold the test of time with its simple styling.

Here's another classicly styled sofa for transitional spaces. Simple, clean lines on wooden feet in a can't go wrong camel brown color. This one has lasting power. Click here for this couch on Amazon.

Couches For Traditional Design

If you are a traditionalist, some leather furniture choices will always be loved. We explored the chairs above, now let's look at the sofas.

Vintage leather sofa in light sepia colors

This mahogany brown leather sofa is both vintage and new. This is an elegant sofa that will be much loved in a traditional space, with all-over tufting with brass nailheads. The round ball feet are common on more traditional sofas.

Traditional black leather couch against a white background

This black leather sofa is a modern uptake on vintage styling. It's conservative enough to work in traditional decor.

This classic Chesterfield style sofa in creme is elegant enough for the most discriminating household. Tufted leather back and arms give way to smooth leather seat cushions and a frame. It all rests on gorgeous, turned hardwood legs. Click here for this classic couch on Amazon.

What Color Leather Furniture Is Best?

Classic brown leather sofa isolated on white

Though leather is available in almost as many shades as fabric these days, some colors always hold their value. You can't go wrong with black, mahogany, saddle brown, tan, and creme. 

Medium blue leather couch in a modern living room with large glass windows

If you want something with a bit more oomph, look to medium blue leather, reds, or even a bold white. These blue leather sofas are a perfect complement to the sea outside the picture windows.

We love this Eames reproduction in white leather with rosewood trim and chrome casters. Click here for this chair and footrest on Amazon.

Is Leather Furniture Worth The Money?

Leather upholstery is indeed more expensive than cloth upholstery. You love it, but is it worth it? If you take care of your leather furniture, it will hold value for resale. Whereas cloth furniture generally loses value the more it's used, a gorgeous well-patinaed and worn leather chair or sofa can resell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Just go on auction sites and other secondhand furniture sites, and you'll see that leather continues to have higher price tags than other pieces. As to whether it's worth it, that's really up to you and your personal considerations.

Wrap Yourself In Stylish Leather

As you've seen, there are ways to invest in leather furniture without worrying about it going out of style. Figure out your taste, contemporary, transitional, or traditional, then stick to the classics within those realms. You'll be in good shape and style.

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