11 Great Jute Rug Living Room Ideas

Are you trying to find some inspiration on how to incorporate jute rugs into your home decor? Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this handy visual guide to provide you with some of the best ways to add a jute rug into your space.

Adding a jute rug to your space not only adds interest but it can serve as a functional piece, helping to catch dirt and protect the flooring beneath. They're also a more natural and biodegradable option than rugs made of plastics and rubber, so they're much better for the environment. 

Jute rugs add a natural feeling to home decor and inspire thoughts of a boho paradise. They go with almost anything and are easy to work into your decor. Jute rugs are available in different patterns and colors, but earthy tan colors are the most common and popular. 

Easily incorporate a jute rug into your home to get the feeling of a peaceful and natural nirvana in your own home. Use earthy tones for a chic bohemian look, or use jute rugs with patterns and dyes to match the rest of your home decor. 

An open space living room with plants and jute rug, 11 Great Jute Rug Living Room Ideas

1. Earthy Boho 

This room uses the jute rug as a focal point to tone down the white in the rest of the room. Other natural tones and woven decor items are spread throughout the room to play off the rug. Many lush, green plants are used to add color to the space and reinforce the natural feeling of the room.

Brazilian chair hanging in white dining room

Chunky Natural Jute Rug

This jute rug comes in a thicker weave to present a more noticeable, bold pattern.

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2. Modern Magic

Modern geometry living area room jute rugs

This room uses a patterned jute rug to ground the modern look of the rest of the room. The geometrical pattern of the rug goes well with the modern theme in the space, and the use of white in the rug ties it together with the furniture and walls. Plants are used to provide color to the space and add visual interest.

3. Industrial Meets Natural

Open space living room on brick wall with plants and modern study space

In this room, the jute rug mimics the tones in the brick wall. They also included decor that shares similar natural tones and plants to add life to the space. The wood tones in the accent table also play off the shade of the rug. 

While these two themes don't seem to go hand in hand, they work very nicely together. The industrial feeling of the gray wall and brick accent wall is kept under control by the natural aspects of the rug and plants.

Artificial Plant In Woven Basket

This fake fiddle leaf fig plant comes in a woven basket planter that will look great in a room with a natural jute rug. It's available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

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4. Wicker Wonders

Modern natural braided jute living area rug design

In this living room, the jute rug is complemented by the wicker swing chair with natural tones. White and cream-colored pillows help tie the chair to the white walls, and a single plant is used to add some color to the space. Also, don't be afraid to play with textures to create interest, like the fluffy pillow on the chair. 

5. Textured Treasures

Warm neutral wabi-sabi style interior

Using intricately woven jute rugs can add even more texture to the room. In this space, the natural tones of the jute rug are also present in the couch and decor. In this example, a minimal amount of decor was used to allow the natural tones to take precedence in the room.

Rikki Jute Rug

This jute rug is undeniably similar to the one in the image. It's available with a white or black border to meet your design needs. 

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6. Colorful And Cozy

Natural Blue braided zig zag jute living area rug

This rug has a blue and natural fiber pattern that matches the walls in the rest of the room. Decorative pieces of wood, as well as throw pillows, are a great way to carry the natural shades of the jute rug throughout the space. White furniture and trim help break apart the blue and earth tones to add contrast.

7. Dining In Style

Decorative living room

This jute rug plays off the legs of the gold accents on the throw pillows and the brown shade of the table. The couch and pillows create the feel of a room inspired by a boho-meets-glam fairytale. Finally, green coffee mugs were used decoratively as a pop of color on the tabletop. 

Decorative Throw Pillowcases

These pillowcases will certainly help you achieve a very similar look. The gold tones are perfect to pair with a jute rug.

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8. Colorful Comforts

Navy blue chindi jute bed room area rug with side boarder

This room uses a colorful blue jute rug as the source of interest in the room. Of course, the white walls create contrast, and the wood tones play off the natural shades found in the rug. 

Unquestionably, blue works well with natural tones and creates a gorgeous pop of vibrant color. Use throw pillows and other small decorative pieces in the same fashion to carry the blue color throughout the room to create unity in the space.

9. Boho Bedroom

[PIN id="1079808448129905121" size="large"] [/PIN]

In this living room, the designer used white as a primary color and the natural tones as an accent color. The brown of the stool, throw pillows, and pottery tie in nicely with the jute rug. This country theme creates a tranquil farmhouse feeling.

Wooden Stool

This rustic wooden stool is a great choice for a farmhouse theme. It has natural wood tones that will surely complement a jute rug.

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10. Yellow And Mellow

Beige and yellow interior decor of modern bright living room with sofa

This room uses yellow and natural wood tones to reflect the natural tones of the jute rug. The emphasis on texture in this design is on display in the throw pillows and the crochet blanket.

The white walls allow the natural tones to shine through and take precedence in the space. The long beige curtains also support the natural theme of the space.

Macrame Blanket

This blanket is a great throw to use in a room that desires more texture. Also, its natural off-white tone will fit in with a jute rug perfectly.

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11. Earthy And Enchanting

Pastel lamps above comfortable green sofa in cozy eclectic home

This room uses the furniture and the wall art as a way to add natural color to the room without plants. The emphasis provided by the natural tone of the rug is also present in the lampshade and the wood furniture.

In this situation, the green couch is all the color you need to create interest in the space without it becoming overwhelming.

What Is A Jute Rug?

Of course, jute rugs are crafted from the fibers of the jute plant. Jute rugs are created by weaving these fibers together, typically by hand. They are commonly used in boho-themed rooms and spaces and can reinforce the theme unbelievably well, making them a must-have for natural and boho-themed decor.

Can You Use A Jute Rug Outside?

Yes, a jute rug can be used outside and can help create an enchanting porch or outdoor sitting area. However, jute does not hold up well to humidity and is better for outdoor use in less humid locations or areas that are protected by a roof.

Using jute outside is preferred to plastic outdoor rugs since it is a completely natural plant-based fiber. 

Are Jute Rugs Easy To Clean?

Yes, jute rugs are typically very easy to clean; they simply require vacuuming. Just take the rug outside and shake it out for a quick and easy clean.

However, do not wet or steam clean jute rugs. Jute fibers hold water, and once wet, they create the perfect environment for mold and mildew. You can also try using a slightly damp cloth to remove small stains.

In Closing

Now that you've seen all of these gorgeous room ideas, you're ready to start planning your room's makeover. Remember to take advantage of natural tones through the rest of the space to make a coherent visual design. Have fun redecorating, and enjoy your beautiful new space!

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