4 Ways To Keep Cushions On Outdoor Furniture

How can you keep the cushions on your outdoor furniture? During big storms, they may blow off and end up wet or covered with leaf litter and grime. Or they slip and slide when you sit on them. So you want a solution. We've researched the best way to keep those cushions where they belong and have the answers for you here.

Here are great ways to make sure the outdoor cushions stay attached to your outdoor furniture:

  • Use cushions with ties
  • Cover your furniture when it's not in use with covers
  • Use velcro to attach cushions to the chairs
  • If your cushions are sliding, consider using a non-slip pad between the cushion and chair

We'll take a look at each of these solutions, then answer a few more of your questions. We'll let you know if outdoor furniture cushions can be left outside, what's the best outdoor cushion material, if they can be made waterproof after the fact, and how to keep outdoor cushions for mildewing. So please, keep reading to find out more!

A set of Rattan chairs outdoor with throw pillows and a coffee table on the center, 4 Ways To Keep Cushions On Outdoor Furniture

The Best Ways To Keep Cushions On Your Outdoor Furniture

Whether you're dealing with gusty weather or cushions that want to slide about, you're tired of always having to get your outdoor cushions back in position. So how can you solve this problem? We've got four great ways for you to deal with this.

Get Cushions With Ties

Many cushions that are sold come with little ribbon ties at the corners. These ties are meant for the purpose of keeping the cushion with the chair. Simply tie it on at the corners, and your cushions won't leave their piece of furniture unless you untie them. But you can untie them, which is great for when you need to store things for the winter and give them a quick washing.

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You can see the ties here at the back of these cushions. Click here for this set on Amazon.

Use Furniture Covers

Big table covered against of rain stands at wooden terrace

Many outdoor furniture sets come with the option of buying a cover to go with it. There are also standard covers available to buy aftermarket. The advantage of these covers is they protect both your furniture and your cushions from fading, mildew, and wear. The disadvantage is that you have to take them off and put them back on anytime you want to use your patio furniture.

Velcro Is Magic

A great DIY hack for keeping cushions in place, both for slipping or blowing away, is household velcro. Buy a roll of it with the peel of sticky backing, and you can put one half on the furniture and the other half on your cushion. This will keep your cushion from sliding around and also keep it from getting tossed off onto the ground.

Peel and stick Velcro is a handy thing to have around. Click here for this on Amazon.

For Sliding Use A Non-Slip Pad

If cushions sliding is more of the problem you're dealing with, then consider using some type of non-stick pad. You can cut them to size and place them between the cushion and the furniture piece. This will help when you sit down to keep the cushion held tightly in place, giving you a more comfortable feeling overall.

Non-slip underlay like this is great for keeping cushions in place. Just cut it to the correct size, and you're good to go. Click here for this on Amazon.

Can You Leave Outdoor Furniture Cushions Outside?

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture cushions are made to endure weather conditions. However, leaving them outside all the time will shorten their lifespan. Sun can bleach colors. Rain and moisture can cause mildew. And plant material that drops from trees can leave stains over time. One way to help prevent some of this is to treat your outdoor furniture cushions with a weather-resistant finish.

There are many different cleaners available for use on both outdoor furniture and cushions. This mildew stain remover helps if you have spots left by too much moisture or plant material that has sat for too long on the fabric's surface. Click here for this on Amazon.

What Is The Best Outdoor Cushion Material?

Nowadays, the industry leader for outdoor cushion material is polypropylene. This synthetic fabric is extremely durable and stain-resistant. It dries quickly, has superior UV protection from staining, and has no dye sites. This fabric is a byproduct of the petroleum industry and was developed for use with boats and other marine equipment.

The next best outdoor cushion material is outdoor acrylic. This fabric has high UV resistance, mildew resistance, and can be used easily for other applications like patio drapes as well as cushions. It can be pricey though, which might put people off.

This cushion set made from popular material, Sunbrella, is more than a hundred dollars. This might be more than some people want to pay. However, if you want a great quality cushion that looks like fabric, this is a great choice. Click here for this and other colors on Amazon.

The least best choice for outdoors is polyester outdoor fabric. Though there are tons of great polyester choices on the market, these cushions fade very quickly if left in the sun. However, if your patio furniture is under a roof, then you might do well with polyester fabrics. Or if you're disciplined about taking the cushions to a storage closet when not in use.

Polyester cushions are available in a wide range of colors and prints. Click here for this on Amazon.

Can You Make Cushions Waterproof?

Making cushions waterproof is as easy as washing or spraying on a waterproofing solution. Of course, if you want these cushions to live outdoors, make sure the fabric is relatively heavy-duty. This will help it withstand the elements better than a flimsier fabric will.

A wash-in waterproofing like this is a great first step for your fabric if you want to waterproof your outdoor cushions. Click here for this on Amazon.

Follow it up with a spray-on water shield like this popular choice from Scotchgard. You can even skip the step above and just spray it on if you want a quick and simple solution. Click here for this on Amazon.

How Do You Keep Outdoor Furniture Cushions From Mildewing?

Mildew happens when things get damp and don't dry out. So the first step to keep your cushions from mildewing is to prevent dampness. Think about where your outdoor furniture is placed --is it underneath trees? Then you may want to bring your cushions in when it rains, cover it up when not in use, or keep it placed in a spot that gets regular sun. But then, of course, you may have to worry about fading --another reason to use a furniture cover. 

Terrace furniture Cover protecting outdoor furniture from rain

Having heavy-duty outdoor furniture covers is a great way to keep everything looking great for when you do want to use it. These are also wonderful for the off-season if you don't plan on storing the furniture away. They'll keep mildew at bay and fading to a minimum. Click here for this on Amazon.

Have Fun Outdoors

We love getting outdoors, and having a welcoming set of outdoor furniture makes it so comfortable. If you keep your cushions clean and inviting and attached to the furniture, then no one has to worry about sitting down in green mildew or on a damp cushion. 

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