How To Keep A Mattress Cover From Sliding [8 Nifty Techniques!]

Mattress covers are a great solution to enhance the level of support and comfort that your mattress provides. Their only downside is their tendency to slide around your bed, which can be a bit irritating. But what is the best way to keep your mattress cover from sliding? We have researched this issue, and in this post, we will discuss some of the best methods that we've found.

Here are a few techniques that you can use to keep your mattress cover from sliding on your bed:

  • Apply Sheet Suspenders
  • Apply Non-Skid Mats
  • Use Safety Pins
  • Apply Adhesive Velcro
  • Use Cotton or Polyblend Mattress Pads
  • Try Rubber Padding
  • Add A Fitted Sheet
  • Apply Duct Tape

Mattress covers can slide for different reasons. The best solution to use will ultimately depend on why your mattress cover is sliding in the first place. Continue reading to learn more about what may cause a mattress cover to slide and how to prevent and remedy this issue.

Woman is putting the bedding cover or mattress pad on the bed or putting off for cleaning process, How To Keep A Mattress Cover From Sliding [8 Nifty Techniques!]

Why Do Mattress Covers Slide?

Before we get into everyday hacks that you can use to keep your mattress cover from sliding, let's go over a couple of the most common reasons why they slide.

The mattress cover doesn't have enough traction

If the mattress cover is too smooth, there will not be enough friction to hold it in place. This is why the weave of the mattress covers fabric is especially important when choosing the cover that will work best for your mattress. Both natural and synthetic fabrics can offer slick surfaces, so it's best to find one with a surface that has a bit of grip to it.

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The bed's frame is larger than the cover

If the bed frame is larger than the mattress cover, this can definitely cause the cover to slip. As you toss and turn during the night, you may notice that the cover's edges will pull away from the corners rather easily. The best way to mitigate this is to purchase a smaller cover that fits the bed properly.

Ways To Keep A Mattress Cover From Sliding

Woman is putting the bedding cover or mattress pad on the bed for cleaning process

Apply Sheet Suspenders

Also known as sheet straps, sheet suspenders can be a very effective way to keep your mattress cover from sliding. The stretchy bands can run alongside the edges of your bed and across it to prevent the cover from lifting or folding. The suspenders go on top of the mattress cover to hold it in place, and they are big enough to work on even the thickest mattress covers.

However, it's important to make sure that the suspenders' straps are tight enough for your bed size. Applying them is fairly easy, as you lay them across your bed and then secure them in place on all four corners using their straps to adjust them.

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Apply Non-Skid Mats

One of the easiest ways to prevent your mattress cover from sliding is to apply a non-skid mat to the bottom of the cover. These mats are usually designed to work on hard surfaces such as bathroom floors or home entryways, but you can also use them to assist with your sliding mattress topper. Non-skid mats can typically be purchased for under $20, and you can find them at any local hardware or general store or online.

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Use Safety Pins

You can use safety pins for several DIY home hacks, including sliding mattress pads. If you find that your mattress cover is too large for your bed or slides too much, you can fix this issue by buying a pack of large safety pins and applying them to the corners of your mattress pad. Be sure to place the pins through your mattress as well to hold the mattress pad in place. This method takes only 10 minutes to implement, and you'll only need about four or five pins on each side of the bed to prevent damage to your mattress or topper.

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Apply Adhesive Velcro

You can also use adhesive velcro to keep your mattress pad from sliding. These adhesive strips can be placed around the top of your mattress and the underside of the mattress pad to help hold it in place. You can also place the velcro strips across the center of your bed in parallel lines for extra grip.

Take note that if you have a large mattress, you'll need more strips to cover the entire perimeter of the pad. You'll also want to take time to measure and align the strips properly to ensure that the hook sides meet up correctly with the loop sides, or else you won't be able to connect them.

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Use Cotton or Polyblend Mattress Pad

Sometimes it's simply easier to purchase a mattress pad that has more grip. You can typically find this in pads that are made of poly blend or cotton fabric. Mattresses with a super smooth top are more likely to slip, especially if they are significantly larger than the bed frame. Consider finding an inexpensive cotton pad with a bit more grip to place on top of your current pad.

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Try Rubber Padding

Rubber has a natural gripping ability and can be used to keep your mattress cover in place. This is one of the most economical options you can choose, and you may already have the materials needed for this method at home. You can use rubber welcome mats, yoga mats, rug pads, or rubber cabinet liners for this method. To apply the rubber, place it directly on your mattress using a grid-like structure to ensure an even distribution across the mattress. Be sure to cover the perimeter of the mattress as well as the edges to prevent slipping.

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Add A Fitted Sheet

Adding a fitted sheet can increase the amount of friction between your mattress and the mattress cover. If the sheet is tight enough and the correct size for the mattress, it will work fairly well to grip and hold the pad in place, preventing further sliding. The good news is that fitted sheets are fairly inexpensive, and you can find one for anywhere from $10 to $20. Keep in mind that the fitted sheet should be made from a cotton or poly blend fabric to be effective for this application.

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Apply Duct Tape

Duct tape is another effective method that you can use to hold your mattress pad in place. And while this may not be the most visually aesthetic option, it's definitely one of the cheapest. To use duct tape, lay the mattress pad on the bed and tape the edges of the pad to your mattress. If you have two-sided carpet tape available, you can also apply this to the mattress pad.

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How to use bed sheet fasteners?

To apply bed sheet fasteners, start by placing the fitted sheet on the bed. Next, lift the bottom corner of the sheet a little bit and clip the suspender on the bottom of it. Then, tuck the sheet in the corner under the mattress. Do this on all four corners of the bed to apply the fasteners.

Should you tuck your sheets in?

It depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer to tuck their sheets because they like the feeling of being tightly hugged by the fabric and may find it comforting, warming, and calming. On the other hand, some people prefer to sleep free from fabric constraints, opting to leave their bedsheets untucked so that they can feel less restricted and possibly cooler during the night.

What is the best material for a mattress cover?

Woman is putting the bedding cover or mattress pad on the bed or putting off for cleaning process, How To Keep A Mattress Cover From Sliding [8 Nifty Techniques!]

The most common material for mattress covers is cotton. Cotton has a soft feel, is breathable, and is very durable, often outlasting other mattress cover fabrics. It's also machine-washable. A good runner-up would be a polyester or a polyblend material. This material is naturally hypoallergenic and is also comfortable, affordable, and very durable.

Do you put a mattress pad over a mattress protector?

No, a mattress protector goes directly over the mattress and beneath the mattress pad.

Wrapping Things Up

Woman's hands changing white mattress cover

We hope that this post has helped show you the number of ways you can prevent your mattress cover from slipping. Keep in mind that you may need to experiment with a few different methods to find the one that works best for you.

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