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Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry – What To Do?

A faulty washer can cause a lot of inconvenience, especially when you need to use it daily. So when your Kenmore washer suddenly won't spin clothes dry, waiting is never a choice. You are probably wondering if it could be fixed without calling a repairman and if you can handle the repair yourself. Well, the good news is we did some research to answer all of your questions.

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A Kenmore washer would not spin clothes dry for several reasons. Before calling the repairman, you can do the following quick fixes to try to solve the problem:

  1. Close the lid properly.
  2. Adjust the spin settings.
  3. Check the drain lines and filter for blockage.
  4. Balance the clothes and do not overload the machine.
  5. Reset the washer.
  6. Check for broken parts.

Unfortunately, the problem may not be as simple as a broken door latch. You may need to call a repairman to fix your Kenmore washer. We have other ideas to share regarding what could be wrong with your equipment and if professional servicing is the answer. Continue reading so we can provide some answers.

Stylish room interior with modern washing machine, Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry - What To Do?

Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry - What To Do?

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If you have no idea what you're doing, it will take a lot of time to attempt to fix a Kenmore washer that is not spinning clothes dry. We recommend that you take some time to do the following before making the decision to call your repairman.

1. Close the lid properly.

For both front-load and top-load Kenmore washers, the unit will not operate if you don't close the lid properly. Washing machines work in this manner to protect people close to the equipment from getting injured. At the same time, the lid protects foreign objects from getting into the machine during a cycle.

Door Latch Needs Replacement

Kenmore washers have lids that close using a door interlock and a door release mechanism. These two components engage to secure the machine door before operation. When either of the components is broken, the door will not close properly. 

You can replace the door interlock and the door release mechanism to fix the issue. Make sure to order the correct type for the Kenmore washer model that you have.

Broken Lid Switch Assembly

If the lid is properly closed and yet your equipment will not spin clothes dry, then the problem could be the lid switch assembly. The lid and the lid switch assembly work together. Once the lid is closed, this sends signals to the lid switch assembly that the machine is safe and ready to proceed with its operation. 

When the lid switch assembly is broken, there is no way for the machine to receive instructions to operate. Multimeter testing may be done to know if the lid switch is broken and needs replacement.

Expect to pay $140 to $190 to repair a lid switch assembly. Alternatively, you can replace it if you know what you're doing. It would likely take less than 30 minutes to finish the job.

2. Adjust the spin settings.

Kenmore washers, like all other brands, have wash cycle and spin settings. Remember to check the settings and adjust them before a doing a load of laundry. 

Close Up Of Man Choosing Cycle Program On Washing Machine

Some settings wash and spin delicately and take a while to finish. Some work the other way around and others in between. You may have forgotten to adjust the settings that left you with wet clothing. The spin setting may not be enough to handle a specific bulk load.

3. Check the drain lines and filter for blockage.

If your Kenmore washer is spinning but is still not drying the clothes, then it could be that it is having trouble releasing the water. What you can do is locate the drain hose and see if it is releasing water out of the washer.

If not, check for coins, small clothing, and other items that could be blocking the line. This is the easiest to check, since the drain hose is outside the equipment. If something blocks the drain hose, use a plunger to get rid of the object. Replace the drain line if necessary.

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If nothing is blocking the drain hose, then you take the filter out next and check. It is possible that something is stuck in the filter that is keeping the water from draining.

the master opens the filter of the washing machine to remove the blockage. Problem with Laundry.

You should next check the sump hose, which you will find inside the machine. It is a flexible hose and running a few squeezes through the line can help locate items trapped inside.

4. Balance the clothes and do not overload.

Putting in too many clothes every cycle not only hinders effective cleaning but also puts a lot of stress on your washer. Overloading impairs the agitator's ability to perform appropriate cycle speeds.

Hands removing or installing a agitator from a broken washing machine

When the load is too heavy, the agitator may not spin at all or spin considerably slower than expected. Thus, your clothes will still be wet when you take them out of the washer. Furthermore, this stress contributes to the premature wearing of your washer's components and increases your energy consumption.

Reduce the load and make sure to balance the items on all sides. Reposition and distribute the weight equally. Do not add any more garments when the washer already holds bulky, heavy linens.

5. Reset the washer.

Before digging deeper into other possible causes, you may also try to reset your washer. Resetting the control panel erases all current operations and takes the machine back to its initial startup state. 

Most Kenmore washers are easy to reset. Simply switch off your machine and wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in. Then turn it on and choose a cycle setting on the panel board.

If doing this doesn't help, then you can start inspecting your equipment for broken parts.

6. Check for broken parts.

Some problems with a Kenmore washer that will not spin dry need professional servicing, but you can still try to figure out what's wrong before the repairman arrives.

Drive Belt

Washers that go through a lot of stress possibly have a faulty drive belt. Inspect the drive belt in your equipment. The drive belt may not have tears, but it can fail to function properly if it is loose. 

Motor Control Board

The motor control board serves as the brain of the whole system. It commands your washer to turn on or off and perform wash and dry cycles. When this breaks, your washer will not run at all. If your unit doesn't turn on and won't even produce a slight humming sound, then it is possible that the control board is broken.

Unless you know what you're doing, do not attempt to fix the control board. Control boards may be ordered from an authorized dealer, but make sure to provide the correct unit model. 

Rotor and Stator

The rotor and the stator work together to produce a powerful electromagnetic field. This force powers the tub to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. When the rotor magnets or any of its parts fail, the washer will not spin. 

Inspect the rotor for any damaged components and replace them to fix the problem or get professional servicing.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Kenmore Washer?

Washers last 13 years on average, but many things determine how soon you would need a repair or replacement. Expect a washing machine to last longer when you use it properly and maintain it periodically. Overused units may experience wear and tear sooner than expected. 

While there's no guarantee on how long a Kenmore washer will last, you probably wonder when it is better to replace the machine instead of repair it. So how do you decide between the two?

Consider the 50 by 50 rule. When your washing machine is already past half of its expected lifespan and the repair or replacement of parts costs more than 50 percent of its value, then consider buying a new washer.

Final Thoughts

Kenmore washers may not spin clothes dry for a number of reasons. Some issues only require quick fixes, while others need the help of a repairman. Either way, we've explained what you can do to troubleshoot the problem and given you some advice on whether you'd be better off replacing your washer. 

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