Is a King Size Bed the Same as Two Twins? Know the Difference

The size of a king bed and its mattresses can be challenging when it comes to moving and set up, especially for those with a smaller living space. This may leave you wondering if you can make a king-sized bed out of two twin size mattresses, which are much easier to maneuver. We have researched this to see if it is possible! 

Yes, a king-size bed is the same as two twins, but they must be extra long twin mattresses to match the extended length. 

There are a variety of ways that you can accomplish this to have the expansive bed space you crave, in manageable pieces. Keep reading to find out more!

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Is A King Size Bed the Same as Two Twins?

Can two twin mattresses make a king bed? Yes, but it can’t just be any two twin mattresses. Standard king size mattresses are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. Now, take a look at your standard twin mattress’s dimensions – 38 wide by 75 inches long.

While a pair of twin mattresses pushed next to each other might have the same width as a king-size mattress, they won’t have the same length. They’re 5 inches too short. With that being said, there is a way to make a pair of twins into a full-size king.

The simple way to do this is to use a pair of twin XL mattresses, which have the same length as a king-size mattress. By doing this, any king size sheets will fit, and unless you happen to be taller than 6ft 8 inches, your feet won’t hang off the bed.

Can You Put Two Twin Mattresses on a King Frame?

Yes, however, you might need a few more items to make your new king size bed comfortable. 

First, your king frame will need either slats or a center support bar for the inner edges of your twin size box springs to sit on. You might also want to get a mattress topper to eliminate the dip in the middle where the mattresses meet. 

Additionally, you can get a specially made foam centerpiece bridge that’s T shaped. This will sit over your mattresses in such a manner that the leg of the T will be between them to get rid of the gap.

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You can also use a belt that secures around the edge of the mattresses to ensure that they remain together.

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What is the Difference Between a King and a Split King?

You may have heard of a king-size bed and a split king bed. They’re both king size, but a split king will allow for a bit more customization. 

The first and most obvious difference between a king and a split king is that your typical king-size bed consists of the box springs and a single large mattress on top. Split kings are just two mattresses pushed together on top of the box springs. 

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If you and your partner have a difference of opinion on how soft or firm a mattress should be, a split king might be the ideal thing since you can each have the firmness you desire while also accommodating your positions for sleeping.

This is also an excellent option for those who have a pair of twin bed frames that they’ve pushed together. These can be utilized to create a single adjustable split king bed that can cater to the individual sleeping needs of your partner and yourself.

What is the Difference Between a Split King and Twin XL?

A split king is essentially a pair of twin XL mattresses that have been pushed together in a king-size bed frame.

A Twin XL is a twin bed that is five inches longer than a traditional twin bed. They are commonly used in college dorm rooms. Their dimensions are such that if you push them together, the combined result will be the same surface area as a king bed, but offs the ability to customize the mattresses to each sleeper, just like a split king bed.

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Does a King Size Bed Have Two Box Springs?

To make things a bit easier for consumers, most king size beds utilize a pair of box springs that are the same size as twin XL mattresses. 

You also have the option (if you’re getting a new frame as well) to go with slats as opposed to box springs. Some people prefer slats because the box springs can be bulky and heavy. Slats aren’t a new concept either; they’re just becoming more widely used.

In short, king-size beds are an excellent choice for any large bedroom, regardless of whether you go with a traditional king or a split king. The ideal mattress size for you will mostly depend on the sleeping preferences of yourself and your partner. 

Will the pair of you be able to compromise with a king mattress that has a medium firmness, or will you need a more customizable split king for you both to get the high-quality sleep you need? Finding the answer will enable both of you to get better sleep every night. 

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