Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets [30+ Picture Examples]

If you're designing or redecorating your kitchen, there's a good chance that you're looking for ways to incorporate wooden cabinets. Many kitchens feature wooden cabinets, and with good reason - wood is durable, easy to clean, and can be painted and varnished for a variety of looks. The look of wooden cabinets can also suit any home decor style, from minimalist to boho.

The versatility of wooden cabinets means that they go perfectly with almost any color scheme. However, to help you out, we've rounded up a few popular examples. We've selected kitchens in a variety of styles and colors - you're sure to find something that suits your preferences! You'll also see painted wood and natural wood in almost every combination, proving that no matter the current look of your cabinets, they can be a vital part of your dream kitchen.


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Modern bungalow real estate interior kitchen, Kitchen Color Schemes with Wood Cabinets [30+ Picture Examples]

White Kitchens With Wood Cabinets

Classic white is one of the most popular choices for kitchens. It's simple, classy, and suits a wide variety of decor styles, including rustic, modern, and minimalist. It can also easily and effectively be accented with pops of color or natural wood.

Domestic kitchen

This kitchen pairs its white cabinets, appliances, and island with accents of color. One wall is made from soft pink tile, while lime green stool cushions and fresh flowers near the window truly pop against the neutral background.

Modern kitchen design with stainless appliance

The contrast of steely blue-gray tiles makes this kitchen's white surfaces appear even brighter white. Against such a simple background, even small details like a basket of fruit or a vase of flowers take on greater significance.

Modern kitchen

The strong vertical lines of this kitchen's cabinets are accented by the addition of white paint. Shiny appliances continue the sleek look. This kitchen's modern appearance proves the versatility of the classic combination of wooden cabinets and a white color scheme.

Kitchen design in scandinavian style wih stainless steel appliance

Details are important. Here, clean white cabinets are contrasted with brushed steel handles and drawer pulls. Even though the fixtures, floor, counter, and shelves are all slightly different shades of gray and brown, the white cabinets and walls create a cohesive look.

Home interior of large kitchen

Soft brown walls and floors paired with off-white wooden cabinets give this sunny kitchen a warm, inviting look. A white color scheme doesn't always have to mean blindingly bright shades - off-white colors can offer a more gentle appearance.

Dream modern kitchen with parquet flooring

Shiny silver, elegant lines, white wooden cabinets, and multiple shades of gray create a glamorous, modern take on the white color scheme. Instead of using accent colors against the white background for contrast and interest, this kitchen uses texture - for example, the smooth counters and multiple sizes of tiles over the stove.

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Natural Wood Kitchen With Wood Cabinets

Natural wood can be adapted to fit almost any home decor style. A rustic style might be the first thing that comes to mind, but it's just as effective with a modern or minimalist look. Additionally, natural wood comes in a variety of tones from light to dark, making it easy to pair with any decorative theme you might desire.

Contemporary kitchen design

This open-plan kitchen is full of sunlight, open space, and lots of natural wood. Natural browns are paired with clean, shiny white and steel to create a naturally serene room.

Wooden kitchen and dining room

Huge wooden cabinets above and below the counters take center stage in this kitchen. Natural wood is also highlighted in the table, chairs, and cutting boards, while everything is accented against white walls.

Modern scandinavian kitchen and dining room

Even though natural wood is often paired with white walls, it doesn't always need to be. The light-colored natural wood cabinets in this kitchen look great with black walls and light fixtures. A huge window lets in plenty of natural light to prevent the room from looking too dark.

Modern nordic kitchen in loft apartment

White walls and floors are combined with a table set and large natural wood island in this peaceful Scandinavian-style kitchen. Natural wood is an incredibly versatile material, and not just in terms of design. It makes a perfect surface to prepare and eat meals, bake cookies, do homework, and so much more.

Modern kitchen with wooden interior

This spacious, light-filled kitchen is filled with the rich tones of natural wood. Simple white walls and countertops allow the wooden surfaces to be the room's main focal point.

Modern kitchen interior design

Natural wood is a surprisingly good fit in minimalist style rooms. In this kitchen, two different types of wood are paired with sleek white surfaces and brushed steel appliances. It all comes together to create a simple, modern space.

Modern bungalow real estate kitchen interior

In this light-filled kitchen, honey-colored wooden cabinets line the walls. A wooden island or table could be added to this space to continue highlighting the beauty of natural wood.

Modern bungalow real estate interior kitchen

This angle of the kitchen pictured above reveals a natural wood frame around the doorway in a different type of wood. Even if a table or island was added in the third type of wood, the white walls and floor would make the room still look cohesive.

Luxury kitchen in modern home

This natural wood kitchen located on the lower level of a home embraces wood on almost all of its surfaces. Richly colored wood paired with black countertops and dark gray walls creates a warm, classy vibe.

Kitchen with city view

The palest tones of natural wood are featured in this beautiful, light-filled kitchen. The brick wall, a vase of twiggy branches, and various metal kitchen tools add richness and texture.

Kitchen in newly constructed house

In this kitchen, the colors of the natural wood cabinets are echoed in the floor tiles. Pastel yellow walls offer a colorful counterpoint, while the sleek lines of the shiny appliances echo the strong lines of the cabinets.

Domestic kitchen interior

This rustic kitchen displays lots of natural wood throughout the room. While the walls and furniture are made from wood, so are the baskets, small shelves, and a chandelier. Clean white walls help prevent the look from becoming too cluttered.

Dark Kitchens With Wood Cabinets

While there's a stereotypical idea that kitchens should be bright and light-filled, you'll see from these examples that dark kitchens offer their own classy, elegant charm. Dark wooden cabinets, whether painted or stained, are the perfect compliment for a dark kitchen. They can be paired with light- or dark-colored walls for a variety of unique looks.


These cabinets were painted with a wash of soft gray paint that allows the natural grain of the wood to show through. Even though the walls and countertops are white, the overall look of the kitchen is dark. This is due to the moody gray cabinets and black overhead light fixtures.


Tall, dark gray cabinets and a dark wooden island create a dramatic effect in this kitchen. The effect is heightened by the high ceilings and dark metal bar stools, while a vase of flowers offers a touch of color.


Dark, shiny surfaces create a glamorous effect in this dark kitchen. Small silvery tiles on the wall add texture to a space, as do the highly polished kitchen tools on the counter. For a completely cohesive effect, the only pop of color is lime green in the apples, flower stems, and stool cushions.


Dark wood provides a grounding effect in this ornate kitchen. Shades of gray paint range from light to dark, while dark rich wood offers contrast. Lots of natural light from the windows over the counter prevents the room from looking too dark.

Blue Kitchens With Wood Cabinets

It's easy to pick up a paint can and switch up the color of your wooden cabinets, so why not take it even further and experiment with different colors in the whole kitchen? All of the different possible shades of blue make it an incredibly versatile color. Check out these examples to find inspiration for all the ways you can use the color blue in your kitchen.

Interior of modern kitchen in blue tones

Periwinkle blue cabinets are set against French blue walls in this spacious kitchen. So much blue could be overwhelming, but the natural wooden floors and taupe countertops add contrast. When color takes center stage in a room, it's best to keep other colors to a minimum. As you can see, most of the accent pieces in this kitchen are neutral colors.

Vintage domestic kitchen interior

This kitchen, with its teal cabinets, retro-style refrigerator and light fixture, and patterned area rug, offers retro-boho vibes. Contrasting colors were chosen carefully and can be seen in the orange gingham chairs and coppery tones of the kitchen tools on the counter. A vase of hydrangeas is echoed by the picture hanging on the wall behind it, and both bring a little bit of nature into the room.

Rustic kitchen interior

Terra-cotta floor tiles are the perfect match for this kitchen's light blue cabinets and island. Exposed beams on the ceiling and the barrel-shaped cabinet near the island create country farmhouse vibes. Light blue is often used in rustic or farmhouse decor, and this kitchen displays that quality perfectly.

Neutral Colors Kitchens With Wood Cabinets

For a peaceful, serene kitchen, neutral colors are the way to go. Painted or natural wood cabinets look equally perfect when paired with neutral tones, making it simple to adopt this look into your home. Below, we've collected a few examples of both.

Beautiful kitchen in new luxury home with island table

This sunny gray kitchen incorporates both painted and natural wood. White wooden cabinets line the walls, paired with a floor and island made of natural dark wood. This kitchen uses several different shades of gray and white to create a cozy, multi-dimensional space.

Sunny white modern domestic kitchen

Minimalism and neutrals are a match made in heaven, as you can see in this simple kitchen. The clean lines of the white cabinets and floor tiles contrast perfectly with the ashy brown tones of the natural wood cabinets and trim.

Modern kitchen with wooden ceiling

Neutrals definitely do not need to be boring, and this kitchen proves it. Even though it only uses black, white, brown, and gray, the many patterns and textures provide depth and contrast. Texture is everywhere, ranging from the smooth marble island to the well-stuffed stool cushions, to the tangled rattan light fixture hanging from the ceiling.

Modern kitchen living room home design with open concept

This waterside kitchen creates natural vibes with its array of beach-toned neutrals. Sand-colored walls are the ideal backdrop for a pale blue island, white cabinets, and patterned bar stools while thriving houseplants continue the natural theme.

Green Kitchens With Wood Cabinets

Kitchens are a place to come together, make food, and enjoy each other's company, and green - the color of life - makes the perfect background. Similar to blue, green comes in a variety of shades that create different moods and looks. Check out these examples to see how you could combine colors, cabinets, and appliances for your perfect green kitchen.

Classic wooden kitchen interior

Pink kitchen tools pop against mint cabinets and white walls in this candy-toned, retro style kitchen. Even though mint is only used on the cabinets, it makes a big impact. In fact, this helps the color stand out even more than it would if it were present on every surface.

Retro green kitchen in a old room

Forest green is the perfect shade for this minimalist-rustic kitchen. Light-colored wood and a white brick wall provide a simple backdrop so that the nature-inspired color can truly take center stage. Dark-colored appliances blend in with the green for a completely cohesive look.

Interior with dark green kitchen and green brick walls

This kitchen makes a strong statement with its vast green brick walls and matching cabinets, island, and chairs. Typically, white is the primary shade that is accented with pops of color, but this room reverses that classic design practice in a bold but effective move.

Green themed domestic kitchen interior

Bright green is paired with cherry red in this colorful kitchen. The color scheme is present even in small details like the picture on the wall and the potholder hanging above the stovetop. White walls and a natural wooden parquet floor provide a neutral background.

Pink Kitchen With Wood Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so what could be more appropriate than decorating it with the color pink? As you'll see in this example, pink does not have to look strictly girly. When combined with the right colors and textures, it takes on a natural look that's the perfect pair for the ruggedness of wooden cabinets.

Classic pink kitchen

A dusty rose wall makes the shabby chic accents in this kitchen glow. A distressed wooden cabinet painted olive is an unlikely pair with gray cabinets and an island, but other natural and shabby chic elements create a cohesive look.

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