14 Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Renters

Renters often go for basic, generic, and sometimes downright ugly kitchens. For better or for worse, renters are stuck with them until they leave or decide to splurge their own hard earned money on a property that doesn’t belong to them. Everyone wants their place of dwelling to reflect a little bit of their personality, but they are limited with their options. Or are they?

Let’s discuss subtle ways to find the perfect solution. We’ve found a list of solutions that will allow you to infuse your personality into your rental kitchen. Let’s start out with a plan to help you spruce up your rental kitchen like a pro:

  1. Adding More Color to the Walls
  2. Installing Wall Shelves to Reduce Clutter
  3. Sprucing up the Color of Outdated Cabinets
  4. Buy a Roller Cart to Make Stylize Your Space
  5. Swap Out Dull Hardware in Exchange for Luxurious Hardware
  6. Buy a Wall Mounted Rack to Arrange Your Tools
  7. Make Use of Mirrors to Play with the Ambient Light
  8. Buy a Shelving Unit for More Storage
  9. Hang Artwork
  10. Installing Decorative Lighting
  11. Attach Wall Hooks
  12. Add Interesting Furniture
  13. Add an Accented Rug
  14. Clean as Much as You can

If you think it sounds a little overwhelming to organize, let’s discuss each step in greater detail and they’re all so important.

14 Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Renters


14 Tips to Improve Your Rental Kitchen

Let's dive right into the cookhouse!

1. Adding More Color to Your Walls

The easiest way to enhance your interior décor is by installing cheap wallpapers. New innovations have made it easy to install and remove wallpapers to improve the backsplash. You can’t go wrong with spot patterns or more geometric designs to add an extra pop of color to your room. Make sure to invest in removable wallpaper because they are easy to install and remove, allowing you to be more creative without damaging the fabric, ink or even the wall itself.

Here are a few examples we’ve picked from Amazon that will go well with your wall.

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2. Installing Wall Shelves to Reduce Clutter

Wall shelves are a great way to organize all the tiny things that are making your rental kitchen a mess. Choose shelves that complement the rest of the décor and enhance its look. You can display your utensils such as by displaying coffee cups and any other cutleries. Whether you’re going for a smaller update or looking for a more full scale remodel, kitchen shelves will pave the right direction for you.

Here are a few budget items we chose from Amazon that strike the ideal balance between functionality and price.

3. Sprucing up the Color of Outdated Cabinets

Give those ancient wood cabinets a new look by decorating them with a coat of paint. You can choose accented colors to spice things up or go with more familiar colors to help stay true to the overall décor. This will help you refresh your kitchen’s look without spending too much in the way of money. Our idea is to always go for wallpaper decals instead of paint which is always more expensive and limits your options.

Here are a few ideas we got from Amazon.

4. Buy a Roller Cart to Make Stylize Your Space

Rolling carts are the ideal solution that can help you maximize your counter’s space if there isn’t a lot of room for arrangement. There are endless options when it comes to size, style, and shape to help you transform your kitchen’s look. The best part is that since they are ‘rolling carts’, you can roll them anywhere you want.

Here are a few items we selected from Amazon that are designed with durability and longevity in mind.

5. Swap Out Dull Hardware in Exchange for Luxurious Hardware

Something as simple as swapping out the old hardware with the new can give your kitchen a new updated look. Just make sure any new pulls and knobs you choose to match up with the holes that are already preinstalled. Opt for either accented finishes such as lustrous gold or minimalist design. Either way, swapping out the hardware is the quickest way toad more shine to your kitchen.

Here are a few choices that we like from Amazon.

6. Buy a Wall Mounted Rack to Arrange Your Tools

Wall mounted racks are easy to mount on the walls of most kitchens. This makes it possible to maximize space on the floor of the room and on desks. They are easier to install and set up than other types of racks. What’s more, is the fact that wall-mounted racks make it easier for a person to access them they want to. Wall mount racks allow you to add a ton of flair to your kitchen space without having to break the bank.

Here's a nice option we picked from Amazon:

7. Make Use of Mirrors to Play with the Ambient Light

If your kitchen doesn’t have windows, you can still brighten things up by strategically placing mirrors. When positioned correctly, mirrors can create texture, light, character, and space. Using them creatively is a great way to enhance the space and projecting light into darker corners.

You can also highlight your favorite ornaments and accessories by reflecting them into your peripheral vision from various angles. Make sure to place the window adjacent to a source of light to bounce it around the room.

Here are a few mirrors from Amazon that will help you add more light to your rental kitchen.

8. Buy a Shelving Unit for More Storage

Kitchens helves are very versatile and practical, allowing you to take advantage of them in an infinite number of ways. They are a cost-effective solution that can help you utilize empty space. Kitchen shelves are highly customizable, providing storage space to your items and also putting them on display. For instance, you can place potted plants, small appliances, and ornate dishes to add more flair to your kitchen.

Provide your rental kitchen with a new look with the help of the following items from Amazon.

9. Hang Artwork

Kitchens are probably the most functional areas of your room, but this also means they can turn a little boring. Yet there are intuitive ways you can personalize your kitchen by hanging impactful, big artwork. Add some excitement to your kitchen by purchasing a print. There are thousands of options to choose from on Amazon. You can go for fruits, captions, portraits of animals, or even pictures of your loved ones.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you.


10. Decorative Lighting Kitchen

Lighting helps you update your kitchen space without shelling out a lot of money. It can help you make a statement, brighten up space, and enhance the existing décor without costing you much in the way of money. Whichever light fixture you choose from, always make sure to use bulbs that are energy efficient models to help save your energy bills.

Below are a few examples from Instagram.



11. Attaching Wall Hooks

Hooks are the most hygienic means of keeping your kitchen towels handy. The best part is that they can be installed in a matter of minutes. There are several chic and inexpensive options that can blend seamlessly into the décor or punch up space with a new pop of color. You can go with classic stainless steels for a minimalist décor or accented hardware if you want to make a statement.

Here are some wall hooks from Amazon that we really enjoyed.

12. Add Interesting Furniture

Before choosing kitchen furnishings, you must take out the time to measure every inch of empty space. There is no room for making mistakes here because if the cabinets, shelves, and working station don’t fit into place, they will make the entire kitchen look odd. Proper kitchen furniture can go a long way in making your rental house stand out.

Make sure all the pieces have matching design elements such as color, formality, details, and style. Pay attention to small details such as bolts and screws which should not be visible. The chairs and table should be sturdy with no visible blemishes.

Here are a few items to help you choose from.

13. Add an Accent Rug

Accent rugs with geometric design patterns are a surefire way of overhauling your rental kitchen’s look. But you have to choose the right kind of rug that can add color, comfort, and texture to space. An important point to consider is ease of maintenance. Kitchens are places that are prone to spills, and the last thing you want is a nasty spill that will quickly become a sight for sore eyes.

Here are a few rugs to help you choose from.

14. Clean as Much as You Can

Whether you live in a rental or your own home, it is important to keep the place clean, especially the kitchen. Make sure to keep the chopping boards and worktops clean because they come in direct contact with the food you eat. Make sure to utilize detergents that are free of toxic chemicals and environmentally friendly.

Regularly wash kitchen towels and clothes because they tend to be the perfect place for bacteria to breed.

These accessories would go perfectly with these Boho kitchen ideas!

More ideas?

If you've come up with more ideas for decorating a rental unit, do let us know! Just leave us a comment below to do so.

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