17 Awesome Kitchen Sink Ideas

A good kitchen layout is a must for any style, but it can't happen without the right kitchen sink and accessories. Your sink is one of your kitchen's biggest focal points, so it's important to put some time into getting the right sink layout for it. The thing is, there are so many different ways to get a good looking sink! 

Sinks are not just a place to wash your dishes. They act as statement pieces. So, you're probably wondering what major kitchen designers are doing with their sinks. Don't fret; we have got the scoop on how sinks are starting to work their looks into top kitchen designs.

A luxury water tap with marble kitchen sink, 17 Awesome Kitchen Sink Ideas

1. Round It Off

Domestic kitchen sink with wooden cabinets

When most people think about kitchen sinks, they think of a large square sink. The fact is that not all kitchen sinks are going to be square. This petite round sink has a stylish, retro punch that most other home sinks won't. It's a subtle thing that makes a huge difference when it comes to home ambiance. 

With that said, we're also huge fans of the rosy look of the entire kitchen in this photo. It actually adds to the overall retro vibe of the room. Sometimes, it just pays off to look pretty in pink. 

2. Feeling Flattened

Modern kitchen with granite countertops

Most faucets, as you already know, are round. That's what makes them look so traditionally faucet-y. That's just the way they are. This home was able to take a turn from the norm by working with a different type of faucet. This, in fact, is a statement faucet. The owner of the house changed the mood of the sink by having a flat modern fixture. 

The result is a sink that has a more modern, upscale veneer. While it's not sci-fi in appearance, it's still novel enough to get people to raise a brow.

3. Island Bliss

Kitchen island with fruits on glass containers and flowers on vase

Kitchen islands aren't just for a convenient place to cut carrots anymore. With a little extra money, they can be a great way to place a sink right at the heart of your kitchen. That's what this designer did, and they made sure to do it with a gorgeous granite countertop as well. Kitchen islands are in demand, so this is definitely an investment you can expect to pay off big. 

To make things even better, this designer also started to decorate the kitchen island. We suggest adding some potted plants for a luscious look.

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4. Paint It Black

Lacquered glass modern kitchen interior with appliances

Kitchen sinks are often seen in one of two colors: silver and white. Here, we see a change from the norm. To match the countertops' rich burgundy, the designers decided to go with a unique kitchen sink. Rather than go for silver or white, they opted for black. This made the sink look like it melts into the counter. 

While you might not have an easy time finding a black kitchen sink, you won't be disappointed if you can. Besides, it'd be a cinch to clean up and keep it looking spotless.

5. Drying Rack

Silver kitchen sink with liquid soap and sponge

Well, maybe drying rack isn't quite the right word. This kitchen sink came with a built-in stainless steel dish drying area that can double as a chopping board. It's a sleek way to add that industrial kitchen charm to a home kitchen. Though many might not find this to be the most aesthetic option, it's a great pick for people who love to cook and keep things tidy in their home. 

Of course, a good drying mat can also suffice. It's a matter of personal taste.

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6. Marble Look

Luxury water tap with marble kitchen sink

Marble is always going to be a good look for a kitchen countertop, but why stop there? This architect added a kitchen sink done up in the same style. It already looked luxurious, but they went even farther. The marble sink was also accented with a hidden drain, giving the entire kitchen countertop a seamless, elegant look. 

Admittedly, this is going to be a tricky look to achieve without a big bank account. However, it's worth every penny. 

7. Country Kitchen

White kitchen with sink and blooming dogwood

This is a clean, crisp white kitchen that kept that style involved in the sink's overall look, too. Like many classic country kitchen sinks, this has an apron look in the front and an extra deep depth. Of course, the kitchen itself didn't go all-out in its rustic look. Rather, they kept things modern while maintaining a cottage-like vibe. 

Decorating with this kind of look can be a little bit tricky, but it's absolutely doable. We suggest getting some classy white vases to match the pristine vibe. 

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8. Pretty And Fairy-Like

Winter kitchen with red decorations, christmas cooking table and utensils

Admittedly, this kitchen was dressed up in Christmas decorations. However, it did have a really cool concept that could potentially work with decorations year-round: the lighting. String lights are a favorite among people who want to add a whimsical touch to their room. It's a mood lighting trend that won't quit. 

As they're sometimes called, Fairy lights can highlight anything by just being placed right above the item you want to highlight. Here, the decorator highlighted their dainty, round kitchen sink and countertop. Chic!

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9. Va-Va Vintage!

Vintage is hotter than ever before, and that includes in home decor. A vintage sink is a huge status symbol among people who are into the world of antiques, especially since they are hard to find. Here, one lucky decorator has made it big by finding a kitchen sink that looks like it was straight out of the 1920s. 

The sink looks amazing and has a remarkably deep trough, making it a great pick for someone who has a lot of dishes or pets or babies to wash. 

10. Carved Copper

Is there anything more fantasy-inspired than seeing a sink that looks like it was carved out of wood? We think not, and that magical vibe is totally irresistible in any home. This sink has an elaborate carving in it, but it's not wood. The floral motif is actually part of an elegant copper sink setup meant to work as a statement piece in a kitchen. 

This is a look bound to impress people, even if they are jaded to most interior design concepts. While it will be an expensive sink choice to pick, you can bet that it will continue to wow people for years to come. 

11. Set In Stone

There is something to be said about the look of poured concrete, especially when you are trying to add a rustic touch or a modern touch to a home. Most people never think about adding a stone sink to their homes, though! That's what makes this kitchen sink such a cool concept to look at. 

A concrete sink is something that gives your kitchen a rugged twist without it looking ramshackle. The best part about this is that you will not have to worry about it staining or chipping, either.

12. Wooden Island

Collingwood cottage kitchen interior with hardwood floors and island table

We've already gone over why kitchen islands are hot and trending but have you seen how gorgeous a kitchen island is when it has a faux wood countertop? It's a warm vibe, and it looks incredible when you're working with a more rural ambiance. Here, we see a kitchen sink that is surrounded by treated wood countertops. 

It's a gorgeous look that has a slightly rustic feel. Wooden countertops are more durable than you'd think and a pretty concept that is worth noting. 

13. A Golden Idea

If you're a fan of decadence, few things say expensive, like seeing something done up in gold. This includes kitchen sinks. Of course, the hard part is figuring out how to make it look alright without it being gaudy. This kitchen designer decided to do it by matching it with marble countertops and a navy blue cabinet look. 

This color palette gave the kitchen a country club or yacht club ambiance. It's elegant, classy, and sophisticated. What more could you want?

14. Paint It On

You don't have to be a millionaire to add a personal touch to your kitchen sink. If your sink has an apron, then you already have a canvas built right in. All you need to do is get the right paint and add the design of your choice to the apron of the sink. This designer decided to go with a classic floral embellishment, but you can go for just about anything. 

We suggest keeping the paint subtle or matching the paint to the countertops. This will give your kitchen a more unified look that won't go out of style. Maybe having stencils will help?

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15. Beyond Rustic

Most of the time, when we hear the word rustic, it involves a country kitchen sink with an apron. Or, maybe it involves a copper sink if you're bougie. This designer went pretty far when it came to their choice to add a rustic look. Instead of a typical kitchen, they actually fashioned one out of a water trough on their own, then hooked it up to the plumbing.

Admittedly, this might be more extreme than most of us would want to deal with. However, you have to give the person credit. They did a good job of making gritty look good. 

16. Cream Of The Crop

Not too long ago, having a cream-colored kitchen sink was seen as a look tied to dirtiness. This was caused by the fact that paint would discolor as years passed. These days, a discolored sink stigma vanished because sinks are now painted with better varnishes and are treated better. A cream sink is a great look for the right countertop. 

This cream sink works well with the countertop's color, proving that cream doesn't have to be the color that you need to avoid. It's all about matching the paint to the kitchen.

17. Roughed UP

We've already seen several stone sinks, but they all had one thing in common. Each stone sink was beautifully finished and had crisp, clean lines. This unique take on a kitchen sink involves a kitchen sink with an exterior that remains rough-looking as if it was freshly removed from a mine. 

This might be a different take than most, but it still remains fairly pretty in its own right. With that said, we can understand if this is a little too rugged for some folks' tastes.

Final Thoughts

Sinks can make a real statement as the focal point of your kitchen. Hopefully, this post has inspired you to incorporate style into your sink design choice for functional and aesthetic pay-offs.

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