31 Kitchen Window Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You

Kitchen windows instinctively draw the eye with natural light. This makes windowsills a perfect—but often underutilized—spot for decoration. It's easy and fun to show off your personal style with an accessory or two. Of course, you don't want to overcrowd the space and block out the sun, so decorating can become a balancing act.

Since kitchen window decor is uncharted territory for many people, it's helpful to draw on what's worked for others. Borrow the exact setup in one of the following pictures or simply use them as a jumping off point, a source of inspiration that helps you blaze a chic trail. In any case, we hope they move you take advantage of the most natural focal point in your house.

1. A Pop of Color

View of Kitchen sink, window view of backyard, curtains and flowers. Two green tomatoes on window seal witing to ripe. Beautiful designer gray-white-green granite countertop.

You certainly don't have to choose green, but grouping a couple accent pieces of the same color together will revitalize the decor and please the eye. The green ribbon and apples pop against the neutral grey of the counter top.

2. Pretty and Elegant

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Window with curtains and flowers

Simple accents like strings of beads add a touch of grace without pulling attention away from the flower arrangement. Using the delicate pink and the washed out shades of the flower box as bursts of color against the monochrome room deftly avoids overwhelming the senses.

3. Frame for a Frame

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Modern kitchen interior of an old mansion

Curtains can be the perfect accents by themselves. Pick out fabrics with interesting patterns and bold colors to really make a statement.

4. Contemporary Asymmetry

Modern house with beautiful kitchen interiors

Wider kitchen windows offer more room to play, but be wary of overcrowding. The way this design uses tiny succulents to balance the larger plants and decorative bottles is masterful and intrigues the eye with a bit of asymmetry.

5. Au Naturale

Light kitchen with white countertop, sink, window and grey furniture

Fruits and plants are some of the finer things in life as well as completely unassuming. Using any combination of them in kitchen window design offers a natural, colorful focal point.

6. Country Cottage Fresh

Kitchen with large rustic white porcelain sink and granite stone countertop under sunny window

The vase you choose for your flowers often has as much impact on the design of your windowsill as the flowers themselves. With the vases' doily-inspired accents and the splashes of yellow, this kitchen gives off a charming country cottage vibe.

7. Contrasting Colors

Kitchen double sink with white cabinet and window

Adding one accent on either side of the sink offers a balance that pleases the eye, while pairing black with yellow offers a fun bit of contrast.

8. Top to Bottom

Home kitchen sink

If you have tall windows, don't be afraid to utilize the space from the ceiling down. Hanging pans brings a striking aesthetic that draws your attention up.

9. The Herb Garden

Herbs and plants by the window

It's practical and makes for a lovely accent. Placing herbs in your kitchen window guarantees they get enough sunlight. Plus, they're always on hand while you're cooking!

10. The Charm of Gingham

European house interior window curtains

There's a certain old-world charm to gingham, as well as design accents like strings of garlic or peppers. Mix them together with greenery for an eclectic-yet-homey aesthetic.

11. White on White

Desserts at early morning

Using many shades of white together in harmony creates an instantly chic look. For a classic use of this technique, look to the picture. A more contemporary example might use small metal statues and decorative bottles.

12. Stylish Shelving

A rustic farmhouse themed dining area with fruits on the breakfast bar, indoor plants on the windows, and grocery bags on a table

Installing shelves near the window sheds light on all your favorite knickknacks. Keep pictures there, jars of preserves, or even fresh plants. No matter what you decide, it'll make your kitchen window even more attention-grabbing.

13. Homey and Rustic

Homey and Rustic kitchen

Introducing textures like burlap to a space brings rustic charm in spades. Finding additional earth-colored accessories deepens the theme, while greenery offsets the rich colors without disrupting the aesthetic.

14. Height Difference

Bonsai at the kitchen ncountertop

Since so many kitchen window designs use flowers, it can start to feel monotonous after a while. A great way to add something fresh to look at is mixing and matching plants of varying heights. Notice how the tall, skinny tree here looks great when paired with a squat vase and bowl.

15. Soothing Symmetry

A contemporary living room with a wooden window sill and plants placed on it

Though you can't go wrong with an asymmetrical windowsill layout, nothing calms the senses quite like perfect symmetry. The matching bouquet of flowers both succeeds in adding a pop of color and lending a visual bookend to the window area.

16. Green and White

Beautiful modern kitchen with hanging plants

Fresh green paired with crisp white is a timeless color combination for a reason. Getting playful with where the splashes of green come in, like adding hanging plants, and the shape of the plant, like the miniature sculpted shrubs, gives the eye plenty to admire.

17. Precious Keepsakes

Beautiful wooden rattan blinds in a classic kitchen

Attaching the shelf directly to the window frame is a bold move that yields adorable results. Clustering little trinkets on either side of the shelf gives off a homey feel while also allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view out your window.

18. Stylish and Practical

A modern rustic themed dining room with a walnut table and white wall with hanging indoor plants all over the room

Chalkboard accessories that keep the family on top of the events for the upcoming week do double duty as cute accents and practical items. Since everyone's eye is drawn to the kitchen window anyway, why not take advantage?

19. Simply Surrounded

Beautiful bright green kitchen

Having accents over the top of the window, on the sill, and on either side of the frame guarantees the focus of every person who enters the room. Using the same accent color throughout is a great way to keep the whole design looking cohesive.

20. Soap in Style

Fancy place to put dishwashing soap

Dish soap is a kitchen necessity, but simply setting the bottle on the edge of the sink can diminish the charm of your window decor. So why not incorporate it? This person does, and does it well. With additional rustic accents, you barely even notice the soap has become part of the decor.

21. Small yet Mighty

Interior of a gorgeous kitchen

These curtains may be half the size of the window, but they're twice as chic. Their neutral color and their placement allow for plenty of sunshine to stream in. Plants on either side of the window provide a simple, refreshing pop of color.

22. Vines are Fine

Crawling vines down the sink with lamps near the window

This plant may not be directly in the window, but the way it's cascading into the light certainly contributes to the decor. The tiny vases lined on the sill discreetly lend themselves to the overall aesthetic, as well.

23. Elegant Wreaths

Wreaths placed on the windows

This three-panel window has a theme and sticks to it. The wreaths bring the outdoors inside for a bit of rustic elegance, and the vibrancy of the greenery is highlighted by the white counter tops.

24. Farmhouse Chic

Gorgeous yellow, black and white kitchen

The eclectic mix of accents makes this kitchen feel lived-in and cozy. To avoid overwhelming the senses, there're subtle yellow accents throughout. Everything feels like it belongs in the same space.

25. The Valance Balancing Act

Valance on the black framed window

Valances are a great way to draw the eye to a window without obstructing the sun. Get one with bold pattern if they're to be the only decor or pick a simple design if you plan on adding lots of accents along the bottom of the window, as well.

26. Say it Loud and Proud

 Happiness is homemade kitchen sign

Signs with cute sayings on them make great focal points in kitchen window design. You can add additional accents that pick up the same color palette, as this person does, or let the plaque speak for itself.

27. Decorative Lamps

Gorgeous gold plated kitchen faucet matched with white

Though you don't really need the extra light, lamps offer up flair that can be useful in decorating a kitchen window. Both the base and the shade can show off your style, and using two lamps to frame the window is a fun swerve away from traditional floral arrangements.

28. Stained Glass

Stained glass on the kitchen window

If you're on the crafty side, stained glass is a great way to bring creativity to your kitchen. The sun can still shine through, only now it'll cast different colors around the room, making the decor as a whole a work of art.

29. Lovely Lanterns

Gorgeous modern kitchen countertop

Decorative candles always add an extra bit of elegance to a space, and setting them inside lanterns only enhances their impact.

30. Florals Galore

Gorgeous modern kitchen with floral curtains and matching gold faucet sink

Instead of just adding fresh flowers to your windowsill, why not make it the entire theme? Floral-patterned curtains paired a bouquet helps you achieve this effortlessly.

31. Unusual Curtains

Hydrangeas and burlap kitchen at the kitchen countertop

If you're going to use curtains as the main focal point of your kitchen window decor, why not go with something unexpected? Strings of beads or crocheted blinds make a statement.

Window with curtains and flowers, 31 Kitchen Window Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You

31 Kitchen Window Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You

31 Kitchen Window Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You

View of Kitchen sink, window view of backyard, curtains and flowers. Two green tomatoes on window seal witing to ripe. Beautiful designer gray-white-green granite countertop., 31 Kitchen Window Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You

Kitchen with large rustic white porcelain sink and granite stone countertop under sunny window, 31 Kitchen Window Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You

31 Kitchen Window Decorating Ideas

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