15 Interesting Kitchen Window Molding Ideas

Window molding creates a finished look on windows. Though there are standard approaches for its use, you can also get creative with it. We're going to take a look at ways to use window molding in the kitchen. Whether you opt for a decorative ledge, a way to frame the view outside your window, or creative use of tile and traditional molding, one of these ideas may be what you're looking for.

So join us as we bring you 15 creative window molding ideas for your kitchen.

Interior of a dark blue colored kitchen wall and cabinetry with stainless steel kitchen appliances, 15 Interesting Kitchen Window Molding Ideas

1. Create A Bottom Ledge With Granite

A dark rustic themed kitchen with a dark green kitchen countertop, wooden dividers with kitchen utensils, and a window with dark moldings

The contemporary metal-trimmed window has been edged with granite for its lower molding in this lovely kitchen window. This use of stone allows for the placement of small plants and other kitchen items. There's even a stool nearby if you wanted to sit and have a cup of coffee while you look out of the window.

2. Use A Diagonal Cut On The Upper Molding For A Traditional And Interesting Look

Interior of a light green painted kitchen wall, white painted window molding, white granite countertop, and dark hardwood kitchen cabinetry

Traditional molding doesn't have to be perfectly rectangular. There is no crown molding in this kitchen so the builder added interest with the diagonal cuts to the top crown. At the bottom edge, there's a tiny ledge which creates a feeling of a shelf above the beautiful marble.

3. Recess The Kitchen Window Into The Framing For A Feeling Of Depth

Interior of an ultra modern kitchen area with white paneled kitchen cabinetry and a granite countertop, breakfast bar

In this lovely kitchen, the window above the sink has been framed to give it the look of being recessed into a deep wall. This works well because the upper cabinets create greater depth. If there were no upper cabinets, it might look strange to box out the window in such a way. A simple pendant lamp and a swag window covering keep it simple and functional.

4. Simple And Wide Molding For A Kitchen With Multiple Windows

Modern kitchen with dark granite countertop, beige colored kitchen cabinetry, and a white painted kitchen wall

This bright and sunny kitchen is blessed with windows. The large counter to almost ceiling height openings could feel busy if the molding was overdone. But in this case, we have simple rectangular molding painted in white to match the wall color and ceilings. The thing that makes it unique is the width. Standard window molding is about 2.25". But this molding must be at least 5" or 6" in width.

5. Match The Molding To Your Cabinetry

Interior of contemporary rustic interior of a modern kitchen area with wooden flooring, wooden window moldings, and a cozy breakfast bar

In this open-plan kitchen, stained wooden cabinetry takes the stage. The large windows are framed out simply, but the designer has chosen to match the stain color to the cabinets. You can do this whether you have a light blonde stain or a dark walnut stain. It will tie the molding in with the rest of the kitchen to give a really unified look between the woodwork.

6. Build Out The Upper Molding To Follow The Line Of Cabinetry

Interior of a modern white themed kitchen with white painted kitchen cabinetry and a white countertop breakfast bar

This beautiful high-end kitchen has all the bells and whistles, including cutting no corners when it comes to cabinetry and molding. Here, rather than have simple upper molding recessed into the space left by the cabinets, the builders have built out a beautiful arched box molding. This elegant solution creates a line, although non-functional, gives the feeling of the rest of the custom cabinetry.

7. Recess The Window In The Wall And Forego Molding

A beige painted kitchen wall with a small kitchen window with kitchen utensils and indoor plants

Here's another approach for a modern kitchen. If you have thick stucco walls, you don't need molding. Get a gorgeous window and recess it into a deep opening above the kitchen window. The look is perfect for this style of home. The metal-framed window doesn't need molding to look finished. And the recess provides a spot for plants and other decorative items above the kitchen sink.

8. Slender Wooden Molding With A Butcher Block Countertop

Small light rustic kitchen area with wooden countertop, wooden flooring, and a brown painted window molding

If you love a really natural, clean-lined look, consider this pairing. Here, a slender outline of molding wraps this above-sink large picture window. The dark staining in a walnut shade is rich and elegant. The countertop, in a slightly lighter butcher block. The use of the thin molding gives the kitchen a bit of a Scandinavian feel.

9. Add A Bit Of Lighting In The Top Molding

Interior of a dark blue colored kitchen wall and cabinetry with stainless steel kitchen appliances

Another neat thing you can do with molding is to think about lighting. Often you can build out a box above the window. Place lights inside of the box to shine down on the window area. Or place lights in the upper portion of the boxed-out molding to shine light upwards. The result is dramatic and adds an extra layer of moodiness. It's also a great way to have night lighting in your kitchen.

10. Use Your Molding Like A Picture Frame Around Your Kitchen Window

Interior of an ultra modern kitchen area with a dark tiled backsplash area

Molding can be its own design component. Here the wall is basically two-toned. The upper half is painted white, and the bottom half is a beautiful sleek tile in black. The window sits above the sink and cuts the line of tile and wall. The way the window is framed really showcases it and the view beyond. This use of molding with this tile and paint combination almost makes us think of gallery hangings.

11. Use Very Narrow Molding To Showcase Your Tile Backsplash

A warm and gray colored kitchen area with a double sink lavatory

If you have a gorgeous tile backsplash, why not let it take center stage. Here, a beautiful pale celadon subway tile in glass graces this kitchen's wall. The tile actually wraps the edge of the window molding at the bottom, and there is only a slender ledge. No side molding pieces are needed for this window as it's in a tight spot between cabinets. The tile detail is really what makes it unique and special, however.

12. Frame Your Kitchen Window With Bold Molding

A gorgeous wooden rustic themed kitchen with hardwood walls, black granite kitchen countertop, and a huge picture window

When you have a view like this cabin in the woods, you're going to want to make it shine. Though the molding is stained wood, like the rest of the interior, this molding shines. Why? Because the stain is bright russet-red which stands out against the yellowish tones of the pine siding. It draws the eye to the gorgeous outdoors while you're cooking or sipping a glass of wine.

13. Have Your Molding And Backsplash Nestle Next To One Another

Interior of a minimalist themed kitchen backsplash and a white framed kitchen window

We love this pretty farmhouse sink perfectly centered beneath a sunny kitchen window. It uses standard window molding, but what makes it so pretty is how the tiny backsplash tile comes right up to meet it. Framing the molding with this mosaic backsplash tile is a great way to show off the backsplash and the view. And, of course, the beautiful sink and faucet.

14. Build An Arched Cornice Box With Lighting Inside

An arched cornice box adds elegance and function above this kitchen sink. Inside of the space's depth, the builder incorporated bonus lighting to shine down on the sink. The arch and the space created between it and the window work very well with the coffered ceilings. Traditional molding surrounds the window itself.

15. Natural Wood Moldings Paired With Cute Wall Sconces Over Window

This simple trim around the window is stained a beautiful oak color. Paired with the hinged wall sconces overhead, the neat roman shade, and the bronze sink faucet, this is a standout look for a modern farmhouse kitchen window. It's sleek yet warm. Homey, yet contemporary. And the lights really make it a cool look.

Don't Skip The Details When It Comes To Your Kitchen

So there you have it --fifteen great ways to think about your kitchen window molding. We can make so many big and small decisions when it comes to our home's interior, right down to our kitchen window's molding options.

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