11 Gorgeous Kitchens With Black Worktops

If you want to make a bold statement in your kitchen, black worktops or countertops may be the solution. Black worktops often work well with most color schemes.

You might think black countertops will only work in a modern-style kitchen, but that is not the case. It's all about balance.

Black kitchen worktops are often paired with light-colored cabinets. They can create a stark contrast and can add drama to any kitchen. 

There are also several advantages to having black countertops in your kitchen. Black worktops are incredibly difficult to stain and will last for many years. They tend to hide dirt and can even conceal cracks that may occur.

Whether you choose black countertops in a matte or glossy finish, your dishes, linens, vases, or flowers will vibrantly stand out against the striking black background. 

We hope these 11 kitchens with black worktops will inspire you and help you decide if this is a trend you want to try in your kitchen. We recommend bringing home a sample of the countertop and seeing what it looks like in your kitchen.

It can look dramatically different in the showroom than in your own home. Take a look at these beautiful kitchens with black countertops and be amazed at how sleek and beautiful they can be. 

A huge black countertop inside an ultra modern kitchen, 11 Gorgeous Kitchens With Black Worktops

1. Dramatic Black Kitchen

An all-black kitchen tends to be more modern, but boy can it make a statement! This style of kitchen can be both alluring and inviting. Be careful that your black kitchen isn't too dark and foreboding.

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Ultra modern kitchen with black painted cabinet, worktops, cabinets and backlighting on the sink area

You will want to add as much lighting as possible. This can be done through natural light or by adding pendant lights, sconces, or under-cabinet lighting. You may want to include some lighter-colored accessories or accents throughout the kitchen. 

2. Black and White

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kitchen showcasing black worktops paired with white cabinets. Black dramatic hood above an oven, with a herringbone backsplash

What is more classic than black and white? For a stark contrast, consider black worktops with white cabinets in your kitchen. This option creates a clean and timeless look that will never go out of style.

In the photo above, the black worktops match beautifully back to the dramatic hood over the oven. The herringbone backsplash is showcased against the black counters.

Rest easy, using this combination in your kitchen will never go out of style and will stand the test of time. Don't be afraid to add pops of color to this kitchen with dishware, flowers, or decorative vases. 

3. Farmhouse  Kitchen with Black Worktops

This modern farmhouse kitchen has paired the beautiful black countertop with beautiful white upper and lower cabinets.

The white shiplap behind the stove creates the perfect farmhouse touch. You can choose to cover the hood vent in rustic wood, to help soften the look of the black countertops.

The black cabinet pulls and knobs also pair perfectly with the black worktops, creating a cohesive look in this kitchen. 

4. Gray and Black 

Interior of kitchen with black countertops, black worktops ,matching gray upper and lower cabinets, dart stainless steel appliances, and white backsplash.

If you don't like the idea of white cabinets and think they may be too difficult to keep clean, consider pairing your black countertops with gray cabinets. You will still get a contrast in color without it being too bold.

Gray cabinets work well in most kitchens and will add a softness to black worktops.

The stainless steel oven and white range hood complement the counters and cabinets perfectly. Adding the shiny, white subway tile backsplash and eye-catching light fixtures finish off this lavish kitchen. This kitchen is a stunner!

5. Matte Black 

Kitchen with matte black countertops, kitchen island with matte black countertop. Suede kitchen bar stools

Matte black countertops are smooth and silky in their appearance and texture. Make sure you research your matte black countertops carefully. The finish of the countertop can depend on how easy the countertop is to keep clean.

Black matte worktops with a polished finish are easier to keep clean and hide streaking better than matte countertops that are leathered or honed. The black worktops in the above photo look very velvety, sleek, and modern. 

6. Black Concrete Countertops

kitchen centered around a vast island with black concrete countertops

A growing trend in kitchen design is concrete countertops.  Many industrial-chic, modern, and even farmhouse kitchens include this trend. Concrete is fairly affordable and durable.

One drawback of concrete worktops is that concrete will mark up and show imperfections over time. So if you don't want your countertop showing any sort of imperfections, this may not be for you. 

In the above kitchen, the massive kitchen island worktop is made of black concrete. It has a beautiful finish and complements the brick present in the kitchen.

Concrete countertops can be a DIY project if you know what you are doing. Pouring them yourself can save you money. The concrete, however, can crack during the drying process if not done correctly. Hiring a professional to help you the first time may be wise. 

7. Black Soapstone Worktops

kitchen with black soapstone countertops characterized by distinct white veining

Soapstone countertops can come in a variety of colors such as gray, green, and black. The distinct white veining in this black soapstone countertop is appealing to the eye and adds interest to the worktop.

Soapstone worktops require no sealants, are non-porous, and are generally stain-resistant. However, soapstone is a softer stone and is more susceptible to dents, scratches, and cuts. Soapstone countertops will also need to be oiled regularly to maintain their fabulous appearance. 

8. Light Wood Cabinets with Black Countertops

kitchen combining light, airy wooden cabinets with sleek black countertops

While black countertops can be sleek and modern, they can sometimes lack warmth. Pairing black countertops with light wood cabinets can add the warmth that may be lacking.

This kitchen is very minimalistic. The light and airy wooden cabinets paired with the black countertops are very modern and sophisticated.

Black worktops pair well with almost any type and tone of the wood. Dark woods such as mahogany look equally as beautiful as light woods, such as birch. 

9. Mixed Media

Modern kitchen with black countertops with wooden paneling. Wooden cabinets with brass pulls give off a warm vibe. White stone slab backsplash

This design may have a little something for everyone. Many different colors and elements are used in the design of this kitchen. The black countertops work as a neutral foundation. Wooden cabinets are also used to lighten up along with brass faucets. The touches of natural wood on the fronts of the upper and lower cabinets are both warm and inviting.

To finish it all off, the homeowner used a contrasting white stone marble slab as the backsplash. So many details come together to make this kitchen different, yet beautiful. 

10. Two-Toned Kitchen Countertops

modern farmhouse kitchen featuring black countertops, white upper and lower cabinets, and a standout black farmhouse sink

Nothing is stopping you from mixing two different colors of countertops in your kitchen. You might think black countertops throughout your entire kitchen will be too dark.

To lighten up the black theme, use a contrasting color on a kitchen island, for example. The photo above shows black countertops around the perimeter of the kitchen with a bright white countertop on the island. 

You may also notice the kitchen cabinets contrast the countertop color. The black countertops are contrasted with white countertops, while the clean, white island countertop is paired with black lower cabinets. This kitchen is balanced with light and dark colors and very appealing to the eye.

11. Black Waterfall Kitchen Counter

kitchen accentuating a black waterfall countertop extending down to the floor, made of stone with a captivating pattern

If you want drama in your kitchen, this is the look for you. Carrying your countertop over the edge down to the floor is showstopping. One drawback of a waterfall countertop is the cost.

You will definitely be paying more to create this mesmerizing look in your kitchen. Quartz will be rather expensive, but granite and concrete are cheaper options that can be used to achieve this same effect. 

The stone in this kitchen has a gorgeous pattern that is showcased in this waterfall counter. 

To Summarize

A huge black countertop inside an ultra modern kitchen

It's easy to see from the photos above why black countertops are trending in the world of kitchen design. Any design style, from modern and contemporary to farmhouse chic, can work with black worktops. Black is neutral and will pair well with other neutrals or even bright pops of color.

Ask yourself if black countertops will work in your kitchen space. But be careful! It can be possible to overdo the black. Again, make sure you have adequate lighting in the space.

Contrasting backsplashes, lighting, paint color, cabinet color, and accents can all help showcase your new black countertops without making our kitchen look too dark. Hopefully, these gorgeous kitchens will help you design the kitchen of your dreams. 

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