11 Beautiful Kitchens With Dark Wood Cabinets

Although light or white kitchens have historically been and currently are hugely popular for their bright and airy ambiance, there is still something to be said for the cozy and warm feel of dark wood cabinets in your kitchen. While dark wood cabinets can make your kitchen seem smaller, some modern kitchens use a dark wood cabinet to achieve a contemporary and trendy look that is also practical.

While darker cabinets can be a great way to add color and character to your space, dark wood cabinets aren't quite as versatile as lighter colors would be. Darker trendy colors can also go in and out of style instead of the enduring look of a light or white kitchen but can add a fun and creative feel to one of the most utilized rooms in your home.

As you will see, kitchens with dark wood cabinets can have many versatile looks that may inspire you and your home's perfect design idea. Dark wood cabinets are not only practical for hiding spills and stains but, being one of the main focal points of your room, can also be a great way to add a touch of charm and personality to your kitchen.

Kitchens are one of the most popular spaces in your home, and the look in this space should appeal to your tastes and be individualized to fit you and your family. Dark wood cabinets used for your kitchen can add warmth and character to your space. While the type of dark wood that you choose is a matter of personal style, we have compiled the following unique selection of dark wood cabinets that may appeal to your tastes or inspire the perfect look for your kitchen.

Kitchen with dark wood cabinetry, 11 Beautiful Kitchens With Dark Wood Cabinets

1. Ebony wood cabinets

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Kitchen with dark wood cabinetry

Historically seen as more of an accent color, black is an ultra-modern and timelessly classy color for your wood cabinets that can create a cool contemporary atmosphere in your kitchen. Paired with stainless steel appliances and countertops, the color combination in the example below is sleek, sharp, and sophisticated.

The cabinets' ebony color is broken up through the use of the lighter, warmer colors of the backsplash and floor. The various warm shades of brown tile covering the floors and coordinating with colors on the backsplash add a bit of coziness and cohesion to this space.

2. Dark walnut cabinets

Modern kitchen interior with dark wooden floor

Shades of dark walnut brown can bring a welcoming feel and sense of comfort to your kitchen. These dark walnut wood cabinets add a certain coziness to the kitchen in the example below. The dark walnut wood contrasts with the bright white countertops and half of the kitchen tile to create a vividly bright but warm color scheme. This color combination is accented with a bright green shade for a funky, energetic splash of background color. 

3. Red Oak cabinets

Kitchen with granite island and wooden cabinets

The perfect warm brown, red oak has a classic look often used in home decorating. Red oak cabinets coordinate with the similar wood floors in the example below for a vast, welcoming ambiance. Various gold and brown shades are mixed into a white background for countertops used to accent and brighten this kitchen. The light wall color and the similarly colored backsplash add the perfect finishing touch to this room.

4. Walnut cabinets

Kitchen with granite island and walnut cabinets

For a slightly lighter color in dark wood cabinets, walnut wood cabinets offer a slightly less intense look. In the example below, these walnut wood cabinets create a streamlined look throughout this space. Paired with a pale southwest color scheme of the backsplash and the neutral colored countertops, these walnut wood cabinets offer a quaint, cozy appearance.

5. Provincial wood cabinets

A country kitchen with a beautiful wooden island table

On the lighter side of the color spectrum of dark wood cabinets, provincial wood cabinets are a deep orangy-tan brown that can give your space a bright warm color. In the example below, the provincial wood cabinets are paired with a light sage green wood island. The wood countertop is a similar shade to the provincial wood cabinets for a cozy country look. 

6. Early American wood cabinets

Luxury kitchen with granite island table

Another lighter shade among dark wood cabinets is early American wood cabinets. With undertones of grey and muted shades of brown, early American is a medium shade of dark brown stains for your wood cabinets. The lighter shade of wood flooring complements the early American cabinets for a fresh, sophisticated look in the example below.

7. True black wood cabinets

Ever classic and modern, true black stained wood cabinets add a mysterious sophistication to your kitchen space. Sleek and stylish, black is the ultimate dark neutral combining with endless color shades for unique and contemporary looks. The dark-colored cabinets in the example below are brightly contrasted through the use of stark white for the floors and ceilings and an abundance of natural light for a sharp monochromatic look.

8. Espresso wood cabinets

Deep and warm, espresso is the color of strong black coffee. It can be the perfect deep shade of brown for your wood cabinets. Paired with light-colored floors and countertops in the example below, the dark brown colored cabinets give this kitchen a modern dramatic feel. 

9. Jacobean wood cabinets

A jacobean stain is a very traditional warm medium colored brown stain commonly used in kitchens for a dark natural color. In this particular example, a knotty wood is used for a more detailed and dramatic effect. This kitchen look combines several colors of wood for a woodsy feel.

10.  Cognac cabinets

Another traditional medium colored brown stain is cognac. A deeper brown with slight orange undertones, cognac is a perfectly welcoming warm color for your kitchen cabinets. The cottage look in the example below is achieved by using several shades of deep neutral tans and light browns to complement the cognac stained cabinets. 

11. Classic grey wood cabinets

An alternate color to traditional browns is grey stain. Rising in popularity for use in home decor, grey is a fabulous cool neutral that gives a muted modern look to any space. Several lighter shades of grey are used in combination with white walls in the kitchen pictured below for a sleek, cool neutral look. 

In Closing

Kitchens tend to be one of the most widely used rooms in a home. Yours should reflect you and your family's styles and tastes. Using cabinet space to add color to your space is a widely used decorating technique that can allow you to individualize your space. We hope that the selection of kitchen ideas that we have provided has sparked your decorative spirit and given you some inspiration for decorating your home. 

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