17 Gorgeous Kitchens With Light Wood Cabinets

Your kitchen is likely one of the most used rooms in your home. With so many befitting options, choosing a design scheme for your room can be a big job. We have searched several sources to bring you an inclusive selection of gorgeous kitchens with light wood cabinets.

Light wood cabinets are widely popular and can create a bright and open feel to your room. While light cabinets may be great for creating a spacious airy feel to your room, they aren't the best options when it comes to creating a dramatic effect in your space. So, whether you have light wood cabinets in your kitchen or are wanting to lighten your wood cabinets, the following looks are some popular design schemes you'll enjoy and gather inspiration.

A modern kitchen interior with vinyl floor and faux wood cabinets, 17 Gorgeous Kitchens With Light Wood Cabinets

1. Deep Gray Kitchen

Black Scandinavian style kitchen interior with tiled white walls, wooden countertops and cabinets, a bar with stools

The textured look of the light wood cabinets in this kitchen pairs perfectly with the deep shade of gray used as an accent color on the bar and rug. The contrast of the deep chocolate tones with the light natural tones in the cabinet colors brings a modern tone to this space. A crisp clean white backsplash coordinates with the simple lighting and countertops for a detailed and dimensional look.

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2. Bright Gray And White Kitchen

Modern bright kitchen interior with wooden cabinets, island and vinyl floor

With so many available shades of gray, using a lighter version of the color can give your room a bright airy feel. The silvery gray used for the wall color complements the light natural wood shade of the cabinets beautifully. The bright white countertops and coordinating lighted backsplash add some additional brilliance to the color scheme in the example below. 

3. White, Yellow, And Gray Kitchen

Modern kitchen interior with white walls and tiled floor

Gray is the perfect cool subtle tone that pairs well with many brighter hues, making it a perfect choice in your search for light wood cabinets. The gray undertones of the wood cabinet stain in the example below are the perfect cool color companion to the crisp clean white kitchen and bright sunshiney yellow used as an accent color.

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4. Earth Tone Kitchen

Modern, spacious kitchen with hardwood floors and cabinets

Stable, warm, and inspired by nature, earth tones are perfect for giving your room an organic feel. The tan walls of the kitchen in the example below pair with bright orangy-brown natural wood shades of the floor and cabinets for a cozy and grounded appearance. A multi-colored slate and stone backsplash adds some deep color to this clay-toned color palette. 

5. LED-Lighted Kitchen

Modern luxury kitchen with purple LED lighting

For a glowing contemporary mood, LED lights under your cabinets make for a unique out-of-this-world feel in your home. The purple-tinted LED lighting in the kitchen pictured below accent the light natural colored cabinets for a bright distinct look in this space. The simple design of the light wood cabinets combined with this glowing strip of colored light gives the kitchen a clean streamlined look.

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6. Marble Floor Kitchen

Spacious kitchen with big kitchen island, wooden elements and marble floor

Light wood cabinets are also great to use as a subtle backdrop to other focal points within your room. For a luxurious touch to any space, marble floors are a perfect posh accent to almost any design scheme.

The hanging art in the corner of the kitchen coordinates perfectly with the swirls of warm color that run through the marble floors in the example below, accentuating the beautiful floors even more. The warm understated handle-less light wood cabinets line this kitchen to add a sleek spacious ambiance to the space. 

7. Green Kitchen

Light brown storage combination in large kitchen room with island

Wall color can have a huge impact on the look of your light wood cabinets. The orange undertones of the cabinets in the example below are accentuated by the complementary cool green-colored walls. An expansive look is created through the use of a light natural wood floor and light-colored countertops and backsplash. 

8. Multi-Toned Hardwood Floor Kitchen

Modern kitchen with hardwood cabinets and floor

Wood markings can have a huge impact on the look of your cabinets and floor. The different woods of the flooring and cabinets combine for this unique textured look. Deep chocolate-toned tile countertops give this room depth as well as a warm ambiance. Natural greenery accent this space adding a calming cool contrast to this kitchen. 

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9. Cabinets With Elongated Hardware

Kitchen interior with vinyl floor and faux wood cabinets

Hardware and the placement of it on your cabinets can change the look of your entire room. The simple elongated cabinet hardware is placed in a way that gives the illusion that all of the cabinets open horizontally.

The light-colored wood cabinets combine with the light silvery gray walls and countertops for a bright airy feel. Glass doors adorn a few cabinets for an open and spacious look in this kitchen.

10. Cozy Light Wood Kitchen

Domestic kitchen interior with rustic elements

This kitchen perfectly demonstrates using light wood in small kitchens to open the space up and create a more expansive illusion. The cozy corner kitchen has plenty of storage thanks to the ceiling-high light wood cabinets.

While darker-colored cabinets going all the way up a wall might seem overwhelming and looming in such a small space, the light color of the cabinets creates a cozy ambiance in this home.

11. Red And Brick Kitchen

Bright kitchen room with wooden cabinets, brick designed wall and vinyl floor

Red walls in your kitchen are said to help stimulate appetite and can add some bold color to your room. The deep red walls pair beautifully with the natural reds in the bricks for a warm vibrant color palette. The vivid contrast of the red walls against the light wood cabinets in this kitchen creates a gorgeous well-balanced color scheme that is cozy and inviting. Light natural stone countertops add some detail and dimension to this space. 

12. Light Wood And White Combo Kitchen

Sunny white modern domestic kitchen with tile floor

For a unique, trendy look in your kitchen, consider multi-colored cabinets. The warm wood cabinets on the top coordinate with the wood countertops to add a toasty bit of color to this kitchen. The white cabinets along the bottom give this cozy kitchen a more spacious feel. Almost any color could be added to this brown and white color scheme to change the entire look of this room.

13. Light Wood Vintage-Inspired Mixed Tile Kitchen

Furnished bright light brown kitchen room with wooden cabinets

Different colored and different sized tiles combine for a vintage eclectic-inspired look to the backsplash in this kitchen. The multi-colored tiles give this space a fun and energetic feel. Greenery is added to this space for a natural splash of cool color.

14. Mixed Light Wood Kitchen

Modern kitchen and dining room with island

To add subtle color to your kitchen, mixing woods is a great way to add some variety of warm understated brown shades to the room. The light neutral colored cabinets add a bright airy feel to the room, while the darker brown cabinets add definition and depth to the color scheme. Shades of white are strategically placed throughout the room for a burst of clean crisp color on the countertops and rug to lighten and brighten this space.

15. Light Wood Eclectic Kitchen

Kitchen interior with wooden cabinets, blue countertop and tiled floor

Eclectic design includes a purposeful mixture of colors, textures, or design genres to create a unique artsy ambiance in your home. The blue, brown, and green color scheme in the example below demonstrates the eclectic design method of mixing different prints within the same color palette. The light wood cabinets add a bright orange shade to this color combination for a vivid energetic burst of color. 

16. Open Shelf Pantry

A contemporary classic kitchen featuring a pantry storage shelf and maple cabinet

Different options in storage can give your kitchen an open look and feel. The light wood open shelf storage cabinets in this kitchen add some colorful decor that is also practical. This corner open shelf pantry placed next to a bright accent-colored window trim is the perfect combination of vibrant cool teal and warm brown tones for a complementary color scheme.

17. Light Wood And Yellow Cabinets

Modern kitchen interior with island, yellow and wooden cabinets

Adding accent color cabinets to your kitchen can pair perfectly with your light-colored cabinets for a fun multi-dimensional look. The energetic sunny shade of golden yellow gives the kitchen a fun splash of color in the middle of your neutral-colored wood cabinets. Gray flooring completes this color combination.

Final Thoughts

Because your kitchen is likely one of the most popular rooms in your home, your styles and taste should be reflected in the decor of your space. While these are only a few of the endless design scheme options for your kitchen with light wood cabinets, we hope to have helped inspire your inner designer and make your kitchen remodeling project a major success.

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