Korky Vs. Fluidmaster Pros & Cons: Which To Choose For Your Next Toilet?

Leaky and clanky toilet valves can be annoying and cause your water bill to shoot up. Fixing these valves with the appropriate toilet repair parts is essential, and two of the best choices in the market are Korky and Fluidmaster.

Are you stuck between Korky and Fluidmaster but don't know which brand is better? Well, we've researched this question extensively and have the answer below!

Korky and Fluidmaster have at least one comprehensive toilet repair kit in their product listings. These two brands have benefits that range from having complete toilet repair kits that are durable and easy to use.

They also have disadvantages like incompatibility and some product failures, which can turn off many customers.

Choosing between these brands can be difficult for users, especially if they are unsure what would be best for their toilets. In this post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both brands. We'll also discuss points on how to choose the best set for your toilet, so keep reading!

Korky Vs. Fluidmaster Pros & Cons

Two toilet water drainer, Korky Vs Fluidmaster Pros & Cons: Which To Choose For Your Next Toilet?

Nothing is worse than a malfunctioning toilet that leaks and causes more problems in your bathroom daily. Most toilets are easy to fix on your own, so many toilet repair kits are available in the market to help with this problem.

If you're looking to replace your toilet's malfunctioning parts, you will want to choose a product that will last you for a very long time.

After all, no one wants to constantly open and fix the toilet tank, so it's important to use durable parts that will work efficiently.

Typically, you'll find Korky and Fluidmaster as two of the most popular toilet repair brands available today. Here are some of the pros and cons of each brand to help you choose the best kit for your toilets.

Korky Toilet Repair

Blue cleaning water-soluble tablet falls into the water drain the toilet tank

Designed and manufactures in Wisconsin, the Korky brand is a well-known toilet repair kit in the market. They are popular for using the Chlorazone red rubber, which customers like because of their chemical-resistant properties.

Aside from these qualities, Korky is an industry leader in toilet parts which is why many brands complement Korky's products.

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1. Affordability

One of the best qualities of Korky is its affordability while assuring users of its durability. Korky products are priced much lower than their counterparts and are all made in the USA.

Buying a complete set can be more cost-effective because of Korky's affordable pricing if you need just one part for your toilet. Simply keep the other parts for future use.

2. Universal Fit

Korky is known for creating products that have a universal fit and can be used on nearly 90% of toilet brands.

Even older toilet models can benefit from a Korky repair kit, so you don't have to replace the bowls and tanks because you can't find valves and other necessary parts.

3. Easy Installation

Most customers praise Korky for its easy-to-follow installation guide. This is perfect for those who don't have experience in DIY projects like fixing leaky toilet valves.

Korky is also known to help users address any toilet problem they might encounter without needing special tools.

4. Durability

Toilet plumbing work part for toilet bowl

Korky is known to use Chlorazone red rubber, which is designed to withstand most toilet aggressors.

The valve parts are durable against bacteria, chlorine, water treatments, hard water, rusty water, and well water.

5. Great Customer Service

Upon purchase of any Korky product, customers have a 5-year warranty should they encounter any problems. Aside from the excellent warranty service, Korky also has a Toilet Genius help tool for users, which is helpful for many uses.

It can provide answers to which part you'll need to purchase and instructions on how to install them.


1. Loud Valves

A common complaint from most Korky users is the loud float valves.

While it generally does not affect the product's capability in flushing the toilet, the noisiness of the float valve tends to annoy users, which is why they would choose the competitor.

2. Leaking

Some Korky users have complained about leaking issues from the product, which has caused their water bills to skyrocket.

While this issue can be fixed with Korky's warranty, it should be an issue that the brand has addressed early on due to multiple complaints.

3. Product Failure

While this is rare, some users have complained of the product completely failing only after weeks of use.

Some users point out that the materials of the Korky products are made of poor materials, which is why the product has trouble functioning properly.

Fluidmaster Toilet Repair

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Fluidmaster is a widely-popular toilet repair brand that also has its products sold globally.

Known as the leader in the toilet parts industry, Fluidmaster takes pride in revolutionizing the efficiency of toilet parts which makes them a popular choice for many customers.

Fluidmaster also has multiple products that cater to specific toilet brands for a better fit.

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1. Optimized Water

Fluidmaster products are known to optimize water usage. This includes fixing the most common toilet problems like leakage and excessive water supply when in use.

Most users choose Fluidmaster for its expertise in addressing these issues with its complete repair kit.

2. Targeted Solutions

Fluidmaster also has a complete repair kit on their product listings, but they also have a more targeted solution for those who know the actual problem of their toilets.

These products are better because you'll only need to replace the specific parts you need and fix the issues with the right kind of replacement.

3. Cost-Effective

While their products are more expensive than their competitors, Fluidmaster's quality cannot be compared.

This makes the products more cost-effective in the long run, as customers do not need to replace parts of their toilets once they use the Fluidmaster kits.

4. Easy Installation

Because Fluidmaster's place in the toilet parts industry, they have also made their products easy to use for most consumers.

The toilet repair kits are quick and easy to install, even for beginners, and they have all the instructions you'll need in an easy-to-follow format.

5. Reliable

If one asks a plumber for a particular brand they prefer for toilet kits, the Fluidmaster brand comes up regularly. This is because the brand is known for its durability and reliability even after years of use.


1. Not A Univeral Fit

One of the issues some customers complain about with Fluidmaster is that the products are not universally compatible. Some brands like Gerber and Kohler are not compatible with the Fluidmaster parts.

It can also be a little challenging to fit Fluidmaster toilet parts on older toilets because they have parts that are a little bigger than their competitors.

2. May Require Extra Pieces

Some users complain that the Fluidmaster kits have only the exact pieces you'll need for installation.

Unfortunately, there are times when you're bound to lose one bolt, or the toilet that you have will require more than the pieces they have. Because of this, some users had to buy extra parts to complete the installation.

3. Imported Parts

Unlike their competitor, Fluidmaster parts are not made in the USA. Most parts are imported from Mexico and China, which some consumers do not favor.

However, despite their parts being imported, Fluidmaster still holds high standards in their production facilities in creating their toilet replacement parts.

Which One Should I Choose: Korky Or Fluidmaster?

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Ultimately, the choice between these two brands will all be your preference and whichever fits your toilet. However, most professionals and consumers prefer one brand over the other because of its reliability and overall performance.

Based on numerous reviews, the Fluidmaster is a prime choice for many consumers.

While the price of the products is a little bit more expensive, users are assured that the parts will last longer and they won't need any replacing for a long time.

Our Final Thoughts

Two toilet water drainer

Whichever toilet repair kit you choose, these two brands will fix your toilets with whatever issues they might have.

The choice greatly depends on which brand you are more comfortable using and which one will work seamlessly with your toilets. Either way, Korky or Fluidmaster will get your toilets running effortlessly in no time.

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