Kraftmaid Vs Diamond Cabinets: Which Is Better For Your Home Project?

Whether you're just starting to build your home or you’re renovating, you may be trying to decide on the right kitchen cabinets. Are you having trouble choosing between KraftMaid or Diamond cabinets? If you are weighing these two options, we have done our research to help you pick the one that’s better for your home project.

Both KraftMaid and Diamond are semi-custom-made cabinets that offer modern and practical designs. Kraftmaid boasts the use of top-grade materials that limit environmental impact. They also use construction techniques that will ensure that the cabinets last a long time.

Diamond takes pride in their trendy colors and designs that create more storage space. Their cabinets are made to suit different styles, from rustic and traditional to transitional and contemporary. 

Throughout this post, we will talk about KraftMaid and Diamond cabinets. We will discuss some aspects such as quality, durability, versatility, style, and more to help you decide which one to choose for your project. Continue reading to learn further details on each option.

Difference in semi custom made cabinets between diamond cabintry and kraftmaid, Kraftmaid Vs Diamond Cabinets: Which Is Better For Your Home Project?

An Overview Of KraftMaid

KraftMaid cabinetry is considered the number-one maker of semi-custom cabinets. They have been doing business since 1969. Their products are sold by do-it-yourself chains and online.

KraftMaid will let you customize your own cabinets and pick the right materials, so that you can create cabinets that are designed around your needs. They have different paints, stains, finishes, and combinations to choose from.

KraftMaid also takes pride in advanced storage options that are mixed with various cabinet sizes and styles. They make their cabinets following high standards, so that they will last a lifetime.

Their cabinets are made by expert cabinet-makers as well as automated equipment, which results in high-quality products that stand up to wear and tear. Kraftmaid has a lifetime warranty that stems from their confidence that their products are well-tested beyond industry standards.

Kraftmaid is serious about protecting the environment. They manufacture all their cabinets in facilities that are ISO 14001 certified. The woods they used are purchased in the best sizes to attain the highest yield. 

Their advance environmental controls minimize the impact of production on the environment. Incorporating recycling, such as reusing scraps of wood and sawdust, is part of their efforts to save the Earth.

Modern kitchen, opened wooden drawers with accessories inside, solution for kitchen storage, minimali

A Look At Diamond

Diamond Cabinets is part of the MasterBrand family. MasterBrand Cabinets has been around since 1926. Diamond offers a wide variety of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. They take pride in their storage products, which are both functional and stylish.

Their products are also semi-customizable, which is helpful for those who want to customize their cabinets. Diamond can provide you with different stains and finishes that are both on-trend and traditional.

Diamond has made protecting the environment one of its top priorities. The company is a member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program, which means they go beyond industry standards in protecting the environment.

Diamond has three series the Vibe, Distinction, and Edge. They are all covered by a limited lifetime warranty

Opened kitchen drawer with plates inside, a smart solution for kitchen storage and organizing

Is The Price Right?

Budget constraints can hinder any project. No matter how well planned your design is, without the right budget, you won’t be able to make it a reality.

There are a lot of factors to consider for the pricing of cabinets. Both manufacturers provide project-cost calculators on their websites to help you with pricing estimates.

To give you an idea, a typical kitchen remodeling will cost around $150 per square foot. Of course, the total expense varies according to the size of the space and the materials used.

A basic KraftMaid kitchen can cost $75 per square foot, while their high-end kitchen can cost up to $250 per square foot. Diamond doesn’t provide a ballpark estimate, but they will let you enter your budget in their remodeling budget calculator, and that will tell you how much your kitchen, bathroom, or office renovation is.

Product Innovations

Bathroom modern vanity unit with two round ceramic sinks, chrome faucets and mirror with black frame

Each brand offers special features and innovative designs for your cabinet needs.

Diamond Cabinets

Diamond offers several innovations in its cabinetry.

Smart Stop

This soft-close cabinet system prevents drawers from slamming shut, so they close quietly.

Quick-Release Framed Cabinetry Hinge 

This allows for the tool-less removal of cabinet doors. When you need to remove the doors, you won’t need to unscrew them with a screwdriver.

Biometric Secured Drawer

This drawer keeps valuables safe. The drawer has a self-locking mechanism . It can be unlocked with by using a key or biometrics.


This is Diamond’s line of organizational cabinets. They can help keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free. Diamond has initiated innovative storage to maximize capacity and flexibility.


KraftMaid has also introduced unique innovations.

Durakraft Plus Finishing System

KraftMaid uses a 14-step finishing process that protects its cabinets from scratches and stains. With this system, you only need to wipe off spills or stain with no worries about damaging the wood.

Whisper Touch Hinges and Drawer Runners

KraftMaid drawers have adjustable hinges that engage softly when you close them. Ball-bearing drawer slides help control opening and closing.

Which Brand Offers Modification?

Master bathroom interior in luxury modern home with dark hardwood cabinets, white tub and glass door

Both KraftMaid and Diamond offer cabinetry that can be adjusted or modified based on your requests. They are flexible based on what your needs.

KraftMaid and Diamond cabinets also have touch-up kits to fix minor issues like scratches.  You can also buy replacement parts from both manufacturers.

What Materials Are Used For Each Cabinet?

Both KraftMaid and Diamond cabinets are available in different types of wood.

KraftMaid cabinets make doors, drawer fronts, and face frames out of solid-milled lumber. Cabinet cases and interior shelves are made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) hardwood panels that add stability to the finished products. Veneered plywood is also available as an upgrade on some cabinets

Diamond cabinets use different types of engineered wood materials such as particle board, plywood, MDF, and thermofoil. The latter is made of a polyvinyl chloride foil that pressed onto MDF by using heat.

KraftMaid Finishes, Colors, And Styles

Color and finish can both greatly influence the overall vibe of your home.

KraftMaid offers 15+ color options. There are independent dealers who offer Colormatch, where they match Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, or Valspar paint colors to individualize the customer’s style.

KraftMaid offers 20+ stain colors. Apart from that, they also offer stains with glaze to create a darker base stain color. Because they hand-rub stains after spraying, the finished products for each customer will be unique.

What’s unique about KraftMaid finishes is their way of mimicking old furniture. They have distressed, vintage, weathered, and aged finishes, depending on the wood you chose.

Distressing imitates imperfections found on reclaimed wood. A vintage finish creates the feel and vibe of a well-used kitchen. A weathered finish presents a look of wood that has been exposed to the elements. Finally, an aged finish will have an antique feel. 

KraftMaid will let you explore by presenting five common designs in rustic, traditional, transitional, modern, and contemporary styles.

Diamond Finishes, Color, And Styles

Diamond offers more colors and finishes than Kraftmaid. They have 170+ colors and finishes across all of their series. 

To give your cabinets a unique look, Diamond also customizes finishes. They employ different techniques to add character to their products.

One of the finishing techniques that Diamond uses is heirlooming. This involves over-sanding the edges to mimic the look of old furniture.

Distressing is another one of these techniques. It makes the finish look imperfect by creating dents and other natural marks that show wear.

Looking At Longevity

Beautiful cabinetry with black handles and drawers under white countertop

The material used in a cabinet is one aspect that contributes to its longevity. Keep in mind that KraftMaid products are made of solid-milled lumber, while Diamond uses different engineered types of wood.

Solid wood tends to last longer. This can contribute to the product’s durability. However, you should note that engineered wood is made to withstand moisture and other environmental factors that can cause wood to decay.  

Final Thoughts

Difference in semi custom made cabinets between diamond cabintry and kraftmaid

Now that you have read a thorough discussion of both KraftMaid and Diamond cabinets, you could be favoring one over the other.

If you are looking for new trends and innovations, with numerous color options, you may be leaning toward Diamond. If you are after stylish yet traditional pieces which are durable and come with a lifetime warranty, you may prefer KraftMaid.

Finally, you should pick the brand that suits you and your family’s needs based on the factors presented above.

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