9 Large Bathroom Layout Ideas [Pictures & Charts]

The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in a house. You want this space to be not only functional and well-organized, but also clean and inviting to fit your taste and style. For a super luxurious bathroom, you want to go big. A large bathroom can bring a spa-like feel to your home, making every day feel like a vacation. Or it can simply give you room to get ready in the morning without bumping elbows with your partner.

If your home has the space to accommodate a larger bathroom, you don't need to compromise when choosing how to design it or who gets to use the sink or shower first. A large bathroom layout can provide you with everything you want and need to fit your lifestyle, including whatever design features you prefer. If you're ready to upgrade to a bigger, better bathroom, or only dreaming of the remodeling possibilities, check out the options below. We've found nine dream bathroom layouts you're sure to love.

Modern apartament bathroom with shower, 9 Large Bathroom Layout Ideas [Pictures & Charts]

1. Scandinavian Simplicity

A large white colored bathroom with a wooden flooring and a large washbasin and a huge mirror

This efficient bathroom design provides everything you'd want and need in a simple, minimalist style. The light wood tones balanced with the white walls and tile offer a bright, fresh look. Two wide sinks in a nice long counter provide ample room to spread out. Placing the tub below the window will let you feel like you're bathing in the trees or under the stars. This large bathroom layout also provides plenty of space for a separate spacious shower stall.

2. Dark Decadence

A large black colored bathroom with two circular shaped windows and wood tile shower area

You don't have to include a tub for your bathroom to have a spa-like feel. This bathroom design dedicates a larger space to the shower instead. The dark wall tiles provide a sleek and sophisticated style, while the lighter floors and vanity give a nice contrast to keep the room from being too dim. The modern faucets and vessel sinks complete the look.

3. Gorgeous Marble

This bathroom uses the same beautiful tile for both the shower walls and the floor that stretches under the oversized tub. The rest of the bathroom is white to let this striking feature stand out. The wall of windows provides you with a view while you soak, and the addition of shades allows for extra seclusion when you want it. Tucking the toilet and bidet in their own alcove also offers a bit more privacy.

4. All Dressed Up

A large bathroom with beige colored walls and a fitted bathtub on the corner

This lovely bathroom includes a dressing table and chair to ensure you'll have plenty of space to get ready for the day ahead comfortably. The extra surface area around the built-in tub provides room to add personal decorative touches like candles or flowers, and it also gives you a convenient space to set a book or glass at the same time while you relax in your stylish surroundings.

5. Serene Shower

A large bathroom with a blue tilled wall and a washing area at the center with huge windows

This bathroom design will give you the ultimate shower experience. Dedicating so much space to the shower offers all the room you'd ever need and also means you don't have to add a shower curtain or door, which is one less thing to keep clean. The full wall of blue tile provides just enough color, while the rectangular sink is the perfect element to complete this modern bathroom.

6. Warm And Roomy

A large brown colored bathroom with a huge bathtub and two washbasins on each side

Separating the two sinks on opposite vanities gives both you and your partner dedicated areas to occupy as you please. The warm tones in the wall tiles and flooring make this roomy space feel cozy and inviting. It's the perfect spot for soaking in a warm bath on a chilly night. The complementary shapes of the sinks and tub give this bathroom a cohesive look.

7. Clean And Bright

A large brown colored bathroom with a huge bathtub and two washbasins on each side

This modern bathroom keeps things fresh and simple with an all-white palette. Multiple windows let in plenty of natural light while the positions of the shower and tub allow you to maintain some privacy from the outside world. Wall-mounted faucets above the vessel sinks make this vanity uncluttered and easy to keep clean.

8. Separate Spaces

A very large bathroom with a glass walled shower and a washbasin with cabinets

This bathroom has not only a separate bathtub and shower stall but also a separate room for the toilet. If you'd like a little extra privacy, especially if you often share the bathroom with other family members, consider placing the toilet behind its own door. An extra-large bathroom offers the room to spread out and give everything -- and everyone -- their personal space.

9. Sleek and Striking

A white walled bathroom, a glass walled shower area, and two large mirror

This bathroom design employs sleek lines in the shower and vanity that are a perfect contrast to the detailed floor tile. This seemingly simple space offers a tranquil retreat with an oversized shower stall, a large soaking tub, and a door to a private balcony—the perfect escape at the end of a long day.


No matter how you choose to design it, you will love having a large, luxurious bathroom. Bold shower tiles, striking floors, or a simple and neutral color palette can all work in a big bathroom -- the choice is yours. With a large space, the options are also endless for choosing your layout. Go for two sinks, a separate shower, and tub, and even add a dressing table or second vanity if you like. Or keep things simple with one super-size shower. If you're ready to design your dream bathroom, check out this article on choosing the perfect color for your bathroom cabinets, and this article that features the top 30 online stores to shop for bathroom tiles.


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