12 Large Living Room Floor Plans You Need To See

There's no denying that the living room is the most important room when it comes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the house. The living room functions not only as a central hub for entertainment and socializing but also as the visual anchor for a home.

As such, figuring out how to optimize the space with the right layout is paramount. Large living rooms are advantageous in that there is more floor space to play around with to achieve the perfect furniture layout. 

However, large living rooms can also be a double-edged sword so to speak; without the right guidance and inspiration, it can be daunting to figure out how to fill the space and optimize the aesthetic.

To help steer you in the right direction, we created a list of 12 large living room layouts. Consider the following layouts to inspire you to make the most of your space. 

Interior of an amazing two storey living room with a rustic approach to the design and long white curved sofa, 12 Large Living Room Floor Plans You Need To See

1. Couch Across From Entertainment Center And Adjacent Chair

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loft wooden room with television set

This living room features a fairly common layout in which the couch sits directly across from an entertainment center. A lounge chair sits off to the side, the perfect position for socializing or watching TV. On top of a sizeable area rug is a fairly large coffee table. 

2. Large Wraparound Couch With Accent Chairs And Coffee Table

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amazing great room with second story balcony

This layout makes the most of this large living room. A huge L-shaped couch sits against one corner, and two accent chairs face the couch, an ideal setup for hours of conversation and entertaining. A large ottoman-style coffee table sits at the center of the room, tying the elements together. Lastly, a huge area rug sits underneath all of the furniture. 

3. Integrated Living Space And Eating Are

white leather sofa white chairs and armchair glass and marble coffee table black lamp and black leather carpet white dining table and white dining chairs

This large living room features a somewhat integrated eating area. A conventional sofa helps visually separate the two spaces. If your large living room is especially spacious, consider incorporating the eating area to make the most of the floor space.

4. Three Sofas, Large Coffee Table, And Adjacent Eating Area

beautiful living room with fireplace

This living room layout optimizes the available floor space with two distinct areas—one for socializing and entertainment and another for dining. The hangout area boasts three sizeable couches that are oriented in a way that facilitates conversation. 

5. Circular Seating Setup

homey great room with vaulted ceiling and grand piano

Orienting the living room furniture in a circular scheme like this is ideal for entertaining. The couch serves as the central piece, and it is flanked by several chairs that all face the center of the room. A piano serves as the final piece that closes off the circle. And last but certainly not least, a large coffee table sits near the room's center, tying these elements together.

6. Two Sofas And Two Chairs

spacious living room with marble fireplace

This is another large living room layout ideal for socializing. Two perpendicular couches face two lounge chairs. A large area rug sits below the pieces of furniture, making the area look and feel complete. 

7. Three Chairs, Sofa, And Bar With Kitchen Area

luxurious living room and kitchen

This large living room is certainly unique, featuring a conventional living space with an integrated bar area. The living space is comprised of a couch, lounge chairs, area rug, and coffee table. The bar area sits at the far end of the room. The layout of this room is focused on entertaining and being the "host with the most."

8. Two Couches, Two Lounge Chairs, And Eating Area

home interior industrial style

This is another neat living room layout that features a combined living space and dining area. The socialization/entertainment nook is comprised of two couches and two lounge chairs. The large area rug that sits underneath helps to make this area feel separate from the adjacent eating area. 

9. Couch, Entertainment Center, And Chair Off To The Side

living room with fireplace

This large living room layout is fairly standard in that it features a conventional couch that sits across from an entertainment center. A coffee table and two small ottomans sit between the two, with an accent chair off to the side.

10. Couch, Small Sectional, And Lounge Chair

cozy living room

Here is another living room layout that's ideal for both watching TV or talking for hours on end with family and friends. The smaller of two couches faces the TV and fireplace, with the bigger couch off to the side. A lounge chair sits across the room for additional seating.

Want to know how else you can orient your furniture in a living room with a fireplace and TV? Check this article out: 27 Living Rooms With A Fireplace And TV.

11. Couch, Coffee Table, Two Lounge Chairs, Bar, And Eating Area

modern interior living room

This is another large living room layout that features a nearby bar, but this one also includes a dining area. The living space is made up of a couch, a coffee table, and two chairs. Due to the orientation and placement of the different elements, the living room doesn't feel cramped or busy. This room is very multifunctional. 

12. Couch, Ottoman, And Two Lounge Chairs

living room with fireplace and water view with large windows

If you want your large living room to boast a unique layout, consider this one. In this room, the couch is angled out away from the wall close to the center of the room. One lounge chair sits directly across from the couch, and another one sits adjacent to it. Such an interesting layout is one that guests won't soon forget. It also allows you to move freely and comfortably throughout the space. 

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you the needed inspiration to make the most of your large living room. If you draw some inspiration from these ideas, we have no doubt that your large living room will be...Before you go, be sure to check out these other related guides:

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