17 Large Ship-Wheel Décor Items for Your Walls

Even if you don’t live on a beachfront property, you can still add the spirit of the ocean into your daily life with ship-wheel decors. They are becoming a popular trend, making it easy to find and add a few sea elements to any part of your home with great ease.

17 Large Ship-Wheel Décor Items For Your Walls

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Ship wheels go well with both beach-themed rooms and nautical-themed rooms. Similar themes but not identical. The beach theme tends to be more relaxed and holiday-inspired while the nautical theme is all about ships and marine vessels.

The great thing about placing a ship wheel on your wall is that it can go well with either style. If you’re shooting for a beach-themed room, look for a distressed look in natural colors. However, if you’re going for the “Ship, Ahoy!” nautical look, choose a large whip wheel, either in deep dark wooden tones with golden furnishing or in navy blue, white and red.

Large Ship-Wheel Wall Decor Items You Should Consider

We’ve rounded up 17 examples of large ship wheel decor that will adorn any part of your house and transform its ambiance, focusing on wheels that are larger than 18 inches in diameter so you can add just the right seafaring flavor to your room.

1. 36-inch Ship Wheel

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This maritime decoration is famous among marine aficionados because it makes them feel closer to the sea. It also makes a great gift that is perfect for any occasion. You can use this wheel in both home and office rooms. What adds to its charm is the polished solid teak wood, which is handcrafted by skilled Indian artists.

This 36-inch shop has a noticeable weight to it, clocking in at 14 pounds. Its 8 pointy spokes surround the circular center, leaving an impression on your guests.

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2. Winomo 18-inch Nautical Décor by WINOMO

This blue wooden ship wheel combines a high-quality finish with precision craftsmanship to make a perfect nautical wall-hanging item. It has a fun-filled blue and white color palette that is ideal for those who love colorful art. 8 spokes surround the wheel, alternating between blue and white colors. Furthermore, the ducks and starfish surrounding the wheel instantly catch the eye.

The wheel is constructed using durable pine material that won’t break with rough use. Installation is simple enough thanks to the built-in nail.

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3. White Washed Ship Wheel by Nagina International

This steering wheel helps you complete your room’s ensemble. It adds artful appeal to your room, giving it character and sparking conversation among guests. The wheel itself is crafted from high-quality wood and takes on a traditional silhouette with a lustrous white finish. Its rustic look will match the design of most interiors.

You can get the wheel in 10 different designs, from the compact size of 12 inches to the noticeably large 72 inches.

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4. Ship Wheel Décor by CrazyDeal

If you’re searching for something to make a stylistic statement, then perhaps the gold finish of this ship wheel is a great option. Its 8 spokes feature a metal look that will go along well with beach-themed rooms. The ship wheel makes it easy to embark on your own DIY project because it is so easy to hang. The ship sculpture is constructed using bright and reflective acrylic pieces that are both stylish and durable.

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5. Wooden Black Pirate Ship by Mythrojan

Add this wooden black-colored wheel to your room for a vintage touch. It is made using natural wood which features strong construction. The black color is contrasted with a distinct solid chrome center that will adorn your room. In addition, they are fully handcrafted, with the artisan doing everything they can to make the wheel look perfect.

It is made from a rare wood that is hard and highly regarded for its ability to resist the elements. The wooden ship wheel has six spokes, each skillfully assembled for longevity and durability.

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6. Antique Vintage Décor Ship by Nagina International

This realistic ship wheel combines bold colors with quality craftsmanship to make a stylish nautical item to accent your room. This steering wheel has eight spokes, which will add a nautical style to your home or office space. Its rusted blue color looks authentic and feels used in a real ship.

You can buy it in 10 different sizes ranging from 12 inches to 72 inches.

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7. Wood and Rope Wheel by Moby Dick Specialties

This rustic wood and rope wheel is made of real rope meticulously wrapped around the frame of a metal wire. Its eight individual spokes feature a distressed white wood finish that makes for a distinct contrast to the brown ropes. The nautical theme itself is fairly bare bones and doesn’t steal too much attention. It will add seaside charm to most rooms without looking forced.

It has a diameter of 26.5 inches, which hits the sweet spot between small and big.

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8. Rustic White Starfish Wheel by Hampton Nautical

This wheel perfectly combines the nautical style with the warmth of the holiday season. It has a distressed black finish that is contrasted with a rustic whitewash color. The design is topped off with a starfish studded in the center. This charming steering wheel has eight spokes that can be installed on your walls easily.  It measures at a respectable 18 inches in diameter, making it noticeable in any room.

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9. Welcome Aboard

If you want to go with something more authentic, then this ornamental steering wheel is exactly the item you need on your wall. The simple yet incredibly stylish retro color palette reinforces the nautical theme in your room. This ship wheel will make a fantastic addition to your room thanks to the welcoming caption which says, “Welcome Aboard”. Its dimensions are 24.4 by 1.4 by 24.4.

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10. Wood Ships Wheel by Deco 79

This wooden wheel takes the traditional design of shipping wheels and adds a new meaning to it. A quartz wall clock cozily sits inside the antique wood which has a lustrous shine to it. Those who love the sight of the sea and have lived through endless sea voyages will appreciate the design. It features a premium wooden finish that will impress everyone.

The wheel’s size is a noticeably large 20 inches. It is easy to hang on your walls.

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11. Evergreen Captain’s Vintage metal by Cape Craftsmen

Steer any room towards a nautical style with this marquee inspired shipping wheel. It is designed to catch attention, featuring LED lights against a dark blue metallic finish. The 8 spokes surrounding the LED lights break away from the traditional design of shipping wheels. Do keep in mind that the wheel requires 2 AA batteries to fully power all 9 LED lights.

To make things easier, the wheel also comes with a remote control to turn the lights on and off with ease.

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12. Wood Crafted Sailor’s Nagina International

Exuding the country style theme, this charming ship wheel shows a classic design that is both elegant and lustrous. It’s wood finish features a rustic brown color interspersed with dark shades, perfectly mimicking the natural shade of wood. The eight spokes are narrow and long, which look authentic for the most part. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the wheel has been handcrafted by talented artisans in India.

If you like it, you can buy it here on Amazon.

13. Steering Ship Wheel by Marine Nautical Store

This ship wheel is made using brass and Sheesham wood which features a reddish brown color that will overhaul your room by adding a nautical touch. It has eight spokes surrounding it which are short and narrow. The wheel is handcrafted using the highly durable Sheesham wood which is known for being extra tough. It is the go-to material for furniture, musical instrument, and most wood carvings.

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14. Super Rustic White Wheel by Hampton Nautical

This steering wheel is easily mountable to a wall and is the perfect item for a beach-themed room. It features a worn out whitewashed paint that gives it the feel that it has been in use for several years on sea voyages. The inner circle features a pink palm tree that is noticeable thanks to its contrasting hues.

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15. Wooden Ship Wheel Brass Handle by Marine Nautical Store

This unique wooden ship combines a natural wood finish with brass handles that are unmatched in quality and craftsmanship. They instantly add more appeal to your room, measuring as 24 by 24 by 1.8, and they will become noticeable by guests.

The brass handle offers a visually uplifting contrast to the natural wooden color of the wheel.

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16. Rustic White Ship Wheel by Hampton Nautical

This ship wheel combines a beautiful whitewash with red bands of rope, featuring eight elegant spokes that are added for stylish reasons. Completing the design is the shellfish towards the center which makes the wheel all the more appealing. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to hang on your walls.

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17. Classic Antique Golden Ship Wheel by Nagina International

An elegant ship wheel that is made with durable wood and with a premium vintage golden finish that looks strangely antique, the whole ensemble is completed with 7 handles that sprout out from the center. Installation is simple enough and there is no need for maintenance since the wood finish does not attract dust and dirt.

You can buy this handcrafted wheel in 10 different sizes, ranging from 12 inches to 72 inches.

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