15 Unique Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

Keeping your laundry room mess-free and organized can often feel like an impossible undertaking. Should your laundry space have cabinets to the ceiling or just a designated area for extra clothing and cleaning supplies? We have done our research on this topic and have the answers waiting for you. Let's dive into this. 

Having extra cabinet space for storage in your laundry room is a must when it comes to home design. Your cabinets should fit your home's theme and work as a space to get decluttered while still being nice to look at. There are so many unique ideas for your laundry room cabinets that range from simple to upscale that can truly transform your space. 

As we get into this list, we will share our top 15 laundry room cabinet ideas that will transform your space. We also have found some excellent related products that we will dive into as well. With that being said, let's look at some cabinets!

laundry room with modern washing machine and open design cabinet. 15 Unique Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

1. Light Neutral Farmhouse

Rain boots and gingham decorated flooring in new custom home. light neutral farmhouse

First up, we have this softwood farmhouse design that feels super welcoming. Choosing to go with a softer wood or vinyl cabinet design is easy to accessorize and opens the door for even more color elsewhere. The fun neutral tile goes very well with this cabinetry color and has a sleek final look. 

2. Dainty Off White

interior design of a utility laundry room in a residential home. with utility sink and fixture, washer and dryer, storage area. dainty off white

Another great laundry room cabinet idea would be an off-white or eggshell design like this room. Going with a light cabinet can allow for quirky wallpaper and fun decor, so we recommend it if you are looking to add some flare to your laundry room.

Ameriwood Home Soft White Wall Cabinet

Here is an off-white cabinet that will look great in your laundry room from the Ameriwood Store. This cabinet measures 7.48 x 22.2 x 24.57 inches and weighs roughly 29 pounds.

View this cabinet on Amazon here.

3. Open Concept

Domestic laundry room with washing machine and dryer. open concept laundry cabinet

Third, we have an open concept laundry room cabinet design that is great for locating items you need. Choosing to go with an open cabinet is ideal for storing towels and other visually pleasing items requiring a space to hangout. If you plan to keep cleaning supplies in your laundry room, we suggest adding a drawer or door to a couple of cabinets. 

4. Dark Wood

Laundry Room With Washing Machine, Dryer And Ironing Board At The Attic. dark wood laundry room cabinet

Next, we have a modern and dark wood laundry room cabinet idea that is simply gorgeous. This color and style of cabinetry has a high-end luxury look and makes for a great laundry room space. The marble backsplash also has us feeling a certain type of way and is the perfect final touch. 

5. Classic With Doors

Washing machine and dryer in a luxury bathroom. classic with doors laundry room cabinet

Here we have a classic and hidden laundry room idea that uses sliding doors to hide your washer and dryer. Choosing to add a door with your cabinets is an easy way to hide your appliances while also keeping that extra storage we are all after. This off-white cabinet color almost has a tan or cream look to it that we appreciate. 

6. Green And White

Olive green and white cabinets and shelves give way for lots of storage options

This next laundry room cabinet idea is for anyone looking for a bit of color in their space. Here we have a green and white cabinet idea paired with a tile floor and looks fantastic. The upper white cabinets are being divided by a neutral backsplash that ties the space together nicely. 

7. Hanging Cabinets And Shelves

excellent utility space with hanging cabinets and shelves

Another cabinet-filled laundry room idea is one using as much storage as possible. This room features hanging cabinets and shelves right above the laundry, allowing for even more clothing and supply storage. These cabinets have a simple design and easy to accessorize color, which is always a good idea in the laundry room. 

8. Ultra Modern

ultra modern empty utility kitchen area which has a washing machine and dryer as well as a sink all cleverly integrated into the interior design.

Eighth, we have a super modern laundry room cabinet idea that has a futuristic vibe to it. This room uses modern cabinetry with storage and a cubby-like design that we are head over heels for. Adding a sink area within your cabinets is great for cleaning and washing anything that may not belong in your kitchen or bathroom sink. 

VINGLI 24 Inch Laundry Sink With Cabinets

Here we have a modern and elegant sink cabinet combo that will be a great addition to your laundry room. This cabinet sink combo comes from the VINGLI brand and features a stainless steel sink included with the white cabinetry.

View this on Amazon by clicking here.

9. Classic Warm Wood

Laundry room with washer and dryer. classic warm Wood cabinets and tile floor

Next, we have this classic wood cabinet laundry room option that has withstood the test of time. Choosing to design with hardwood is a sturdy and classic option that will fit into almost any home. The warm wood goes excellent with tile and even hardwood floors which makes it a versatile cabinet choice.

10. Sleek Blue Grey

sleek blue and gray cabinets in a Laundry Room with washer and dryer

Here is another modern laundry room cabinet idea that looks very easy to clean. Sticking with a single cabinet color gives a very sleek look to your room and goes best with a white or light backsplash/paint. 

11. Vinyl Design

a lovely utility room in a large modern new home with ample cupboard space, work-top space and separate washing machine and dryer. vinyl design

Next, we have a modern vinyl wood laundry room cabinet idea that goes very well with a wood floor. This is a good option for those working with a modern and simplistic palette and has an upscale look. Vinyl wood cabinets are much cheaper than hardwood but still have a luxury feel, making them a budget-friendly option.

d-c fix Self Adhesive Pearl Grey Wood Vinyl

Here is a self-adhesive vinyl wood peel that can make your current cabinets look refreshed and modern. This is an excellent option for renovations on a budget and is coming from the d-c fix store.

Click this link to see this peel on Amazon.

12. New Orleans Charm

Laundry Room at the Modern Home with new orleans charm cabinets

Another unique laundry room cabinet color and design is one with a deep emerald green design. This laundry room feels very New Orleans-inspired and has a stylish final look to it. Why wait to celebrate Mardi Gras when you can have it in your laundry room every day?

13. Cherry Wood

Modern laundry room interior with white appliances and cherry wood cabinets with granite tops

Next up, we have a classic cherry wood cabinet idea that will brighten up any room. Cherry wood is a higher-end option and tends to cost a little extra but is worth it. There are also great wood stains you can purchase for anyone willing to get their hands dirty.

SamaN Cherry Interior Water Based Stain

Here we have a cherry wood stain that will transform your current cabinets into rich cherry-colored ones in no time. This product is intended for natural wood and covers up to 75 square feet of cabinetry.

Click this link to see this wood stain on Amazon.

14. Denim Blue Inspired 

Here we have a denim-colored blue laundry room cabinet idea that works great with this fun tile floor. Blue is a popular color in home design but often is not used for cabinetry, and we are trying to change that. The blue cabinetry and Spanish floor tiles go very well together and make this laundry room feel extra special.

15. Perfectly Pink

Our final laundry room cabinet idea would be a pastel pink option that feels dreamy. Going with a soft pink cabinet is a subtle and fun way to add color and individuality to your laundry room. We especially like how this room chose to go with a soft grey backsplash that complements the pink cabinets very well.

The Wrap Up

Choosing the right laundry room cabinet color and design can feel super tricky if you don't have a little inspiration. Your laundry room is often a place to keep extra clothing, bedding, or even cleaning supplies, so why not add some extra storage?

Whether you want a modern-looking cabinet or a unique design, there are endless options for you to choose from. Your laundry room doesn't have to feel like a dungeon and can be one of your favorite spaces if you choose the perfect cabinet. You can never have enough extra storage, so why not at least have some fun with it?

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