11 Laundry Room Color Scheme Ideas

You can make doing laundry more tolerable or motivating by strategically designing the room in a calming way. Explore various shades that you can't incorporate into other spaces around your house and make your laundry room more aesthetically pleasing. We have gathered color schemes to elevate your laundry room and transform it into an ideal space for you!

The key to making a color scheme work is to have a vibrant color and one color that will balance it out. You can also try neutral shades for a softer color palette. Here are 11 color schemes to try:

  1. Sage Green & White
  2. Aqua Blue & White
  3. Pastel Blue & Off-White
  4. Beige & Aqua
  5. Tan & White
  6. Beige & Terra Cotta
  7. Dark Blue, Muted Green & White
  8. Navy Blue & Cream
  9. Pastel Yellow & Aqua Blue
  10. Gold, White, & Brown
  11. Periwinkle & White

Designing your laundry room can be both an interesting and challenging experience. Laundry room aesthetics are sometimes ignored since the function is the one at the forefront--which is good, but you should try to make it a motivating environment if you can. Keep reading below to learn more about complementing colors to paint your laundry room with. 

A wooden cabinet inside the laundry room with a black washing machine and dryer, 11 Laundry Room Color Scheme Ideas

11 Laundry Room Color Scheme Ideas

Laundry rooms fare better with lighter and softer color schemes to make the space feel wider. You wouldn't want to make doing chores more daunting by coloring the room with something that makes it feel small and cramped.

The key is to explore colors that can evoke a positive mood so you won't dread laundry day. Here are color schemes and combinations that can create a cohesive interior and make your space feel tranquil.

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1. Sage Green & White

Green is a refreshing color, but incorporating a saturated, neon green will make the space feel tacky and visually overwhelming. For the laundry room, go with sage green to make the space look more palatable and aesthetically versatile.

laundry room with sage green and white color scheme, white cabinets and sage green walls

Combine sage green with white. This can either be your trim, walls, cabinets, sink, or the washing machine itself.

This color scheme will be easy to decorate if that's what you intend to do, and it will look good as it is even without decors--the colors will make your laundry room look relaxing and effortlessly chic. 

2. Aqua Blue & White 

Aqua blue is a natural and calming color that can make laundry day more of a meditative experience instead of a simple chore. Mixed with white, it will soften the vibrance of blue and tie up the entire color scheme. 

laundry room with aqua blue and white color combination, white ceiling and aqua blue furnishings

Make sure you incorporate white paint on the ceiling to give the illusion of height if your laundry room is small. Ideally, the lighter color should be the more dominant color.

Aqua blue will give it dimension, especially if you incorporate it into the furniture you intend to put into the laundry room. 

3. Pastel Blue & Off-White

If aqua blue and white look too stark for your taste, you can create a softer color scheme by incorporating pastel blue with off-white.

laundry room with pastel blue and off-white color palette, soft blue walls, and off-white cabinets

The shade Breath of Fresh Air by Benjamin Moore is an ideal shade for this, while White Heron by Benjamin Moore will introduce a light softness into the color scheme that is sometimes lost on stark white paint.

This combination is aesthetically versatile, so there's more room for creativity if you want to put decor around to make it more motivating to stay. 

You can inject vibrance into the space by putting up low-maintenance plants and succulents around, or you can try decorative towels for a more cohesive design. 

4. Beige & Aqua

The beige and aqua combination has a more earthy and natural tone that you can easily transition to a rustic or modern farmhouse design. The colors also have a refreshing beach-house appeal, making you feel like you're on a vacation even if you're just doing laundry!

laundry room with beige and aqua color scheme, beige walls and aqua accents, rustic or modern farmhouse design hints

For maximum effect, get a diffuser with a summer sea salt scent to have a more relaxing experience. Try designing unique swirling patterns on the walls or cabinets for visual appeal.

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5. Tan & White

This color combination is ideal if you want to lean into a more rustic look. White-colored washing machines will easily blend in with this color scheme. 

laundry room with tan and white colors, tan floors, white washing machine, and tan cabinets

This is ideal if you already have tan-painted floors or if you have rich wooden cabinets that you don't want to change. However, if you want a softer color palette, you can paint these cabinets in a softer tan color. 

If you want to inject some visual stimulation into the space, try putting up wallpaper with tan accents on an accent wall. 

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6. Beige & Terra Cotta

Another way you can have a warm, but bright color scheme is to combine terra cotta with beige. Beige will be able to balance out the richness of terra cotta, and terra cotta will add a touch of character and vibrance to the space. These two colors will be visually balanced, you won't have to worry about terra cotta being visually overwhelming.

laundry room with beige and terra cotta color scheme, beige drapes and terra cotta accents

Your appliances will also fit right in, and you won't have to worry about decorating them with too many elements since the colors are already visually appealing. 

Utilize natural lighting to make the colors pop. If you have a window, it is best to dress it in beige or any light-colored drapes. 

7. Dark Blue, Muted Green, & White

Although light colors are ideal in small spaces, you can paint the laundry room with dark colors just to add dimension and depth to the interior.

spacious laundry room with dark blue, muted green, and white color combination, sage green cabinets and dark blue accents

This is ideal if you have a larger space and want to avoid having awkward, empty zones. Paint the cabinets in sage green, add dark blue accents to the color scheme, and make white elements tie up the play of colors.

You can choose which one should be your dominant color, but as always, it is better to make the lightest color be the dominant one. 

8. Navy Blue & Cream

Another way you can introduce depth into your laundry room is to add navy blue accents. You can incorporate this on your cabinets, with cream as the balancing color that will tie up the color scheme.

laundry room with navy blue and cream color scheme, navy blue cabinets and cream walls

The appliances will also fit right in with this scheme, so technically, the appliances will also play a part in how the color scheme plays out. 

This color scheme has a more structured look, but blue has a serene quality that can improve the atmosphere in your laundry room. You can decorate it with succulents and indoor plants.or simply match decorative towels with your scheme. 

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9. Pastel Yellow & Aqua Blue

Lean into the refreshing vibe of your laundry room by creating a color scheme with pastel yellow and aqua blue. The colors have a whimsical quality, and the scheme is reminiscent of a tropical paradise.

laundry room with pastel yellow and aqua blue color combination, tropical paradise vibe

For maximum effect, diffuse a fruity scent into the laundry room. That, or you can use fruity-scented fabric softeners while washing your clothes so the experience will be more relaxing.

This will make your laundry room a better place to stay where you can sit back as you wait for the laundry to finish. 

10. Gold, White, & Brown

Who says laundry rooms can't look elegant? Adding gold accents to your hardware will elevate the look of your laundry room, and you can paint your cabinets brown for a more rustic and classic appeal.

elegant laundry room with gold, white, and brown color scheme, gold hardware, brown cabinets, and white walls

This is ideal if you already have wooden floors and want to lean into its warmth. White will be able to tie them all up. Paint your walls white so that it blends with your appliances.

You can also put up white rugs on the floor. Add decorative towels in the space for a cohesive design. Choose brown and white towels to match the color scheme. 

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11. Periwinkle & White

If you want a more unique and retro appeal, incorporate periwinkle and white shades into the laundry room. Since this is an unconventional design choice, you can experiment with shades slowly until it works with the room.

laundry room with periwinkle and white color scheme, retro and vibrant appeal

Once you've achieved the perfect shades, your laundry room will have a vibrant appeal that will make laundry day more bearable. 

Final Thoughts

A wooden cabinet inside the laundry room with a black washing machine and dryer

Designing a laundry room is not widely popular. However, doing this has more benefits than drawbacks, so there's nothing stopping you from making this room another place you can escape to. 

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