21 Awesome Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Making your laundry room feel stylish and fit in with the rest of your home can be a daunting task. Are you more of a minimalist, or do you want a one-of-a-kind space that only you could dream up? We have done our research on this topic and have many great laundry room ideas to show you. Let's dive right in.

When choosing the decor for your laundry room, we suggest finding a color scheme and aesthetic to follow. If your home is on the more modern side, you should incorporate it into your laundry space's vibe. If your home is whimsical and quirky, why end the party at the laundry room? Finding that common ground is a significant first step in the design process to make this much more manageable. 

We will share our top 21 laundry room decor ideas and even tag some helpful products as we get into this post. Sometimes all you need is a little visual inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, and we are here to provide just that. Without further ado, let's get the list started!

Modern laundry room with white paneled cabinetry, wooden countertop, and two washing machines on the side. 21 Awesome Laundry Room Decor Ideas

1. Modern White With Greenery

Interior of a white walled laundry room with indoor plants, a small washing machine on the center, and a divider on the side

First, we have a clean and modern laundry room idea using greenery for a splash of color. Adding a potted plant into your laundry room is a great and natural way to decorate and will only make the room feel like home. All-white decor tends to feel like a hospital, and nobody wants to carry that aesthetic back to their home. 

Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree And Planter

Here we have a potted palm tree from the Costa Farms brand that will add some much-needed greenery to your laundry room. This is a live palm shipped out in a recycled decorative pot and grows between three and four feet tall. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

2. Neutral Farmhouse

A luxurious modern interior of a washing area with checkered flooring, light cream painted walls, and a washing machine with a dryer on the side


Next, we have this soft-tone neutral farmhouse laundry room decor idea that will look great just about anywhere. Farmhouse design has been exploding in popularity in recent years and is an excellent fit for newer and older homes. We like how this room went with a light tan tile to match the cabinetry and accent pillows. 

3. Bright Loft

A laundry room on the attic with white painted walls and wooden laminated flooring

Third, we have a bright wooden loft laundry room concept that is using green and gold accents. This laundry room idea chose bold hanging light fixtures that stand out in the space and make it feel stylish. Pairing gold and forest green is an easy way to make a room feel natural with a hint of luxury.

4. Wicker Basket Storage

A modern white colored laundry room with bags and baskets placed on the dividers

For those reading with children, we have this super organized laundry room idea we are loving. This room chose to go with simple wicker baskets to store items while also looking stylish. This is a great idea for homes with tons of cubby space needing some color. 

Hosroome Handmade Wicker Storage Baskets

Here we have a set of three wicker baskets that will get your laundry room organized from the Hosroome Store. These baskets are handmade and completely recyclable and come in three colors.

Follow this link to view them on Amazon.

5. Elegant And Yellow

A blue colored laundry room with yellow floral wallpapers and laminated flooring

Next, we have this higher-end laundry room idea using fun yellow wallpaper and a beautiful light fixture. This laundry room is a great multi-purpose example of how to use your space to your best advantage. The seating area could potentially be used as a home office, or workspace which is a must-have nowadays. 

6. Countryside Vintage

A modern beige patterned wallpaper, tiled flooring, and a twin washing machine on the sides

Another fun laundry room decor idea would be one following a more countryside vintage feeling. This laundry room chose to go with baskets as storage and simple monocolored artwork for the wall. This room feels perfectly in between history and has a great feeling to it. 

7. Extra Wooden Storage

A Scandinavian themed laundry room with two washing machines, a wooden divider, and folded cloths on top

Our next laundry room decor idea is perfect for those needing extra storage in their space. This room is on the more basic side but chose to add freestanding and hanging wood shelving to add texture to the area. You can see that a common laundry room decor item is a basket of some sort to organize or store clothing.

HOMFA 5-Tier Free Standing Bamboo Shelf

Here we have a five-tier bamboo standing shelf that will add a ton of storage to your laundry room. This shelving is made from 100% natural bamboo and is waterproof, according to the manufacturer.

Check it out on Amazon here.

8. Soft Nude Decor

A spacious laundry room, wooden paneled cabinets, wooden flooring, and washing machines on the side

Another contemporary laundry room decor idea is one like this, using soft decor in a dramatic space. This room is structurally very modern and upscale, so the decor being a nude color is perfect. We appreciate how this room uses freestanding shelving that doesn't take away from your space's beauty.

9. Adding Some Flowers

A detailed photo of a washing machine and towels on the side

Sticking with a more colorful laundry room decor, we have this option here. Choosing to have some fresh flowers in the laundry room is a fun way to brighten it up without having to do too much. The bright towels also make for a cheerful laundry room space and tie this look all together. 

10. Gold Accented Details

Interior of a luxurious laundry room with wooden laminated flooring, white painted cabinetry, and two washing machines


Next, we have a more upscale laundry room option using hints of gold throughout. This room has a soft gold-painted wallpaper and gold/bronzed accessories scattered around, making for an elegant final look. Adding a few fun additions to your laundry room is a great way to class things up and show some personality. 

11. Riverside Retreat

Here we have a personalized laundry room idea that has a little bit of everything going on. This laundry room space chose to install wall shelving and show off some super cute accessories and plants. There are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to the decor in a laundry room which allows for basically any theme or aesthetic. 

12. Green With Envy

A modern laundry shop with green patterned wallpaper. white paneled cabinetry. and black wooden laminated flooring

Another awesome laundry room decor idea would be one as green and bright as this one here. This laundry room uses a patterned wallpaper and matching window treatment that looks gorgeous in the space. The green doggy mat and cleaning supplies are the icing on the cake in this room and make it feel even more like home. 

13. Bohemian Chic

Following a super trendy decor idea, we have this boho laundry room concept. Boho decor is a top pick for many and is easy to decorate and work with. The fastest way to the boho aesthetic would be succulents, candles, crystals, and more succulents. 

Kitzini Artificial Boho Succulent Set Of 3

Here we have a succulent boho set that will add the perfect amount of charm to your laundry room. This set comes with three artificial plants and fun stickers to decorate the pots with.

Follow this link to Amazon to check out this set.

14. Whitewashed Wood

A top view of a laundry room with wooden flooring, white cabinetry, indoor plants, and a double stacked washing machine

Coming in at 14, we have this whitewashed wood laundry room that is super fun and homey. Decorating a room like this is pretty simple and will be great with plants and other fun accessories. The key to getting this type of room styled is adding pops of color here and there. 

15. European Organic

Channeling a more European laundry room theme, we have this idea to share with you. Going with organic laundry room decor is a great and natural way to decorate your space. One of our favorite details in this room would be the glass containers holding laundry tablets.  

Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Glass Storage Jars

Here we have a set of two glass storage jars that will look great in your laundry room and help store some household items.

View these jars on Amazon here.

16. Quirky Signage

A spacious laundry room with brick patterned flooring, two washing machines, and white paneled hanging cabinets

Next up, we have a laundry room idea using a fun sign to add a touch of charm to the room. There are tons of unique slogans you can choose from while creating a personalized wall sign, and neon options are also available. This is a cute and quirky way to make a laundry room feel 100% you. 

17. Completely Customized

Following a very detail-oriented laundry room decor aesthetic, we have this example here. This laundry room has a very earthy and farmhouse theme going on, and we are obsessed with the fine detailing throughout. The decals on both the washer and dryer are unique and make us want to label every appliance in our home. 

Zonon 4 Piece Washer Dryer Decals

Here we have a fun pack of washer and dryer decals from the brand Zonon. These stickers are made from vinyl material and measure out at 9.8 inches.

Follow this link to Amazon to check these decals out.

18. Woodsy Charm

Next, we have this perfectly whimsical and charming laundry room idea that has to be one of our favorites. This room is covered in lavender and unique decor that makes it feel right out of a magazine. Adding a chandelier into your laundry room may seem insane to some, but we are going to endorse it.

19. Bright Statement Rug

Modern laundry room with white paneled cabinetry, wooden countertop, and two washing machines on the side

Another great laundry room decor idea would be one using a statement rug similar to this. Choosing to spice things up with a vibrant runner or area rug is a quick and easy way to transform your laundry room into a fashion-forward space. This room has a softer wall color which works very well with such a dramatic colored rug.

20. Ambient Lighting x Decor

Here we have an ambient and modern laundry room idea to share that even has a place to hang some extra clothing. This laundry room has a contemporary look and made sure to incorporate additional storage space and even added some greenery. When in doubt, add some plants and fun decorative towels to make your room feel more like you.

21. Vibrant Wall Art

Finally, we have a smaller laundry room idea for those wanting to add some color to their space. This laundry room chose to add a bright piece of artwork and plenty of display organizers to keep everything visually pleasing. 

The Wrap Up

Sometimes all your laundry room needs is a few decorations and a vision to transform the space completely. No matter the aesthetic of your home, there are plenty of unique and stylish ways to organize and accessorize your laundry room space. A common theme in laundry rooms would be a storage bin or display jar to keep clothing and laundry-related supplies. Another detail to consider in your laundry room would be a potted plant or flower to brighten up your laundry space and make it feel like home. From one-of-a-kind signage to perfectly organized storage, your laundry room is going to look amazing.

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