9 Laundry Room Detergent Storage Ideas You Will Love!

When people think of room decorations, they rarely consider the laundry room. However, it deserves the same care as any other part of your home.

One easy way to jazz it up is by finding a cute and efficient way to store your detergent. But what about the latest trends? Well, we’ve got the answers below!

Interior of simple home laundry room with modern washing machine, X Laundry Room Detergent Storage Ideas You Will Love!

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Matching detergent containers, mason jars, cute caddies, and themed laundry gear can quickly spruce up your laundry room. When in doubt, opt for a crisp, clean look that matches your home’s aesthetic.

It’s not easy to transform your laundry room from drab to fab, but these tips can make it look even better.

1. Matchy, Modern Plastic Bottles

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Set of bottles with mockup packaging, cleaning detergent

If you are like many laundry room owners who dislike the loud look of regular detergent bottles. (Who wants to see orange and neon blue sitting next to one another, anyway?)

A quick way to make your laundry room more elegant is to use matching neutral-colored bottles for your detergents. This small change gives your room a more upscale look without much cost.

Cleaniverse sells a cute pair of detergent bottles, but, of course, any clean-cut dispensers will work as well.

2. Glass Mason Jars


It’s no secret: mason jars are a hit in rustic homes. They’re not just for cookies or punch—they’re perfect for holding soaps, detergent pods, powdered detergent, and fabric softeners.

This budget-friendly idea keeps your laundry room looking chic and clutter-free.

Make sure to get jars with lids and label them to prevent kids from mistaking them for snacks. As an added bonus, the labels can help add that rustic-urban chic vibe that has become so popular these days. 

3. Hand Soap-Style Dispensers


If you check out interior design magazines, you’ll see that “shelfies” are all the rage.

Basically, a “shelfie” is a photo of your shelf looking its best, and the fastest way to make that happen is to get some fancy soap dispensers to do it. 

Using large hand soap dispensers can give your laundry room a spa-like vibe, especially if you regularly use liquid detergents.

But if you have a lot of supplies, this may not be cost-effective or even realistic to do on its own. You might need to combine this concept with other options on this list.

4. A Rolling Cart

Water Pitchers in Lebanese Souk

Do you have a lot of cleaning supplies in your laundry room? If so, consider getting an elegant rolling cart to store everything. For an extra chic touch, add cute dispensers on top.

The photo above shows an old-school souk cart, but you can modernize it for a contemporary feel. This is especially useful if you have a small laundry room that needs to house most of your cleaning supplies.

5. Match Your Bins N’ Bottles

Interior Of A Modern Laundry Room

When decorating a room, it’s important to take a holistic approach. Don’t just stop at cute bottles for your laundry detergent—think about how they fit into your home’s overall vibe.

If you have a color theme, like rose gold or blue, match your storage items to it.

Bins and bottles come in all sorts of colors, so find ones that complement your palette. Though it might take a bit to find the perfect shade, it’ll be worth it!

6. Use Wicker Baskets To Hide Your Detergents


Do you have different bags of detergent pods? When strewn about, they can look messy, and mason jars aren’t always practical.

Instead, store the bags in a wicker basket lined with canvas cloth. This keeps them out of sight and safe from scratches and tears.

You can add small labels to help organize things better and keep specific detergent sets separate. It also makes your laundry room look like an upscale spa, so there’s that perk. 

7. Use A Stylish Shower Caddy To Hold Essentials

Home Appliances laundry room

As with many homeowners, you probably have your go-to detergents and then the special ones for materials like suede and silk.

For your everyday detergents, it makes sense to invest in a handy caddy.

While there are lots of cute options out there, a shower caddy is actually a great choice—it’s waterproof, easy to clean, and resistant to bleach spills. Plus, it’s super practical!

8. Box It Up

Close-up of colorful clothes in basket, open washing machine standing in background

It’s amazing how many little knickknacks you can pile up when you are doing your laundry. You might have different detergent boxes, dryer sheets, suede brushes, and even stain removers.

All this stuff can easily clutter the shelves in your laundry room. To add a touch of organization, consider using stylish storage boxes.

If your laundry room has many shelves, you can use stylish storage bins to keep your supplies tidy and enhance the room’s look. Coordinate the colors with your room’s theme for the best effect.

9. Get It Automated


If laundry isn’t something you enjoy—you want it fast, easy, and painless.

Getting an automated laundry detergent dispenser is very convenient when it comes to dispensing and storing detergent. And yes, they make them. 

These dispensers are easy to use: mount them on a wall or place them on a shelf, then load them with your preferred detergent, whether liquid or powder.

Then, when you are ready to do some laundry or use detergent to clean your carpet, you press a button, and an appropriate amount comes out. It’s as simple as pie!

In Closing

Interior of simple home laundry room with modern washing machine

Your laundry room might not be the first place you’d want to bring guests, but that doesn’t mean you should let it become dingy and dull.

Organizing your detergents and other cleaning supplies can dramatically change your attitude toward cleaning your clothes and your home.

So go ahead. Have fun with it. Get creative with your detergent storage, and find the choice that makes your heart sing!

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