15 Great Laundry Room Floor Ideas

The laundry room is a staple of every household. If you have that renovation itch but aren't ready to tackle a huge space, the laundry room is the perfect middle ground. Not only can you update the shelving, walls, and machines themselves, you can upgrade the floor too! This is where your creativity can flow. The flooring of a room brings everything together; it is the ground base to build up from. 

Let's start from the ground up. Changing the floor in your laundry room can be as easy or challenging as you'd like. There are many options available now, ranging from stick-on vinyl to brand new hardwood. Plus, there is always the fun part of adding your personal touches with rugs or colored baseboards.

Before you rush off to the hardware store or fill that online basket up, start with a schematic drawing, called a blueprint. This should tell you the dimensions of the room, and it will also help you figure out the best layout based on where your hookups are located.

To take some weight off your shoulders, we've looked into some awesome floor ideas for your laundry room. Below are styles we've found to give you ideas and channel your aesthetic.

A modern style laundry room with wooden floor, 15 Great Laundry Room Floor Ideas

1. Modern and bright

Marble and wooden laundry room

Modern design is all about clean lines and minimal clutter. In this laundry room, there are dedicated homes for each item and storage space to keep things out of sight. The floor mimics the walls' cool and simplistic look. The color scheme is kept to neutral tones that give for a timeless aesthetic. 

2. Natural and airy

Interior of laundry room with washing machine at window

This individual has decided to incorporate natural wood into the space. A grey-brown wood flooring gives dimension and contrast against the honey and white walls. The usage of the window lets the room seem bigger with the natural light. Adding floating shelves in a mixed pattern gives the wall an illusion of more square footage. 

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3. Scandinavian 

In this laundry room, the muted colors allow for some fun with the floor design. In place of the typical square tiles, this individual has placed small hexagon tiles throughout. Adding white grout in between the tiles gives room to mixing the wall tile shape to rectangles without clashing. 

4. Bohemian


Bohemian is a good choice to go with if you want to blend styles. As seen in this homeowner's laundry room, the floor is a light blue, braided tile that pairs well with the warm wood and greenery. A cool-toned floor gives you more options in terms of incorporating other tones or pops of color, such as the orange pillow, without overwhelming energy. 

5. Small


Not all homes have large laundry rooms, but you can still make a small room pack a punch. Simply adding a lighter paint to the wall and reducing the amount of carpet covering the dark wood floor helps pop the white furnishings. When you have a smaller space, darker floors need to be paired with lighter walls to add depth.

6. Coastal

Decorating in a coastal aesthetic doesn't have to mean sand dollars and seafoam green. Here, this homeowner placed a deep honey brown wooden floor down to bring that boardwalk feeling into the room. This, coupled with the ocean teal and open shelves, allows the laundry room to have a peaceful beach house atmosphere.

7. Vintage

Vintage is in and thriving! Antique stores always bring back memories of what you owned growing up, why not keep a little piece of that alive in your home? This laundry room has been decked out with checker floors and wall backsplash, and a pop of green cabinets to ground the room. This fun space will make laundry something to look forward to. 

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8. Neutral


Not looking for an extravagant washroom? No worries! Simplicity can be a very rewarding choice. This individual has kept the room light with a smooth pinewood floor, matching it to the shelf above the machines. The off-white walls and cabinets help make the room seem larger. 

9. Farmhouse

Farmhouse brings to mind easy living. With a cozy red brick floor and white accents, this space transports you to the countryside. Brick is a great choice for a laundry room with a lot of foot traffic. There's no need to worry about scuffs or varnishing. 

10. Hollywood 

Let us step into the world of glitz and glamour. This individual decided to put a timeless wooden floor in their laundry room. By putting a middle ground brown wood, the wall and cabinet color can be changed more often while still complimenting the floor. 

11. Cottage core


A growing trend, cottage core is a romanticized aesthetic of rural living. There's no need for being overly flashy or competitive. This black tile is somber and cooling and pairs well with cool tones. Plus, you can always switch out rugs to put your own touch on the room.

12. Eclectic 

Are you a lover of patterns and color? The floor in this laundry room is the ideal fit for you! By using a vinyl sticker, the individual skipped the mess of a full renovation but still achieved a new look. The choice to keep the cabinets grey also gives you more room to decorate in louder colors. 

13. Minimalist

Laundry room in modern style with wooden floor

Minimalists like to keep things clean and tidy. In this laundry room, you can see that there are no unnecessary items or decor on the counter. The floor is kept uniform by being in a straight horizontal layout but with a subtle grain to bring life into the room. 

14. Industrial

Growing in popularity for lofts and coffee shops, the industrial theme is taken from old factories and industrial spaces. A staple to this look has exposed concrete floors. In this laundry room, you can see the history of the years on the floors. Couple this with silver, or copper, decor, and fixtures, and you have the recipe for an industrial vibe. 

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15. Mid Century Modern

Mid-century modern focuses on shape and function, while brining the outdoors inside. For this laundry room floor, the owners have decided to bring the night sky into their home. With the patterned designs of stars, you can enjoy sky gazing at any time. 

Laundry Room Flooring Options


Typically the most sought-after type of flooring, hardwood comes with more maintenance. Hardwood needs to be properly buffed, clean, and sealed to last longer. There is also the downside that hardwood can scratch easily in high-traffic areas. This flooring type would be best for a more quiet lifestyle with extra time to put into your home. 


Laminate is the next best choice if you don't want the maintenance that comes with hardwood floors. Made up of synthetic material, you can achieve the look of hardwood floors at a more affordable cost and less upkeep. 


Linoleum flooring is a close competitor to ceramic tile. It is made to be durable and has a high life expectancy. However, it is not as moisture-resistant and can start to bubble if there are too many spills in the washroom, for example, if you have a slop sink in the room. 


Moisture resistant and low maintenance, a ceramic tile would be best for busy lifestyles. They're easy to clean and won't warp due to any mud or spills. 

Peel and Stick 

A new type of quick flooring, peel and stick vinyl, allows you to cover your current flooring with different designs. These will have a shorter lifespan and could lift due to high moisture but are affordable and easy to swap out. 

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Vinyl Plank

A fiber-backed flooring, vinyl planks are sturdy and rigid. They have the look of the wood grain to them but are not as susceptible to scratches. If you have a busy household where things are being tossed into the laundry room, this might not be the best choice as the plank can be dented. 

In closing

Before you start your laundry room makeover, realize whether you're a seasoned flipper or just looking to give the room a facelift, there will be challenges, pros, and cons. In any type of revamping situation comes the challenge of unforeseen delays or expenses. It is recommended to set aside an allowance for these surprises, giving yourself some wiggle room to spend. A con, of course, is spending the money! But you receive the biggest pro afterward, which is a new laundry room.

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