10 Great Laundry Room Light Fixture Ideas

Just because your laundry room is utilitarian, it doesn't have to have boring light fixtures. Yes, you will need plenty of good light so you can assess the cleanliness, or not, of your clothes and bedding, but that doesn't mean it has to be unattractive.

We've done some digging to find great laundry room light fixture ideas to inspire you. Perhaps one of these ten ideas will be the right idea for your space.

A washing room with gray painted walls, gray tiled flooring two washing machines with white painted hanging cabinets, 10 Great Laundry Room Light Fixture Ideas

1. You Can Never Go Wrong With Clean, Bright Can Lights

A spin dryer and washing area inside a gorgeous white painted washing room

Can-type lights might not be as exciting as say, a chandelier, but they are super effective and minimal enough to be really attractive. The nice thing about these lights is they provide good illumination. You can find bulbs to suit your needs in different degrees of warmth and brightness. They work well in laundry rooms that have lower ceilings where an actual fixture might interfere.

2. Attractive Flush Mount Fixtures Are A Great Choice

A combined washing area and dining room with cream colored walls and brown painted kitchen cabinets

In many homes, builders will install utilitarian work lights in the laundry room. The problem with this is that these lights look more suited for a garage or workshop than a room in your home. A relatively low-cost and easy alternative is to find some attractive flush mount fixtures to hang overhead. This way, your laundry room looks like a space you want to be in, rather than one you want to hurry out of.

These flush-mount ceiling lights are super low-profile and finished off in an attractive bronze finish. They come in a package of two. Click here for these on Amazon.

3. Why Not Choose A Pendant Light You Love?

a hyperrealistic laundry room with a farmhouse-inspired design, featuring a four-candle pendant light to add character and charm to the space

Laundry rooms have definitely moved up on the rungs of home design. Once tucked into closets and basements, now they take up a spot of honor in the home. As a result, we've done more and more to make the design inviting and interesting. In this farmhouse-inspired design, a four candle pendant light has been hung in the laundry room.

4. Hang A Ceiling Fan And Light Combination

a hyperrealistic laundry room with a ceiling fan and light combination, offering both illumination and cooling, perfect for practicality and aesthetics. Light and fan combo decor style

If you love to leave the windows open but don't want your laundry room heating up when you have the dryer going, consider a light and fan combination. This gives you the right combination of illumination and cooling on the days when you need it. Here the black fan looks great with the white trimmed windows.

You can find this exact fan here at Lowes.

5. Use A Combination Of Can Lighting And Lighting Fixtures

a hyperrealistic laundry room with custom cabinetry, can-type lighting, and a decorative pendant light, achieving an elegant and functional look.

This elegant laundry room gives us goals. Gorgeous custom cabinetry lines the appliance wall, and a large marble-topped island gives a perfect surface for folding and sorting. This room uses overhead can-type lighting and adds a decorative pendant light to show off the gorgeous island. It's a really elegant look.

6. Choose Lighting That Works With The Style Of Your Room

a well-lit attic 2 laundry space with an abundance of natural light streaming in through a large window

In this traditionally styled laundry room of wood cabinetry, floors and wall, they've chosen dome light fixture. But this fixture has been chosen in a craftsman style that picks up on the hardware detail and decoration of the room. By keeping the styles cohesive, the room looks put together intentionally.

7. Use A Row Of Hanging Pendant Lights

An attic washing room with white painted walls, protruding trusses, and wooden flooring

This attic laundry space is blessed with an abundance of natural light through that large window. But it's still nice to have auxiliary lighting for overcast days or evenings. Here two dome lights hang on as pendants. The look is functional and stylish.

8. Directional Dropped Can Lighting

Consider using directional can lighting on a track. These tracks can be bought in many lengths, which gives you options on the number of lights. Then you are able to point the cans in the directions you like for the best outcome for your room. Here they've chosen a slick, beautiful brass finish.

This fixture is available with different light numbers for the best configurations. Click here for this on Amazon.

9. A Crystal Chandelier In Your Laundry Room, Why Not?

a hyperrealistic laundry room and closet combination fit for royalty, featuring can-type lights and a dropped crystal chandelier for a touch of decadence. Royal laundry room decor style

This laundry room and closet combination is fit for a queen. Between its ultimate closet organization, stackable laundry unit, beautifully finished drawers and shelves you could ever want, it's amazing! But why not take it over the edge of incredible with a dropped crystal chandelier.

We love this globe-shaped chandelier with raindrop crystals. It would be perfect in a laundry room/closet combination like the one above. Click here for this on Amazon.

10. Grab A Great Sputnik Light

a hyperrealistic laundry room with wood-lined walls and a brass sputnik pendant, adding a touch of grandeur to the space. jpg

Do you have laundry room envy yet? We sure do. Look at this gorgeous space with its wood-lined walls and ceiling. The soft driftwood floors and the light cabinets are perfect, along with the large island for sorting and folding. A room like this might get everyone in the family fighting over who gets to do the laundry next.

But let's not forget the piece-de-resistance. That brass sputnik pendant! It looks gorgeous in this laundry room. Do note the use of can lighting for a more overall light along with the specialty fixture.

Here's a pretty cool sputnik dropped light. We like the combination of black and brass along with the retro Edison bulbs. Click here for this on Amazon.

Light Up Your Laundry!

As you can see from these ten laundry rooms, you have choices. You can go as simple as strictly can-type lights, to as opulent as a crystal chandelier. But one thing's for sure, your laundry room lighting doesn't have to be a boring old fluorescent utility light. Make it shine. Make it grand.

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