15 Laundry Room Tile Ideas [Including For The Floor, Wall And Backsplash]

Laundry rooms tend to be the first place you close off to guests entering your home. It's meant for work and cleaning and can easily be neglected when focusing on the interior of your home. Just because your laundry room isn't meant for guests or reminds you of all the clothes you've yet to put away, creating an inspiring room is the perfect way to bring joy into a daily task. 

Tiles can easily be applied as a backsplash, to the floors, and even to entire walls. Their ability to be easy to clean and waterproof makes them ideal for use in the laundry room, where clothes used for work or play are discarded, and detergent or water can make its way onto the floor. Not only are tiles practical for use in the laundry room, but they are also versatile and can really transform a boring laundry room into a room you show off to visitors. 

If you're searching for inspiration on how to incorporate tiles into your laundry room design, keep reading! We've put together a list of trendy, interesting, and beautiful ways to bring your laundry room to life.

A home laundry room with red carpet and dark flooring, 15 Laundry Room Tile Ideas [Including For The Floor, Wall And Backsplash]

1. Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid tile bathroom, Rain boots and gingham decorated flooring in new custom home

Laundry room and mudroom combos are one of the active entryways to your home, so stylizing this room to feel warm and inviting will leave a lasting impression on your guests. When going for the modern farmhouse chic design, buffalo plaid in neutral tones is the way to go. This tile gives this mudroom and laundry room combo a country charm perfect for a casual and stylish entryway.

2. Classic With A Twist

Olive green cabinets and shelves give way for lots of storage options

Black and white checked floors are a classic in laundry rooms and kitchens. They're dynamic in contrast and are easy to match with most decors. Update this classic tile option by choosing a white with a soft marble pattern. In this laundry room, the grey-brown marble allows the rest of the room to use softer neutrals, giving the black tile a chance to shine.

3. Simple Upgrades

Laundry room tiles with simple upgrades

If your laundry room has plain walls, tile is a great way to dress it up. However, covering entire walls can be costly and time-consuming. To add definition to your laundry room, you can create a half wall separation and tile the bottom. This allows for an easy-to-clean backsplash for the dirt and mess that comes with laundry rooms and gives the room a chance for change if you decide to paint the wall later. 

4. Dynamic Materials

Scandinavian Utility Room with dynamic materials

Tile doesn't have to be one-dimensional and boring. This laundry room uses textured tiles for a backsplash, and the colors play perfectly off the patterned panel floors. Backsplash with dimension and textures can make even lighter-colored laundry rooms more interesting and superior to other flat tiles.

5. Brick

Laundry room with brick tiles

Faux brick tiles bring a cozy country warmth to a laundry room. Brick floors are expensive and very hard to clean, which isn't practical in a laundry room where dirt is inevitable. Choosing a faux brick tile allows you to have an easy-to-clean surface without losing the appeal of a brick floor.

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6. All White

Laundry room with all white tiles

Nothing says clean quite like an all-white laundry room. Even the blue artwork in this laundry room brings a fresh and clean feel into the room. Laundry rooms are a great place to utilize white tile floors and walls. When most laundry rooms lack windows, the white tiles can brighten up the room immensely. 

7. Dark Floors

Spacious laundry room interior with dark tiles

Soft black tile is a beautiful way to add depth to your laundry room. In a spacious laundry room like this, the flooring is paired with neutral walls and an average style of wood for the cabinets; these floors make the room feel updated and modern. Choosing a soft black as opposed to a shiny solid black gives you more freedom. It won't show dirt as easily as a solid black, and it allows for more intricate patterns, like this ornate rug, that would clash with a glossy black tile.

8. Small Details

Laundry room with small detailed backsplash tiles

When choosing a backsplash or tile for your laundry room's walls, don't be afraid to get creative with your design choices. Laundry rooms aren't usually a main focal point of a home, which means the person who it needs to impress the most is you. Especially in a room designed for doing a chore that most find dull, decorating the laundry room in  fun and interesting ways can make the task a bit more enjoyable.

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9. Upgraded Checked Tile

Laundry room with wood cabinets and upgraded checked tile

Deep and rich wood cabinets look classy and luxurious in a sunlight laundry room. But if you're a fan of checked floors, black and white isn't going to match. Choosing to do a gray or even beige in place of black will lighten up the pattern and allow you to incorporate darker shades of brown around the room. This is the checked floor with an upgrade, and it's perfect for a patterned floor that won't limit your other design choices.

10. Bold And Black

Black laundry rooms are gorgeous contemporary upgrades to the standard bright white laundry rooms that are so common. Rooms decked out in all black feel grand and opulent, and the tiny details, like the small hexagon tile backsplash, add intricacy where simplicity reigns. This allows for a break in the blackness of the room without losing that beautiful and bold palette.

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11. Creative Color


In bright and minimalist laundry rooms, patterned tiles with a hint of color are a great way to add to the room's color palette without going overboard. This laundry room breaks up the grey-beige tone of the tiles and cabinets with white and blue in the pattern of the tiles.

12. Natural Elements

For a mix between contemporary and rustic, stick to natural-looking materials. This laundry room features natural wood-colored cabinets and shelves, and wall tile that resembles stone. With tons of clean and solid lines, the design feels strong in what is typically a dainty-styled room in the home. To break up the consistent rectangle and square patterns, this laundry room utilizes large honeycomb tiles on the floor. These adhere to the straight lines found in contemporary design but adds an interesting element to an already outstanding laundry room.

13. Chevron


When you want to stick with white tiles but avoid the obvious and repetitive square tiles, choosing a unique pattern will bring your white tiles to a new level. This laundry room's focal point is obviously the gorgeous color of the cabinets, but even if the tiles aren't meant to steal the show, they still need to live up to the rest of the room. Placing white tiles in a chevron pattern adds an attractive design element to the floors. 

14. Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse design is cozy and charming. It features bright whites accented with darker neutrals and added  wood elements or other materials found in nature. Adding a textured pattern to a single wall in your laundry room helps create a dynamic focal point. The white, brick-like tile in this laundry room is the perfect backdrop for this laundry room's farmhouse decor.

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15. Tri-Color Pattern


These tri-colored diamond-patterned tiles are delightful and classy. Reminiscent of a buffalo plaid that is perfect for farmhouse chic design, these floors can bring your laundry room to the next level. The beige breaking up the white and black gives these tiles a woven effect that softens what could easily be too harsh of a palette for these soft, blue-grey cabinets.

In Closing

A home laundry room with red carpet and dark flooring, 15 Laundry Room Tile Ideas [Including For The Floor, Wall And Backsplash]

When it comes to decorating your home, don't miss out on the opportunity to create a beautiful laundry room you love spending time in.

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