15 Great Laundry Room Wall Paint Ideas

When you think of a laundry room, it is often a dingy and dark space that anything and everything seems to be thrown in. Is the laundry room of your dreams just a paint can and a vision away? You've made it to the right place because we have done our research and have a lot to show you. Let's begin. 

Choosing a fresh paint color to coat your laundry room walls will only make your home look better. You can not go wrong with a new coat of paint to entirely transform your current laundry room into a place you want to be seen in. Laundry is never going to be fun, but the walls around you surely can be. 

As we dive into this list, we will show you our top 15 laundry room paint ideas that have us wanting to fold some towels. Spring is here, and a fresh coat of paint is one way to get you feeling revived and ready to take on even the dirtiest load of laundry. Now let's get this list started!

Close up of a front loader washer and dryer in caramel brown pain laundry room, 15 Great Laundry Room Wall Paint Ideas

1. Tropical Turquoise

Laundry room with modern steel appliances and Tropical Turquoise wall paint

First, we have a bright turquoise laundry room paint idea that feels very tropical. Choosing a unique color to paint with can make your laundry room feel personalized and fun, which is a great way to transform a space. We want to note that the wicker baskets and rug help with the tropical feeling and go great with such a bold paint choice.

2. Khaki or Tan

Laundry room interior with khaki or tan wall paint

Next, we have a khaki paint color to try in your laundry room that works well with a white appliance. This room has a plainer aesthetic to it but looks better with a tan or khaki wall versus keeping it all white. Sometimes even a neutral color can make your space feel more like home.

3. Light Green Sage

Spacious laundry room with white appliances

Our next laundry room paint color to share is a softer green style that adds some personality to this space. Even choosing a light green hue can make your laundry room feel more fun and vibrant without having to go entirely in that direction. 

Prestige Interior Paint And Primer Winter Sage

Here is a softer green paint and primer from the Prestige Interior Paint Store that will get your walls looking fresh and colorful. This paint and primer is for interior walls and measures out at a gallon and promises a semi-gloss finish.

View this light green wall paint here on Amazon.

4. Modern Grey

Large laundry room with modern grey paint color

Another laundry room paint idea is a light modern grey shade to neutralize your space. Going with soft grey paint is a sure win in the laundry room and will give it that modern touch you might be after. We suggest trying out this shade of grey with wood or white cabinets and fixtures to achieve a similar contemporary feeling.

5. Soft Vintage Yellow

[PIN id="58687601382479798" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

We have this light yellow wall paint suggestion for those wanting a little sunshine in their laundry room. Yellow is one of those colors that make anything feel happier and can make for a fresh and inviting laundry room space. When choosing your yellow paint, make sure to go with a softer option to get this same vintage feeling.

6. Bright And White

Modern Laundry room inside brand new North American residence with bright and white wall paint

Sticking with a classic look, we have this super bright and white laundry room idea. White on white may be too much for some, but it is a standard in home design and tends to be the easiest to clean and decorate with. Try adding some colorful wall art in a white painted room if you need a touch of personality.

7. Beautifully Blush

Modern Laundry Room With Washing Machine and cleaning supplies with a beautifully blush wall paint

Another soft yet colorful laundry room paint idea would be a blush color like this room has. Painting your laundry room blush pink can add a feminine touch and is a very inviting color to work around. Pastel colors often look good in smaller spaces and work to open them up a bit.

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Blush Pink Paint

Here is a soft blush wall paint we found from the Rust-Oleum brand that will look great in your laundry room. This is a matte chalked paint that promises to be easy to work with and provide one-coat coverage.

Click this link to check it out on Amazon.

8. Caramel Brown

Small laundry room with wooden cabinet, white laundry appliances, and caramel brown wall paint

Here we have a caramel-colored laundry room paint idea that feels very warm and welcoming. We do not typically see this shade of brown being used in the laundry room, but we like how it turned out here. This is a great color to pair in a laundry room with wood cabinets due to their similar color.

9. Eye-Popping Purple

Neat laundry room with eye popping purple wall paint

Coming in next, we have this bright, purple-painted laundry room that we are loving. This room decided on a bright bluish-purple paint that is extremely cheerful. The all-white appliances and cabinets are the perfect choice for a room with such a vivid color, so we suggest following something similar.

10. Vivid Charcoal

[PIN id="11540542786000497" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Another cool laundry room paint idea would be a darker charcoal color like this one. Going with a more dramatic wall color can pay off in a laundry room and make your space feel sleek and trendy.

The ONE Water-Based Charcoal Grey Wall Paint

Here we have a dark grey/charcoal wall paint from The ONE Store that will give your laundry room walls a dramatic final look. This paint and primer promise a satin finish and a fast-drying water-based technology.

View this paint and primer on Amazon here.

11. Utterly Unique

[PIN id="29062360084735961" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

For all our artists out there, we have this crazy and fun laundry room paint idea that will get your guests talking. We love how this laundry room has no exact theme and just went with a whole lot of color and personality. This may be an excellent project for kids and parents if you want to make your laundry room project a family affair.

12. Ruby Red

[PIN id="56787645276878474" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Next, we have a vibrant ruby red painted laundry room that makes us want to do some chores. This laundry room is a great example of following a color scheme and turned out looking fabulous. We want to note that even the towels are shades of red which is our kind of dedication.

The ONE Water-Based Red Wall Paint

Here is another wall paint from The ONE Store that will get your room looking like Dorothy's glass slippers. This paint is a fast-drying and satin-finish option that has glowing reviews from customers.

Click this link to check it out on Amazon.

13. Hand Painted Perfection

[PIN id="99079260539024268" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Here we have a fine detailed watercolor paint suggestion that will look amazing in your laundry room. This is a very artistic wall paint idea and will require some patience, but it is worth it once your walls are complete. Why go to the museum when you can go to your laundry room?

14. Soft Nude

[PIN id="152840981089449236" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Coming in next on our list is this soft nude paint color idea that will look great in your laundry room. Choosing nude color paint is an easy to accessorize option and will fit right in with any other paint colors you may have in your home. This room gives a very boho-chic look and is an excellent idea for anyone looking for a stylish laundry room.

Color Atelier Sandstone Nude Wall Paint

Here we have a nude wall paint option from the Color Atelier brand that will give your laundry room a fresh feeling. This wall paint is made in the USA and dries on as a matte finish.

Follow this link to see this paint on Amazon.

15. Autumn Orange

[PIN id="10555380365519771" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Finally, we have a fall-inspired laundry room paint concept that feels super comfy. Choosing such a warm color like orange can be a risk, but it can turn out amazing with the right decor. We like how this wall paint is more of a pumpkin shade rather than a traffic cone color. 

Final Thoughts

Deciding to spruce up your laundry room is not only going to change your room's vibe but also yours. Choosing a bright, fun color is a sure way to get your energy up and your room-looking photograph ready. If a bright or crazy color is not what you are after, a soft nude or blush is a great alternative that still shows off some personality.

Your laundry room should make you want to spend some time in it and fold a ton of clothes, so have fun with your color choice. There are no wrong paint colors in this situation, and we encourage you to do whatever makes you happy.

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