21 Stunning Leather Accent Chairs You Need To See Right Now

When it comes to living room furniture, nothing spells out luxury more than a pair of gorgeous leather accent chairs. A classic item, these chairs can be at the core of your design for a traditional living room or serve as accents in a more eclectic one.

23 Stunning Leather Accent Chairs You Need To See Right Now

How to choose the right leather accent chair?

Leather is a surprisingly versatile material when it comes to furniture design. If all you can think about is one of those heavy traditional studded armchairs, think again!

Leather can be used in a variety of colors and lends itself well to many styles.


When choosing a leather accent chair, consider the following:

1. Match the chair to the room's color scheme

Leather comes in so many shades and colors, plus you can find accent chairs that combine more than one shade of leather.

Don't limit yourself to brown - consider the overall color palette in the room. Not that there's anything wrong with brown, red or black - the classic shades of leather furniture - we're just saying there's more to leather than that. Even pink leather!

2. Choose a leather chair that matches your style and theme

Did we mention versatility yet? Modern artisans can work leather into the most impressive shapes and mix it up with a variety of other materials, such as metal, wood and even glass.

When it comes to choosing that perfect leather accent chair for your living room, you should definitely shop around and match the style of the chair with your overall theme, be it traditional, modern, country or eclectic.

Here are a few classic, and some exceptionally non-traditional, leather chair designs to inspire you.

3. Opt for quality leather

Quality leather can literally last for centuries. Investing in a quality chair means you'll be able to pass it along to future generations. And there are even quality vegan options these days, with gorgeous faux leather. The point here is not to go for the cheapest chair out there - but invest in a piece that will look great in your living room for years to come.

4. Make sure you choose the right size chair for the room

Since we're talking about a variety of shapes and textures here, you need to pay attention to the size of this chair. It's ok to have a very pretty accent chair as a focal point in your living room but make sure this is really the effect you're after. Don't just let it happen because the chair you bought was too large.

Great leather accent chairs to choose from

For more information - and to help you with buying that perfect chair, we've picked a few of our favorite leather accent chairs from Amazon. Let's see how you can benefit from incorporating them within your living room.

1. Divano Roma Tufted Leather Accent Chair

Leather accent chairs can really make you feel like royalty within your own living room. You can pull off the best looks with your leather accent chair, and create a wonderful aesthetic.

This chair by Divano Roma Furniture can be a beautiful addition to your living room, as it gives an amazing feeling of textured brilliance. The chair has a comfortable leathery cushion to it and is easy to sit in. The seat cushions can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

The Victorian-styled wooden legs look good on the white color of the sofa and leave a good impression on the onlooker.

Find out more on Amazon by clicking here

2. Conrad Mid-Century Modern Faux Leather Accent Chair

This mid-century modern leather accent chair has all the callings of a wonderful piece of woodwork, complemented by the addition of brilliant and comfortable top quality faux leather.

This is a classic design that would work well in any modern - or eclectic - living room. The bold brown color of the leather sits well with the dark espresso finish for the woodwork.

To top it all, the materials for the chair are all premium. The sturdy birch wood stands out among the lot, while the polyurethane leather maintains its sheen and shine for a long time. You need the minimum effort to assemble the chair, and can readily start using it in the living room.

You can get your hands on Conrad Mid Century Modern Leather Accent Chair by clicking here

3. Faux Leather Accent Chair with Tufted Cushions

This faux leather accent chair is an amalgam of different tastes and varieties. The chair brings the uniqueness of swivel stools and mixes it up well with the luxury of leather (albeit faux leather).

Being a swivel chair, this one could double as an office chair but we think it's perfect for a modernly styled living room too.

You can get your hands on this Faux Leather Accent Chair with Tufted Cushions clicking here

4. Leather Swivel Chair in Black

This gorgeous leather swivel chair in black is in line with the changing trends in the living room. The comfortable feel of the chair is what makes it the perfect addition. The classic round design is just so inviting. Makes you want to sink into that leather seat and surround yourself with the luxury of leather.

Find out more by clicking here

5. Italian Blue Leather Accent Chair by Talenti Casa

Yup, as we said, leather can be colorful too!

This gorgeous swivel accent chair gives a modern feel to any living room. The royal blue color can be worked into some pretty interesting color schemes too.

Find out more about this chair by clicking here

6. Tufted Oversized Leather Accent Chair

Tufting is a classic technique where it comes to leather. The most traditional use of leather in the living room - typical of the Victorian style - was in tufted couches and armchairs. That's why tufted leather chairs can look a bit dated.

Not here though.

This large accent chair manages to stay fresh and modern by combining beautiful clean lines with white leather. And its large size means it's super comfy too!

Discover more about this chair by clicking here

7. Mid-Century Leather Accent Chair by Rivet

Here’s a great example of a mid-century lounge chair. It features distinctive slanted arms with sturdy hardwood legs and eye-catching visuals, and it completes the accented design with its dark and sturdy legs that. Its hardwood frame is contrasted by the soft top-grain leather, making for a good contrast.

In terms of maintenance, any smudges and dust patterns can be wiped clean using a soft cloth. Your investment is safe due to a 1-year warranty, and you can also return the chair in 30 days if you don’t like it.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

8. Hilton Accent Chairs by Madison Park

The dark leather’s bright polish has a neutral appearance that makes it blend well with most interiors. Its moderate dimensions easily fit into both interiors and exteriors, accentuating spaces everywhere it goes. Both solid hardwood and plywood have been carefully selected to ensure they last for well over 20 years of rigorous use.

The cushions contain soft foam that provides maximum support to your back, making it possible to sit for long hours on-end without suffering back pain. Maintenance is simple enough; use a soft cloth to clean smudges.

Click here to learn more about the chair.

9. Tufted Brown Leather Chair by Knight Home

This tufted leather chair has a visually pleasing brown color that will elevate your living room’s appearance. It’s tufted back features 16 buttons to not only result in a refined look but enhance your seating experience. To hold the weight of both the chair and its owner, the legs are made from high-quality wood that establishes a firm foundation with the floor.

The comfortable padded cushions provide you unparalleled comfort. Stealing the show is the high-quality fabric that is soft and breathable yet profoundly satisfying.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

10. Grover Accent Chair by Stone & Beam

This leather accent chair features organic bodywork with soft rounded edges and no corners. Its flat armrests slop at an angle to mimic the arm’s natural resting position to make your seating experience super comfortable. The chair’s back is slightly curvier than the rest of the frame to support the back when sitting.

Below, you’ll find four sturdy legs that can support the weight of heavyset adults, making it possible for the chair to take quite a beating without its structure giving away. The chair is backed by a generous 3-year warranty that far eclipses what its competition offers. It’s high on our recommended list.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

11. Home Accent Chair by Studio Designs

Although its neutral themed color doesn’t instantly scream attention when placed in any room, the curved legs with their chrome finish add unique glamour to your room. The tufted leather should feel super comfortable to your back. There are no armrests, which encourages you to move your body’s position without any restrictions.

Maintenance is generally straightforward; use a dry and soft cloth to wipe away any smudges. Don’t use bleaches or other chemicals.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

12. Arm Accent Chair by Giantex

It looks like it was pulled straight out of a chocolate factory, owing to its dark leather upholstery. Padded nearly everywhere to maximize ergonomic value, this accent chair should look elegant in almost any interior space. It boasts clean and curvy lines contrasted by durable wood legs to establish a solid foundation. Even larger individuals can cozily sit without worry.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

13. Duilio Barrel Chair by Rosevera

Want something to catch your audience’s attention instantly? This green accented chair should do the trick. Don’t blame your guests if they try out the padded barrel chair the moment they set eyes on it. A layer of single nailhead trim with a brass finish is added for extra design points. It surely does the trick.

Click here to get it on Amazon.

14. Cow Pattern Chair by Hawthorne Collections

This product is for fans of antique chairs. It is covered in cow colored material and features single nailhead trim that runs along its edges. Buyers will instantly love the 1.8 pounds of responsive foam, which is beyond comfortable.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

We hope you enjoyed these chairs! They would work really well with any rustic living room, and if you need more help with that, check out our guide on Rustic Decor as well as this photo list of gorgeous throw pillows for your living room. And of course, our detailed list of  17 Farmhouse-Style Accent Chairs That Will Add a Rustic Touch To Your Living Room.

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