20 Leather Bean Bags and Poufs That Will Make Any Room Comfy

When it comes to furniture, it can be hard to make a decision. There are so many different shapes and materials. Chairs, loveseats, futons, the options go on and on. What kinds of wear patterns each one will get, how they stand up to the test of time, these are all questions that need to be answered before you make a decision.

If you’re having a hard time making a decision, we have the perfect options for you! Looking for the versatility, the perfect piece to fit a variety of themes, something durable and flexible? Classy, but still giving off an air of casual sophistication?

The answer to all your problems is answered in leather beanbags! With their variety of colors, sizes, and inherent benefits that come from leather, this is a purchase that you’re not going to be regretting.

Leather comes with a plethora of perks that you will love incorporating into your home. Do you have pets? Leather is hypoallergenic! You don’t have to worry about getting pet dander or hair stuck deep in your cushions or stuck on the surface of the fabric itself. This is great if you have pets, but it’s also fantastic if you have allergies in general.

Leather is incredibly easy to clean! A light dusting once in a while, and your piece of furniture is going to look as good as new! There’s a lot to be said for ease of care. Being easy to clean also makes it look new longer. If something is hard to get dirty, it’s going to last longer, and that’s a quality that you get with leather furniture.

Don’t think that leather is really in your budget? Faux leather is here to save you (and your wallet). Faux (pronounced like foe, not fox) leather isn’t actually leather, it just looks like it. While you do save quite a bit when you go the faux leather route, you will be sacrificing a bit in the quality and durability department.

20 leather bean bags and poufs that will make any room comfy

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Last, but most certainly not least, leather furniture adds an undeniable feel and casual class to your home. With such a wide variety of colors, builds, and designs, there is a piece for every home.
When it comes to leather beanbags and poufs, searching for the perfect one can be quite intimidating, so we did the work for you! Let’s take a look at what we found.

White Leather Bean Bags and Poufs

1. Moroccan Hand Made Pouf 

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White leather? These can’t possibly be real leather, but this one really is! At twenty-two inches across and about seventeen inches high, this is the perfect one-seater, if white leather is your thing. Featuring some absolutely gorgeous embroidery, this pouf is quite the accent piece and would do well to complement a variety of other colors in your decor. It does come unstuffed, so if this is a purchase you make, be sure to have a filler ready for it. You can buy one here on Amazon.

2. Cozy Sofa Beanbag

A cozy sofa beanbag. We are truly living in a golden age. It’s like the spork of furniture. The best part? It’s adult-sized, so it’s perfect for everyone! It should be noted that this particular beanbag is NOT made out of real leather. Whether you need somewhere comfortable to sit for long gaming sessions or a twenty-four-hour Netflix binge, you’re not going to go wrong with this addition. You can buy one here on Amazon.

3. Eco-Friendly Moroccan Leather Pouf

We are all about sustainability. Though it’s not always affordable, having the option and presenting people with a choice can mean all the difference. With this handmade pouf made of 100% sun-dried goat leather, colored with natural dyes, and with the use of recycled materials and high-grade cotton, this is a great purchase to make if you’re thinking about your impact on the environment. You can buy one from Amazon here.

Brown and Tan Leather Bean Bags and Poufs

4. Tan Rotot Pouf

This imitation leather pouf can be used as a footrest for a bigger chair, or a smaller chair all on its own. At about thirteen inches high and 24 inches wide, it easily provides enough space to sit on, but it’s not so big that it’s hard to store somewhere in your household if you’re needing to open up floor space for any reason. Buy it here from Amazon.

5. Gold Medal Bean Bag

This roughly cube-shaped beanbag, which comes with the color description of “Cobblestone”, adds a nice, geometric take on a traditionally somewhat shapeless piece of furniture. Made of vinyl, it still gives you that leather look that can add a nice touch to your home, while also giving you the durability that can support up to two hundred and fifty pounds. It also comes with the option to purchase a two or three-year protection plan! Buy one here on Amazon.

6. Natural Tan Moroccan Pouf (Set of Two)

With the gorgeous deep brown color of these poufs, the beautiful embroidery on them is thrown into sharp relief making it a tasteful addition to a variety of decor themes. But just in case one isn’t enough (which it won’t be), you can order two at once! These genuine leather poufs come unstuffed, which enables you to stuff them with a variety of used materials that you can recycle! You can be classy and save the earth at the same time. Buy one from Amazon by clicking here.

7. Tobacco Brown Moroccan Pouf

Whether you’re using them as an accent piece, or you just want a sweet foot-rest, you won’t regret making this purchase. Made with real leather that wasn’t treated with harsh chemicals in order to achieve its color or softness, it’s a beautiful addition to any home. Buy one here from Amazon.

8. ZAIPP Tan Pouf

Have you ever wanted a little beanbag shaped like a UFO or a donut that hasn’t been hole-punched yet? If that’s your niche, then I have found the perfect beanbag, and it’s shaped like the hole that has been left in your heart by your yearning for unique furniture. At over two feet wide and ten inches high, Aladdin’s magic carpet has nothing on your UFO beanbag. Buy one here from Amazon.

9. Large Dark Brown Pouf

With a dark brown tone that compliments a variety of different aesthetics, this pouf will fit right into your home. When viewed from above, this pouf has a gorgeous flower pattern as part of its charm, making it more unique in the world of poufs. If you’re looking for furniture made from sun-dried leather, and hand-sewn with care, this is the piece for you. Buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

11. Genuine Brown Moroccan Pouf

This gorgeous pouf, since it is made with actual leather, has some beautiful variations in the color that will add a lot to your room! With the contrast and variation that the hand-stitched embroidery gives the product, it instantly becomes a favorite that will quickly be one of your favorite parts of your home. Buy one from Amazon by clicking here.

Black Leather Bean Bags and Poufs

12. Mina Black Moroccan Pouf

When it comes to decor, black will always be in style. Lending a quiet elegance to any aspect of interior design, this black pouf will be a great addition to your household. At twenty inches wide and thirteen inches tall, you can keep it out as part of your living room, or easily hide it away until need necessitates as additional seat. Buy one from Amazon by clicking here.

13. Black XXXL Beanbag Chair

Sometimes life gets rough and you need a beanbag. Other times, life gets rougher, and you need an extra-large beanbag. This faux leather beanbag is for when you hit the “I’ve left the road and my car has broken suspension” kind of rough.
Alternatively, it also works if you just want a big beanbag. Click here to buy one from Amazon.

14. Big Joe Black Bean Bag

Let’s be honest, if you are going to buy a beanbag, this would be the beanbag to buy. It still has the soft, somewhat formless quality that is intrinsic to beanbags, but it does come with SOME form, which we like. You can still have a beanbag but also get a chair. It’s perfect! It isn’t made of real leather, but it’s built to be incredibly durable, so it’s a great choice for families with kids! Click here to buy one on Amazon.

15. Bean Bag Sofa

This beanbag is an extra, extra, extra-large beanbag. Which means that it’s extra, extra, extra perfect. It has more form than an average beanbag, but less form than option #14. It also looks slightly more “formal”, or classy, which would make it a more sensible addition to a more public area, rather than basement seating for a game room. Click here to buy one from Amazon.

16. Classic Black Beanbag

Are you getting tired of all the poufs, and beanbags that aren’t really shaped like beanbags? Just want something classic? We’ve got you. This beanbag is just that. A beanbag. No special frills or embroidery. With its classic look, it can fit almost anywhere, giving it incredible versatility when it comes to coordinating with your decor. Click here to buy one from Amazon.

Other Colors for Leather Bean Bags and Poufs

17. Premium Quality Red Beanbag

Some people love living on the bolder side of life, and those people may find themselves yearning for a bright red beanbag. If you’re one of those people, look no further! This faux leather beanbag is shaped specifically to make sure you get the head support you need. Click here to buy one from Amazon.

18. Gold Medal Navy Beanbag

Maybe you’re a bold person too, but red isn’t your color. Maybe you aren’t a bold person, but you just really love blue, and beanbags. It only makes sense to buy a blue beanbag! Made in a teardrop shape, this bag has an obvious top and bottom and will give your neck support. Click here to buy one from Amazon.

19. Deep Burgundy Moroccan Leather Pouf

We’ll be honest, we really like these Moroccan poufs. Luckily for us, they also come in a wide variety of colors! For example, this gorgeous dark burgundy. You can still have the beautiful stitching, and get some color that isn’t brown. Buy one from Amazon by clicking here.

20. Silver Faux Leather Pouf

Silver. Metallics are big right now, with lots of people incorporating silvers and rose golds into their decor. Why not take one bold step further and buy a silver pouf? Whether you use it to sit on, or as a place to rest your feet, it’s a dynamic addition to your home. Click here to buy one from Amazon.

Still thinking about more ideas of other kinds of Poufs? You might be interested in 13 Pink Knitted and Woven Poufs That Are Simply Adorable, maybe this would suit on the list you making about poufs.

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