LG Refrigerator Door Alarm Keeps Beeping: How To Turn It Off?

A refrigerator that beeps when left open is a good idea, especially for people who tend to be forgetful sometimes. But a beeping alarm even when the doors are properly closed can be very annoying too! If you have an LG refrigerator that keeps on beeping when you have already closed the doors and want to know how to shut it off, you are on the right page! We have researched the solution, and here's what the experts say.

To turn off the door alarm on your LG refrigerator, go to the control panel usually located at the front of the fridge. Then, go to the Alarm/Lock button at the far end of the control panel and press the button once. You can also shut off the beeping by fixing the component that causes the internal temperature to rise.

More than just improper closing of doors, the alarm will beep continuously as long as it senses a high internal temperature. Suppose you have closed the doors properly and performed resetting by disconnecting it from the power source for a few seconds, and the refrigerator still keeps on beeping when plugged back in. In that case, it is time to check for other possible technical reasons that may have triggered the alarm and troubleshoot the problem accordingly. Here's a walk-through for you.

Touch screen on fridge - LG Refrigerator Door Alarm Keeps Beeping How To Turn It Off

Other Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

Note that when repairing or replacing any component of an LG refrigerator, the refrigerator must always be disconnected from the power source. You can decide to do it yourself, but in most cases, you may need a licensed technician to do the troubleshooting.

Weak Or Dirty Door Seal

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A weak door seal may enable outside heat to get inside the refrigerator, making the temperature go higher and triggering the alarm. A weak seal can be caused by dirt. So, cleaning the door gasket regularly with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water is best. 

Once the door seal is clean, test it by closing the door on a sheet, then try to pull the sheet out of the refrigerator. Normally, if the door seal is in its best condition, it will hold the sheet unless you open the door. If you can pull the sheet out without opening the door, it is a sign that the door seal or gasket needs to be replaced.

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Broken Evaporator Fan Motor

Check the evaporator fan motor as this is the most used part in a refrigerator's cooling system and the most prone to damage. A broken evaporator fan motor will greatly affect the cooling capacity of the refrigerator, triggering the alarm to beep.

Unplug the refrigerator from the outlet. Dismantle the freezer section. The evaporator fan motor should be at the back of the freezer section, behind the back of the cover plate. Try to maneuver the blades. If the fan does not turn around, you may have to replace the fan. If it does turn around entirely but with a loud noise, it means that the evaporator fan motor is damaged and needs replacement.

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Dirty Evaporator and Condenser Coils

Dirty refrigerator condenser cooling coils covered in dust and pet hair. Concept of household chores, appliance repair, maintenance and service.

Evaporator coils are primarily located behind a metal plate at the back of the refrigerator. Still, in some LG refrigerator models, the coils are behind a bottom toe guard at the front of the fridge. On the other hand, the condenser coils are outside the refrigerator.

These coils need to be cleaned at least semi-annually as they can accumulate dust and dirt that may affect the refrigerator's cooling system. If these coils do not function well, the inside of the refrigerator can become warm and trigger the alarm.

To clean the coils, attach a narrow hose to a vacuum cleaner and suction the dirt. Brush the coils with a soft-bristled thin brush, then vacuum clean one more time.

Damaged Start Relay

New freezer engine in studio shot

The start relay is the part of the refrigerator that causes the intermittent humming of the compressor. The relay starts up the compressor to begin cooling. If you hear a repeated click-like noise on your refrigerator but no humming of the compressor, it usually means that the relay fails to start the compressor. If the compressor doesn't start, the fridge will continue warming, which will eventually cause the alarm to beep.

Unplug the start relay from the compressor and shake it. If there is a rattling noise, it means your start relay is damaged and needs replacement. You may need a technician for this.

Faulty Thermistor

A thermistor is a resistor that gauges the temperature inside the refrigerator and signals the cooling components to begin cooling once the highest temperature threshold inside is reached. If the thermistor is damaged, the cooling system will be significantly affected, making the alarm beep continuously.

Test the functionality of the thermistor using a multimeter. Signs of a faulty thermistor may include a steady reading that does not change, a reading of zero, or a reading of infinity.

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Defective Thermostat

Hand rotate temperature adjuster of refrigerator

The cooling system adjusts to the cooling level set by the thermostat. Plug your refrigerator into power, then adjust the thermostat from lowest to highest. You should hear a click, meaning the cooling system is starting to adjust to the temperature you set.

If you don't hear a click, it means that the cooling system doesn't get the voltage needed to be able to adjust the temperature. In this situation, the thermostat could be defective and needs replacement.

Compressor Not Running

Refrigerator Engine

The compressor is the component that hums every time the refrigerator starts cooling. If you hear the compressor running, but your refrigerator is not cooling, the compressor may be broken. If this happens, the temperature inside will increase, which means another trigger for the alarm. It is best to hire a technician to fix this issue.

How To Reset The Freezer Alarm?

Touch screen on fridge

Press the alarm reset pad on the control panel to reset the freezer alarm. The displayed indication of high temperature will not go away until the correct temperature setting inside the refrigerator is restored. The alarm will beep again if the temperature is still high after six hours. This may indicate an internal cooling problem.

How Long Does It Take A Freezer To Stop Beeping?

If you are going to turn off the freezer alarm in the control panel, it will usually take just a few seconds to stop beeping. However, if you have just connected the refrigerator to the power source, the alarm will keep beeping until the inside of the fridge is cool enough. It is best if you give your refrigerator time to cool down.

By this time, avoid putting anything inside the appliance and do not open the doors frequently as this may prolong the cooling time of your refrigerator. Usually, it takes an hour for the beeping to stop.

Why Is The Freezer Alarm Light On?

If the freezer alarm light is on, your refrigerator's internal temperature is still too high. It means that you can not yet put frozen goods in the freezer. While the alarm light is still on, avoid putting any hot food inside the appliance. Also, avoid opening the doors too frequently and for too long.  

The alarm light will eventually go off once the correct temperature setting is reached, usually within a few hours after you plugged the refrigerator into the power source.

In Closing

It is common for people to disable the refrigerator's door alarm immediately once the beeping doesn't go off. Who doesn't get annoyed by the nonstop beeping anyway? However, it is also essential to understand that the annoying beeping alarm on your refrigerator could be more than just a door that's left open. It could be for other technical reasons, which may potentially cause more damage to the refrigerator if left unfixed.

We hope that through this post, you were able to get some insights and guidance on how to fix your LG refrigerator if the door alarm keeps on beeping.

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