23 Light Blue Living Room Ideas

Light blue is one of those color groups that never seems to go out of style. Whether it's for the room of a young child, a living room, or a bathroom, there is always a way to incorporate some light blue into a design. Part of the reason for this is that blue is one of the most popular colors globally. The other part of this? Well, blue is extremely versatile, and that is doubly true for light blues.

Not sure how you can add some blue to your home? We did the brainstorming to find new ways to bring it into your living room. Check it out below!

A modern living room with blue armchair have cabinet and lamp, 23 Light Blue Living Room Ideas

1. Going Greek

Interior of traditional house with wooden furniture and blue door

Weathered and a little rough around the edges, traditional Greek house design has its own unique charm. As anyone who's visited the country can tell you, Grecian homes love their blues. This includes light blues. Pair it with white wooden furniture and windmill accents, and you will feel like you just stepped off the isle of Santorini.

2. Scandinavian Style

Large luxury modern bright interiors

If you've been following the "Hygge" trend online, this might not be the first look you expect to see. Scandinavian style is mostly about minimalism, neutral colors, and wooden accents. Despite this, it always pairs extremely well with pastel colors, including light blue. To get a nice azure twist to your home, add a baby blue candle or some light blue-grey throw pillows among all the birch and white.

3. Mod Squad

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The 1960s was a famous period of time in the world of design, especially when it came to "mod" work. Bold patterns were what made this look so timeless, and truthfully, it's still a fairly elegant way to outfit your living room. Midcentury modern fans adore it just for this reason alone. Bold geometric artwork, a little retro kitsch, and quality leather couches are what make this look complete. 

Butterfly chairs, anyone?

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4. Pop Art

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Speaking of midcentury modern homes, pop art is a favorite decorative item for people who want to make their living rooms pop. It's notably neutral in terms of subject, has a striking modern look, and always has just enough color to make a room feel more put together. Oh, and it also seems to work best with highly textured, eclectic looks. 

5. Moroccan Living

Oriental Arabic living room

Morocco has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, and unsurprisingly, the country's unique style spawned several major interior design trends. A favorite color of theirs is baby blue, followed up with brighter blue colors. To get this vibe in your home, add accessories with strong Middle Eastern accents and add lots of silver.

Moroccan style is known for being a maximalist look. The more lush your room looks, the better it'll be. 

6. Minimalist To The Max

Living room interior design with blue velvet armchair and decorative plant with white wall

On the other end of the style spectrum is minimalism, which is all about limiting the amount of decor in your home. Here, you want to paint the walls light blue (or have light blue furniture), then let the house's architecture do the talking. If you are low on money or love the idea of maximizing your open space, a minimalist look is a great pick. 

7. Surf N' Sand

Interior of the old room in a nautical theme with an anchor, steering wheel, and a lamp

You'd be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't associate light blue with the sea. Oceanic and nautical themes are famous for their blue accents, especially when it comes to painted shells. Using a surfboard or skimboard as a tabletop, adding painted shells, or even just getting some turquoise candles can help bring the beach home to you. 

To get a fully oceanic look to your home, check out these cute wall accents. 

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8. Geometric Bliss

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Sometimes, you don't need a theme to make the most of your living room. Geometric murals can add a gorgeous spin on typical modern interiors. The excellent perk about this choice is that it allows you to add style while not forcing you to adhere to any particular theme. Just get some cool knickknacks, arrange the furniture you want to flaunt and enjoy this simple design concept. 

9. Go For Monochrome

Blue up-to-date decor of lounge with blue sofa and patterned carpet

One of the easiest ways to incorporate any color into your home is to opt for a monochromatic effect. With this option, you will add accents that all run along the line of one specific color. So, you'd start from white, then go to light blue, and then go to dark blue. Finally, your decor would finish off in navy or black. It's unified, chic, and impeccably classy. So, whatcha waiting for? 

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10. Skylight Blues

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The biggest natural display of blue in our world is the sky, so why not bring in some of those sky vibes into your home? If you have a skylight, making it a major part of your design layout is a good idea. Unlike other options, this involves turning your architecture into the major focal point and also means you'll have your blue hues change color according to the weather. 

Want to add more pizazz to your skylight? Paint a blue border around it.

11. Southwestern Savvy

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If you've ever been to Arizona, you already know that several colors stand out as elements of Southwestern style. This includes light blues and turquoise. This means that having some Southwest style is a good pick for fans of blue. This style uses traditional woven blankets and warm orange hues to balance out the blue. 

12. Atomic Age Chic

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Remember back when it was the 1950s, and everyone was talking about visiting outer space? It was the wave of the future, and it was all dolled up in pastel blues, pinks, and yellows. A cousin to the "Mod" movement, Atomic Age decoration is heavy-handed on the retro, all while keeping clean lines into the mix. 

To get this kind of vibe into your home, you will need to channel your inner kitsch fiend. Might we suggest some 50s-style cuteness?

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13. Gaming Heaven

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One new design trend people have been latching onto involves gaming aesthetic. This is a living room look that is extremely tech-heavy and utilizes LED light strips to add mood lighting that suits a gaming atmosphere. Underlighting in bookshelves, walls, and even under sofas is encouraged. Pick a cyan color to make it the ultimate in geek chic!

14. Country Cool

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While most people associate country decorations with white, red, cream, or yellow, there's no rule in the book blocking you from getting light blue into the mix. Baby blues, especially when paired with gingham or floral prints can turn any living room into a country wonderland. To get the most out of this look, add some extra blue flowers in a bucket as decor. 

The major perk about having a country home is that everyone recognizes this style. It's as all-American as you can get and has that friendly familiarity everyone loves.

15. Neon Lights

New year concept with 2021 neon light in cozy living room

If you're open to a geeky way of decorating your home that also has a little Vegas vibe to it, you might want to take a look at a growing trend among younger people: neon lights. This old school favorite is now new again, and it's awesome. This look is great if you have a penchant for the 80s or if you tend to use your living room as a major gaming area. It's also surprisingly good mood lighting. 

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16. Baja Blues

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Mexican interior design is known for bold colors, not to mention a love of blue. This is especially true along the Baja coast, where little tributes to the ocean are around every corner. This ambiance blends surfer chic with Latin flavor. By adding terracotta vases, succulents, and splashes of surfy fun, it's safe to say that this living room decoration concept will be a blast. 

If you want to give this option a shot, make sure to add an accent wall paint color. It'll help frame it as a Latin-inspired look.

17. The Blue Bar

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There's a constant belief that adding decor means that you won't have functionality, but that's just not true. If you want to add some function to your form, just add a minibar to your room. Blue minibars have an elegant look to them that makes them both eye-catching and incredibly useful during a party. This works best if you have a white or a grey-majority room, but it'll look chic in almost any room you create.

18. A Floral Foundation

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Blue floral prints have been around for ages, but we're not talking about that for once. In this situation, we suggest bringing Mother Nature's beauty indoors through the use of faux flower garlands and potted plants. This new-ish decoration is meant to help add a fairytale spin to a home, or at the very least, get some greenery in your house. 

Blue flowers are rarely found in nature, and they're prone to wilting. So if you want to make this a part of your home, you will need to invest in faux flowers.

19. Mosaic Love

An abstract pattern masaic in broken tiles, in shades of blue and green

Though some may find it a little old school, there's something to be said about living rooms decorated with light blue mosaic tiling. Whether the tiling is on a coffee table or as part of a set of coasters doesn't matter. What matters is that it adds that perfectly handmade, slightly quirky, overtly artsy texture to your home in the best way possible. 

20. The Collection Addiction

Flower arrangement in bottle containers

Did you ever notice how displaying items can change the entire mood of a room? It's true, and if you're a fan of a certain color, now's your chance to use that to your advantage. Having displayed collections is universally appealing regardless of your room's style. The easiest way to add some light blue to your room is to flaunt your art collections in groups of three, possibly on a styled bookshelf. 

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21. Blue And Yellow

Modern living room interior with sofa

Sometimes, it's not the theme or the decoration concept that deserves applause. It can be a color combination, too. Yellow and light blue go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even getting some throw pillows with this combination can prove to be a splendid idea. 

22. Starry Night

[PIN id="176836722859472613" size="large"] [/PIN]

No, not the painting. We're talking about a pretty design concept that uses pastel blue stars and similar "nighttime" vibes to give your living room a more astrological vibe. Adding beautiful paintings of constellations, having star-shaped pillows, and adding darker blue throws can all give you a more celestially-approved vibe to your living room. Who knows? You might just want to slumber away in this den!

23. Sunset Blues

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Think about the last time you watched a beautiful sunset. The pinks and blues danced with one another beautifully, didn't they? Well, you can bring that gorgeous contrast into a living room fairly easily by adding some paintings with a strong sunset theme. To add an even more dusky vibe to your home, use accent lighting that mimics the glow of Golden Hour to bolster the look of blue in your room. 

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