8 Of The Best Lighting Options For A Sloped Ceiling

Picking new lights to install on your ceilings can be a fun project! However, are you worried about how the lights will work on your sloped ceiling?  Many houses have angled ceilings, so this concern is not yours alone. We have taken the time to research lighting and sloped ceilings, so you can save yourself any issues later on!

Many lighting options work very well with sloped ceilings without any modifications. Additionally, other types of lighting can also be used on these ceilings with slight adjustments. Here are some of the best options:

  1. Track lighting
  2. Cable lighting
  3. Chandelier
  4. Pendant lights
  5. Ceiling fans
  6. Recessed lighting
  7. Flush lights
  8. Semi-flush lights

Lighting projects can be intimidating. It's one of those projects that once you have finished, you don't want to mess with it again unless absolutely necessary. That's why it is so important to have all the information about the type of lighting you choose and if it will do the best job with your ceiling. So before you pick one of the choices above, make sure you keep reading so you can choose the option that is truly the best for you!

A slightly sloped wood panel ceiling in kitchen, 8 Of The Best Lighting Options For A Sloped Ceiling

Best lights for sloped ceilings

Each lighting option comes with its own considerations. This can include the difficulty of installation and the look of the finished product. Let's dive into each option so you can see which suits your needs the best!

1. Track lighting

Track lighting is one of the best options for sloped ceilings. This is because of the adaptability of the track lighting and how easily it can be installed on sloped ceilings. Another great function of track lighting is that you can install several lights on a track. This allows you to really highlight the areas of the room that you want lit and keep other areas dimmed if desired.

Track lighting adds less to the overall style of a room than some of the other choices on the list. There are many different styles, but as they are generally close to the ceiling, they are used more for lighting. If you are looking for something flashier, then they may not fit your style.

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2. Cable lighting

Cable lighting is similar to track lighting as they share the same type of system. Instead of being installed on a track, the lights are attached to cables connected to wall mounts at either end. Like track lighting, this fixture can be easily adapted to sloped ceilings. The cables will sit parallel to the slope of your ceiling.

Due to their unique cable system, this fixture can add a different look to a room. They can also be installed wall to wall rather than just on the ceiling. Their adaptability in installation and interesting looks can add to the style of many different tastes.

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3. Chandelier

Old vintage chandelier in the interior bottom view

Chandeliers are a classic choice for any type of ceiling. Since chandeliers hang freely from your ceiling, the angle doesn't usually cause any concern. Chandeliers are often placed on higher ceilings as they can hang lower and add something more to a room.

All types of chandeliers look great in rooms where you only need a central lighting point. They are also known for their intricate designs and ability to be statement pieces. They're great at highlighting specific areas of a home, such as a dining table.

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4. Pendant lights

Contemporary pendant light made of metal

Pendant lights are similar in functionality to chandeliers. The main difference is that pendant lights generally only have one light on them, whereas chandeliers tend to have many small bulbs. These fixtures are also well suited for sloped ceilings because many of them hang freely from the ceiling. You may want more than one in a room due to their limited lighting capabilities. In these situations, just make sure they line up properly on your sloped ceiling and hang at the same length.

Pendant lights have a more minimalistic look than chandeliers. They are less used as statement pieces and more used simply for lighting. That doesn't mean that there isn't a variety of styles for pendant lights, however.

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5. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fan shows motion blur as its blades spin around

Ceiling fans may not seem like the first choice for a sloped ceiling, but you may be surprised! Obviously, they have to be installed in a place so the fan blades won't hit the ceiling angles. Other than that, however, most ceiling fans can slightly adjust their angle for sloped ceilings. If your ceiling is at a steeper angle, you can buy sloped ceiling adapters and still install that ceiling fan!

As for what ceiling fans bring to the style of the room, they are similar to chandeliers and pendant lights. They can be a statement piece or more discreet in design. Unlike any other lighting option on this list, they are multifunction. If you find your room stuffy with poor air circulation, adding a ceiling fan can absolutely help fix that!

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6. Recessed lighting

Recessed lamps in a ceiling

Another very popular option for sloped ceilings is recessed lighting. Also known as can lighting, these lights are installed into the ceiling. The edge of the cans sits where the ceiling is, so all you see is the light set just inside the ceiling. These can be a little trickier to install since you have to cut into the ceiling. With sloped ceilings, you also have to buy special cans so that they sit at an angle that matches your ceiling.

For style choices, these lights are as minimalistic as it gets. They can be a great choice if you don't want any lighting fixture to be seen at all. The design offers limited lightin, so you may need more of them or have them placed strategically if you want them to fully light a room.

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7. Flush lights

Flush are lights are named this because they sit directly against your ceiling. They are relatively simple to install. Generally, you don't need an adapter for them to be installed on sloped ceilings; they will just sit at the same angle against the ceiling.

Flush lights can offer another simple design choice for a room with sloped ceilings. The main drawback to using these fixtures on sloped ceilings is the height. Sloped ceilings tend to be higher up; the lighting simply won't reach the rest of the room as well as you may like.

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8. Semi-flush lights

As the name suggests, these lights are very similar to flush lights. The main difference is that they don't sit directly against the ceiling, just close to it. You may need an adapter to install them to sloped ceilings, however, as they are generally fixed.

Semi-flush lights can add something more to a room than their flush counterparts. Since they hang lower, they can add more light to your room. They can also offer a great median choice between chandeliers or pendants and more flushed lighting.

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More considerations for picking a sloped ceiling light

While we have certainly covered a lot of information, some other things may influence your decision. Installation and style may be big, but they aren't everything. Here are some other possible points to ponder.

Can any chandelier be hung on a sloped ceiling?

Not all chandeliers by default can be hung on a sloped ceiling. There are free-hanging kinds and also fixed point chandeliers that need adapters to help them hang from an angle. These adapters can be the same as the ones shown for the semi-flush lights or ceiling fans.

How many can lights should be on a sloped ceiling?

You can install as many as it takes to reach the desired lighting for your space. However, they should be placed evenly apart for aesthetic reasons. The size of can lights used can also be a factor. Make sure not to crowd a ceiling with lights. You can always put an equally spaced row of can lights in, and if that doesn't have the desired amount of light, you can add more later on.

Are track lighting track universal?

All track lighting fixtures are not generally universal. There are different kinds of track lighting, so they may be universal within their own kind, but not with another. Different types of track lights are also set up for different voltages. So if you try to mix and match with voltages, that can be another serious issue. The best practice is knowing the complete specs of the track lighting you are working with and use that to decide if you can use it.

How do you hang pendant lights on a sloped ceiling?

It really depends on the type of pendant light. If it is a free-hanging light like most chandeliers, then you can install it like normal. However, if it is on a fixed pole, you may need an adapter.

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Which lighting options are the most expensive?

While shopping for lighting fixtures, you will quickly find that there is a wide range of costs. Costs can come from different places as well, including installation and the style you choose. Each type of fixture has an incredibly wide variety of styles that come at different costs.

Let's look at the most expensive to install and the most expensive to buy. For installation, the most expensive is usually recessed lighting. Can lights have the most invasive installation process, so having a professional put them in for you can cost a good deal more than the other fixture types.

As far as the expensive light fixture, this generally goes to chandeliers. The bigger and fancier you get with them, the more expensive they are.

Finishing up your selection

We've given you a lot to think about when choosing a light fixture for your sloped ceiling. With today's technology, you are not as limited in picking a lighting option as you may have previously thought. Even the lights that aren't built for sloped ceilings can simply have adapters attached to them to make them work.

The only limit only real limits are deciding how much money and work you want to put into the project. The look you want the finished product to give the room is pretty important too. After you make those choices, you can use the information to pick a light fixture that will make your space look perfect for you!

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What lighting is best for slanted ceiling?

The best lighting for slanted ceilings is recessed lighting or track lighting. These offer the most flexibility in terms of placement, allowing you to direct light exactly where it is needed. You can also choose decorative pendant lights that hang from the ceiling to add more visual appeal.

Can you hang a light fixture on a slanted ceiling?

Yes, you can hang a light fixture on a slanted ceiling. You can use specialty mounting hardware, such as a ceiling canopy, to turn a light fixture securely on a slanted ceiling.

How do you hang lights on a sloping ceiling?

There are several ways to hang lights on a sloping ceiling. Depending on the type of light fixture, you may need to install a special angled mounting bracket to ensure the light fixture is properly secured to the ceiling. For example, recessed lighting requires an angled mounting bracket to ensure the light fixture is properly secured to the ceiling and angled at the correct angle to provide adequate illumination. Additionally, some light fixtures may require additional hardware, such as chains or cables to be installed to hang the light from the sloping ceiling.

Do I need special recessed lights for sloped ceiling?

Yes, you do need unique recessed lights for a sloped ceiling. Sloped ceiling lights are designed with a tilt angle to accommodate the angle of the ceiling and provide the desired lighting effect.

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