Should You Line The Dresser Drawers?

Dressers are a home decor essential. Almost every home has at least one dresser in it, whether you use it for clothes or to stash away old photographs and blankets. You may have even noticed that many people line dresser drawers. But should you?

You should line your dresser drawers for a few reasons. Drawer liners:

  • help with cleanliness
  • protect your drawers
  • make things smell better
  • hide imperfections

If you still have more questions about lining dresser drawers, don't fret. In this guide, we'll discuss lining dresser drawers in more detail, what materials to use to do so, and how to keep them in place. Just keep reading!

Variety of clothing in a dresser drawer, Should You Line The Dresser Drawers?

Why You Should Line Dresser Drawers

If you want to prolong the life of your dresser, then lining the drawers is for you! 


Drawer liners improve the cleanliness of the dresser. Dust can easily be stirred up without the addition of drawer liners. Drawer liners also make it easier to wipe down the inside of each drawer without damaging the dresser.


By protecting the drawers, your dresser is protected from spills, scratches, dust, and other common wear and tear. With a barrier between the drawer and its contents, the longevity of your dresser can be improved. It's much easier to replace a damaged drawer liner than a damaged dresser drawer, after all.

Improve Scent

Sometimes dresser drawers can have a funky scent. Drawer liners help reduce foul smells. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the drawer liner to prolong the fresh smell. 

Hide Imperfections

Maybe you have an antique dresser or found one in the local marketplace. Old or secondhand dressers are prone to having some kind of damage or foreign debris in them. Using drawer liners easily covers up the imperfections inside the drawers. 

What Is The Purpose Of Drawer Liners?

Drawer liners have a few purposes. For one, they create a barrier between the material of the bottom of the drawer and the contents of the drawer. Secondly, they can spruce up the interior of the drawer with various colors or patterns. Thirdly, they deter dust from settling in the drawer.

Drawer liners have very functional, utilitarian purposes that have the power to upgrade your drawers. 

What Do You Use To Line Dresser Drawers?

There are many options for lining dresser drawers. You'll be able to create the precise look and feel you want.

Self-Stick Contact Paper

One of the easiest things to use is self-stick contact paper. All you have to do is cut the paper to shape, peel off the backing, and stick it to the drawer. Many of these contact papers are smooth. This makes it effortless to wipe down the lining if dust collects or if you spill something inside of the drawer. Contact paper is available in lots of colors and patterns.

Gray Wood Contact Paper

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Contact paper is usually a plastic-like material. Sometimes an accidental spill occurs and you need to clean it up quickly. A non-porous surface makes it great for those craft dressers! 

Wrapping Paper

Believe it or not, regular wrapping paper can also be used. Find something with an awesome design that matches your taste. You can then cut it to size. With wrapping paper, you need to use glue to make it stick. Wrapping paper is also a lot cheaper than using a self-stick contact paper.

Kraft Wrapping Paper

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However, you should keep in mind that wrapping paper tends to be thin and can easily rip when lining drawers. Find a thicker paper for it to work as desired. 


You could use plain cotton or even nice linen to line your dresser drawers. These can be sprayed with oils to make them scented. By adding scented oils, you always have fresh smelling clothing. Fabrics come in so many different textures and prints. However, fabrics can be harder to clean if they're permanently secured into place in the drawers. 

Cotton Fabric Bundle

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Fabric can also be removed and machine washed. This way, you can change the scents of your oils, and wash away dirt and dust if need be.

While you can use any type of fabric you wish, we suggest staying away from satin or silky materials. These will not lie flat and will make things slide around. 

Primer And Paint

If the drawers are made from wood, then primer and paint can also help hide imperfections inside of the drawers. Sand down the inside of your drawers first so the paint sticks better (especially if they have been previously painted). This idea, obviously, takes more steps to complete. You must also make sure the paint is completely dry before using the drawers. 

Latex paint is great to use as it is easy to wipe down. A lot of people like the chalk paint these days. It is definitely in fashion. There is really no “wrong” paint to use. Any interior paint, furniture paint, or even spray paint, will work. Make sure you ventilate the area you are working in. Use drop cloths to protect your floors and of course wear old clothing. 

Seaside Villa Chalk Paint

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How Do You Get Drawer Liners To Stay In Place? 

If you are not using a liner that is already covered in its own adhesive, you may be wondering what to use. Depending on how thick the material of the drawer is, you could use a staple gun to attach materials. By doing this, though, you want to make sure that the sharp parts do not penetrate the bottom of the wood or stick out and snag clothing. 

Mod Podge is a wonderful glue that can be used with wrapping papers or even fabrics. It is fairly cheap and can easily be found in craft stores. It does not have a strong odor and it dries clear. Just remember, by using glue, this is a more permanent liner. It will not be easy to change the look. 

8-Ounce Mod Podge

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A few other types of glue that could be used to adhere your drawer liners include:

  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • Elmer’s Craftbond
  • Fine Line Crafter’s Precision Glue

If you do not want to use a permanent method, then double-sided tape would work just as well. Put as little or as much as you want to on the back of the liner and stick it. It will hold strong but may need to be replaced with time. This also makes it easier to switch out old dirty liners and insert fresh ones. 

How About Lining Those Dresser Drawers! 

Hide the imperfections in the wood, the doodles the kids may have left behind when they were little, or just make the piece look newer with liners! Keep in mind the type of liners you use and how you want to keep them in place.

Lining your dresser drawers is really a personal choice. So go find that perfect print and line away! But before you go, be sure to check out these other incredible home decor guides:

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